Is 10LPA for 4.5yoe in L&T is a good offer? Current CTC is 6LPA. Position-Senior Engineer. Tech stack-Embedded/C.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

LTI or L&T technology services ?

Not so sure about LTI..but font join L&T technology services..u will regret

You can try for better offer from some product based company

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Trying to break into pharmaceutical or biotech companies. I have 6 plus years of clinical research experience in trial management. I am looking for a remote position preferably! Any referrals would be appreciated it.


Looking for a referral in a consulting firm - Graduating from my dual study Undergrad in March, have 3,5 YOE in the Marketing field and founded my own company on the side. Let me know if you need any information about me, any contribution or recommendation would help! Cheers!


London comp: I’m looking to move from one of the few fund of funds outside of London and looking at associate roles in VC fund of funds + co-investment or PE secondaries/buyout. Recruiter has told me salaries are £100k/£130k respectively. What are peoples salaries + bonus for these or similar roles in London? Would also be interesting to know analysts comp.


Base salary for trade finance associate @ United bank of africa


Second and third year senior risk advisory salary in philly?


Any news on opening of offices anyone? Any rough idea about till when will they start calling to wfo


HCl tech takes how many days to release offer letter after approving asked CTC?
Also do they change base location post offer letter release?
My HR said first take offer letter and then request for location cahnge.
Pls guide.


How much do you all work? Recently transitioned to a DGC role at a client and I feel like I barely do anything and my GC seems to have endless time to chat with me. Is this normal?


What is the annual appraisal range for financial modeling associate at Ahmedabad, India?


Kotak Life Can anyone help me, to know.... Does KLI has any salary band at L 8, level I. e. Vice President level


Was let go from my job over telling someone I felt underpaid after I got a promotion to midlevel and no raise.
Started freelancing and set my rate at $45/hr and keep getting told I’m too expensive.


Hi Fishes,
Could someone please help me with the LTI Salary structure?
How does HR negotiate? Is it based on Base Salary or Overall CTC?


Hey all, currently making about $50k Base and about 30k commission with $10k in annual stock. An entry level position, inbound sales rep. 9 YOE with a proven track record of consistent success. How do I find other opportunities that can get me into 6 figures? Any specific field of sales that you would recommend? Thanks all :)


Regalix is hiring HR Consultant.. write to the email id mentioned below

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Are exit opps really that much better if you stay till manager at big four vs staying till senior?


It's been 3 months since I joined my new company. In my previous company, I have only worked on S4 projects and here, I got into an ECC project.
I am inclined to switch but will it be the right decision? Can I expect hike? The notice period is 3 months.


Hi Fishes ,

I have 5 YOE experience in total and 13 LPA CTC.
I shifted from Unix to Data Science 3 years back. My current org. is aware of this change.
I always did great and was appreciated by clients. But my company still considers me as a fresher and pays me less - as they are aware of my previous exp.

I don't have any issues with my current org - it has great WLB, client is very supportive and permanent remote role. The only problem is my pay.
Any suggestions for my problem?


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IBM - 6.5
Capgemini - 6.5
YOE - 2
Role - SAP UI5/Fiori
Which will be best interms of learning & Job security?


You are worthy!

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Any minorities working in the marketing department for CVS Health? How’s your experience been?


Hello all,
I just wanted your valuable opinion. I have received an offer from Deloitte India for their SAMA Consulting Division.
My fixed component is 7 LPA.
Currently drawing 3.5 LPA at EY GDS, YOE:1 Year.

I feel I am being underpaid at Deloitte in comparison to the work required at Deloitte, is it so? Please provide your valuable inputs, thank you so much!
Plus would appreciate general inputs on bonuses and increments at Deloitte India. My ultimate aim is an MBA abroad in USA


Hi ,

Is there anyone who is joining CitiusTech on 25th Nov 2022 ?

So now it looks like Buttigieg gave 50 grand to Iowa app that conveniently malfunctioned allowing him to claim victory when no votes had been reported. Not sketchy at all...


Can anyone please share what salaries for Data Analysts are like in Bangalore, India for someone with about 2-4 years experience? Roughly how much per year can Data Analysts for large organizations expect to make?


Anyone willing to refer me to AlixPartners in Dubai? Thanks in advance! AlixPartners


What type of tasks do you delegate to your assistant? Any tasks that specifically improve your efficiency and time management? I need ideas of more things to delegate to my assistant.


Can we start focusing on COVID again after this? 92K new cases reported yesterday and no end in sight. We need real leadership


$135K annual compensation with a monthly mortgage of $1300 plus 500 condo fee, MCOL to HCOL, thoughts on this?


Hello People,

I am about to move to BLR. My Office is in brookfield. Can someone please refer me some good PG/co living option with single sharing?

I am thinking to not go any further than 3-4KM from office radius.

Any kind of help/advice will be good! Thank you😊


Hello Fishes , With YOE: 8 I have got two opportunities as :

Senior Consultant -
Capgemini - 17 LPA

Senior Associate - Cognizant - 16 LPA

can anyone please guide which one will be better in terms of job security ,onsite opportunity, WorkLifeBalance ,Yearly hike Etc. ?


If you know your birth time and still doesn’t know how to look up your big three (sun, moon, and rising), comment below!

Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes makes me love him so much more.


What’s the best media buying software you have ever used?


Can anyone suggest good pgs near office areas? (Hyd)


If you have transferred from big 4 audit to consulting (within the big 4 or outside such as McKinsey), how have you done it?


How have you all found a financial advisor?

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Hello Fishes,

I have my joining at OFSS in September.
Can anyone please confirm about job security there and if any layoffs has happened at OFSS?
I have heard about layoffs happening at Oracle India.
I will be part of product development team at OFSS.
Request your valuable inputs.

I have offer from Mindtree(16lpa fixed and 75k JB includes Gratuity& Medical insurance ) & legato (19lpa fixed Medical insurance and Gratuity will be covered out of ctc)
Mindtree is located in my hometown, for legato in Banglore but I have asked WFH for few months.. Confused on which to choose..! Need your inputs.. YEO: 6


Hi everyone,

Emerson system- i gave 2 technical, those were cleared then there was 1 HR round, but now when i asked them about status they are saying they are working on getting the salary approved but now they got an update to keep that position on hold for now.

Is this behaviour right after taking 3 interviews and what should I do now


Pals, can you please tell me what is the range of salary for E3 band in HCL, thanks in advance.

Any leads please advice...

#hcl #wipro # infosys #tcs


Hi all,
If anyone wants referral in Mindtree, DM me.

Minimum 2 years of experience is required. DM me only if u have not applied/referred for Mindtree recently.

Mindtree Tata Consultancy Infosys Wipro Cognizant IBM Accenture Capgemini HCL Technologies Tech Mahindra


Just to help you guys
1. Started career with 3.4LPA, I worked there for 2 years
2. Joined another company with 9.1LPA I worked there for 2 years
3. Joined 3 company 19 LPA, I worked there for 1 years,
4. Joined another company with 40LPA,
I have total 5.1 years of experience with Java and Kafka


Hi all,

I recently joined a Big4 org. For more than a month now, I am only attending project calls where mostly, I am a silent listener as I am one who jumped in between ongoing work.

Consequently, I am filling the bench code in timesheets.

Is it normal?
Do I need to take steps on my own so that someone add me to the project.

Can anyone suggest?


Kmpg KPMG India Deloitte EY PwC


If there is anyone here from Amazon's Ad Success team, can you please let me know about the kind of compensation that Amazon offers to Advertising Campaign Specialists with 4 yoe?

Also, would love to know about the work culture at Amazon. Is there any flexibility offered in their return to office policy?

Thanks in advance!


For being a Project Manager, which is best certification? PMP or PRINCE2??

How I can be a certified professional???


Hello, Need your thoughts, which organization should be considered. I am holding offer from.
Accenture India - Offered X + 2.4 varible.......
Wipro Technologies - X +3.2 + 1.2 variable......... Amdocs - X + 4.4 + 10% variable........................... Deloitte India - X + 2.8 + 10% variable.,................. Accion Labs Inc - X + 6.2 + 10 % variable...

Not gone for counter with Accenture India

Please suggest on the basis of WLB, and policies



Hi Fishes, I've an offer letter for Accenture Strategy (M&A) for Senior Manager, India and my joining is in 3 days. Package is very good, but no immediate relocation opportunities. May happen in future.

Now at the very last moment, I've got an M&A leader role from Wipro. Reporting to a board member. This is a global role and will be based in US. L1 visa to be initiated.

Any suggestions on which is a better offer? And, how best I can negotiate here to get myself a better deal. Gracias!


What is Max CTC budget for Axtria Decision sciences manager??


Hi All,

I can help with referrals for
Jade Global.

Please find appropriate openings and let me know.

Hi fishers,

I am having infosys offer 16.60 lpa with 15% variable as technology lead, and epam system is in process and they are providing software engineer designation with 20 lpa.

Which one to join as per growth, culture and future.


What is the maximum budget for project associates in cts ? Hr told me 18 lpa is the maximum budget for 4.5 years of experience candidate and 1 lpa will be jb .is it true ?

Ping me for referral in LTI .

1.Senior Manager -Salesforce 3-6 yoe
2.Specialist - Data Engineering 5-9 yoe (Migrating from Oracle R12 DWH (on Premise/Cloud) to Aurora PostgreSQL using Ora2PG/AWS SCT and AWS DMS tools. Good Development experience in PostgreSQL.
Good Development experience in Oracle.)
3.Senior Specialist - System Management 3-6 yoe BIG DATA (HDFSCloudera-Administration)


Hi ,

Currently how is the bench situation in cognizant ? does it have project openings for Java+ Spring Boot + Microservices . Any new Joiners with similar skill set please share you experiences like how many days does it take to get assigned to the project with this skillset.

I have joining in Cognizant this month end, Please help me with the info.