Is 150000 CHF a good salary for a solution architect in Zurich?

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Yes, that is a good start! :)

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Anyone know of PICKUP? My bf is applying for a PICKUP Instant Delivery Field Quality Manager role. Can you share compensation and benefits? I don’t want him to get low balled


What’s fair comp for 2 YOE in disputes and investigations with CPA and CFE? MCOL area currently


Hello Folks,
I joined Intel Bangalore 2 months ago. I have a few questions I would love if someone from Intel who has been with this company could answer.
1) I am at grade 6 with ~3.5 YOE with compa ratio around 120% which looks higher than average. Will this result in lesser hike for me during appraisal? How much hike can I expect?
2) I received less RSUs compared to other people as I saw from the posts here. Any chance of getting RSUs during appraisal?
3) Any Intl relocation possibility?


Hi All, I am looking for a job change. I have 4 years of experience. I am currently serving my notice period (25 days left). Current company- Infosys, CTC- 5.65. I have a offer of 11 lpa, looking for another job offer (ECTC- 14 lpa). Tech stack - .net, Web API, MVC, Azure


Hi All,
I have below offers. Could you please help me to choose best.

MasterCard : fixed(21L) + Variable(2.1L)
Mphasis: Fixed(25.5L) + Variable(1.3L)

Please suggest.

Considering a job offer in nyc coming from the south. Making about 400k here and we live very well but won’t lie - life’s quite boring here. Have an offer in nyc (my fave) for 500k. SO will probably stay around his 200k comp. 300k of my 500k is guaranteed - the rest is bonus which I am 50/50 on depending on how the company does. We’re 30s and thinking of starting a family. Don’t want to deal with commute so thinking Manhattan. Worried about nyc COL. Should I take it? We have about 1M saved fwiw


Currently focused on "Visual Analytics", but what is the best way to keep career trajectory moving upwards? Currently making $120k. Is there more room to grow in the Business Intelligence/Power BI/Tableau space? What sort of role would you consider a "ceiling" for an exit opp as a BI consultant? Anything where you can make $200k+?

Should I consider trying to make a change? I'd like to grow beyond dashboard building and start playing a more strategic role. Maybe move into product roles?


Does anyone know the range for a VP at JP Morgan Chase & Co - Card line of business? Does leaders received restricted stock options?


Can anyone tell me how much percentage is the variable part in
EY India? It would be good if someone can share the components of the offer letter.


Do you have to pay back the joining bonus if you leave within a year?


I have cleared interviews at UBS with tech stack SAP BW4Hana, BOBJ, Native Hana, SAC etc. And with YOE = 7yrs. What is the maximum CTC I can get at UBS; if my CCTC = 19 LPA Bosch Global Software Technologies

Hello Fishes!

I’m close to getting offers from
Thoucentric and Cyient as well for Data Scientist position.

I’m currently a SW Eng+Data Scientist with 11 LPA package 4 YOE. My main goal here is to learn & become better so I can go for better companies + get good enough salary.

Which one would you say is a better company?


Deloitte EY PwC Got an offer for EY’s FAAS as an S2 at 110k in a MCOL city. Would it be worth waiting and looking at ARA and/or CMAAS?

Currently an S2 in audit. If so, what’s the best way to get in with ARA/CMAAS if I only have audit recruiters in my inbox?


Hey, anyone got leads for Dubai Big 4 Advisory Senior Manager compensation for candidates with EU/US experience? Thanks!


I'm looking at possibly jumping into a new career but terrified as I've been at my current company for 9 years and changing going somewhere else is a bit beyond my "comfort level". But they are offering significantly more. Anyone with some advice?


Need some insight about ADP

Got an offer as Senior Member Technical

1. How is work life balance?

2. How is job security?

3. How they provide hike ?

Hi everyone I am a new grad and wanted some tips for salary negotiom for the future. I joined a firm and recognize now that their is no upward mobility at all so realize that I will probably move after a year or 2. What are some tips for negotiatig a salary. Also I need likes to dm people so please run them up 🙏.


What would be the salary of a 8-years experience holder in IT as developer/manager plus handling 2-3 projects at a time?


I am getting 16 lpa CTC in my current organization with experience of 10.6 yrs. how much maximum CTC I can ask/expect from Credit Suisse if they offer me AVP position ?

Any SAP Reporting & Analytics lead or manager here? What is the going base salary and annual bonus rate?


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How’a dynamics ax unit in LTI? Projects? Culture?

Any Microsoft recruiters here? I have a couple of questions and need some advice!


I am joining Accenture on 16Aug need inputs on Project Amazon Prime Air.
Anyone can give me a details over the project?
Help really appreciated


Any thoughts on $LH? Have some money in 1/15 calls and need some expert's view on short term forecast for the company. Thanks🙏🏽


I just cba, I'm tired, long week and I don't understand how capitalism is so ingrained into my US colleague's brains, whereby they will bend over backwards for senior management. Scandinavia is looking like a good place to move to.


What’s expected/target comp for Accenture strategy manager level with 5 YOE?


Any insight on Marina Maher? Considering a role there but want to know more


Man this Bowl is filled with some angry mid-levels. We get it, this job was hard for you, but it is for juniors now, too. Stop punching down.

I don’t think the juniors are entitled, they just want to share in their firms’ wealth. Surely any salary increases for the Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 would easily pay for themselves through billable hours.


PwC Is there a max contribution rate per paycheck to 401k / after tax 401k?


Why do people group MF/UMM together? Isn’t a true MF (eg KKR, Apollo) much different experience/rep/pay than UMMs? (Eg MDP, GGC, Genstar etc.)


Is Art Director’s Club (ADC) worth submitting work into for their awards show? I know its not on the scale of Cannes or D&AD.


First-Time Home Buyer in Seattle! Home was $605K, 1500 sq ft — how is this Homeowner's Insurance Quote? Should I add / omit anything?

Total $797.00

Coverage A – Dwelling $253,600

Coverage B – Other Structures $25,360

Coverage C – Personal Property $177,520

Coverage D – Loss of Use $50,720

Coverage E – Personal Liability - Bodily Injury and Property Damage (each occurrence) $500,000

Coverage F – Medical Payments to Others (each person) $10,000

Peril Deductible (Property Coverage): $1000


I want to apply to Facebook but i don't have a Facebook account, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't bother then right?


I have recently got a interview call from PwC for the role of Associate 2, Strategy& deals strategy

Does anyone here know what type of role it is, and what kind of work can i expect, salary expectations etc

YoE: 14 months

Any leads would help.



Hello Everyone
I have three years of work experience in SAP ABAP in one of the Big4.
Can someone refer me to open positions in Deloitte USI in Mumbai location?

Is it worth switching from EY GDS to hcl in just for months as there is no project and sitting on bench. EY GDS : CTC 23.5lac fixed HcL : CTC 28lac, yoe 9yrs Designation payments analyst. EY PwC pwc HCL Technologies


Looking for suggestions on how to break into this space.

I'm a RN who's worked in sales for 14 years within the industrial and energy spaces. Yea, I know, super random for a nurse, but I excelled greatly.

I still work weekends as a nurse and would love to combine my business acumen with my education by working for a pharma, biotech, or medical device company.

I've applied for these types of jobs and get nowhere. But when I apply to engineering organizations I get called immediately.


Most corporations don’t provide employees with good career planning.

It’s critical have your own #CareerBlueprint.

What are your career and personal goals for this year?

For the next 3 years?

Consider all areas of your life, not just title and compensation:

- Education / Certification
- Free time
- Fitness
- Family
- Vacations
- Retirement

Start with the outcomes you want to achieve and then plan short and long term steps to get there.

What’s your plan? Let me know in the comments.


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I have an interview for supply chain manager at DD. What is the pay range and what should I expect? It's with a recruiter so this is in the early stages.


Hi all, currently interviewing for an AWS Sr. Engagement Mgr role in Western Canada, but am having a hard time finding compensation ranges local to the market. Any suggestions?


Any SAP Reporting & Analytics lead or manager here? What is the going base salary and annual bonus rate?


Any idea what’s the salary like for a L61 TPM at Microsoft in UAE? Looking to move from Redmond to Dubai and was wondering how my salary would change.

How much do QA Engineers (or QA Testers or QA Analysts) make their first couple years?

Do you have any certifications or specific learning paths?

Manual or Automatic Testing?

I think I'm underpaid but want to know more info from those in the field.


Trying to move from manager to director of a team that I’ve grown over the last 14 years. It’s a very small team, but impacts almost every deal the company makes.

I’m concerned they’ll say the salary bump I want (25%) is too high, however I see comparable roles with other companies for $175 - 200k.

I’m at $120k, asking for $150k.

Any suggestions to help make my argument, or does this salary even make sense???

How do I get the biggest increase WITHOUT jumping to another company?


I’m currently a supervisor performing in a project manager role with a cable company working on a fairly large plant rebuild and upgrade. There has been talk of a manager spot opening and I was asked if I was interested. What type of salary would that bring? I have 24 years with the company and currently make just under $100k.


Can anyone share their salaries as an IT business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company with around 2 YOE?


For those with SHRM (CP or SCP) cert. and did you notice any impact to pay or landing particular jobs after completing the cert?


How can I cross check my current pay is industrial standard or not? Any recommended website?


Hey all new here. I am a maintenance technician for a aluminum boat manufacturer. I am wondering what are other technician making in this line.

Any thoughts on potential tech roles for a human capital management manager?


What’s a realistic compensation for a Principal or Staff Software Engineer focused on the Front-End part of the stack for 12+ years?


Anyone working in Vulnerability Management? What should I be asking for starting salary living in the Phoenix area? I'm currently working a contract to hire and hiring negotiations start at the beginning of the year.


Does anyone here have any guidance as to how I should answer the salary expectations questions? Recruiter asked me my total comp package for a senior contributor role. Recruiters you can DM me and I’ll share the job code? This is all very new to me.


Product Managers/Product Owners in London - what are you salaries and YoE? I'll start 4 YoE and £60k, in London. Looking at the tech salaries in the US make me sad!


I am not sure which company to join. Coforge or BORN Group (Acquired by Tech Mahindra). Both are offering similar CTC. Born has 1 Lakh as yearly bonus and 1 lakh if you get the cerficate in one year. On the other hand Coforge has mixed reviews.