Is 18 lpa for 6.8 years experienced Java developer appropriate salary? or am I underpaid?

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This is not how it works. In a sense you are underpaid but can't be sure without knowing the company, your joining location and past experience and ctc.

You're underpaid my friend if you're a "developer" in true sense. You should be atleast earning 30L

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Hey, I'm applying for Morgan Stanley Virtual Client Solutions Team Lead, what are the salary expectations? Thank you in advance! Morgan Stanley


I have 7 years experience as a QA engineer in networking domains,to be specific to WiFi/WLAN testing.
I started my career with a 6LPA package,after gaining 2.7 years experience,
Switched to Second company for 9.5LPA .
Switched to a 3rd company (currently working here) which is my dream company for 18.5LPA with a total experience of 5.11 years.
Though I'm happy with my work and company culture, I am not completely satisfied with the current 18.5LPA salary. I always have a feeling I'm underpaid.


Considering a manager role in KPMG’s Advisory Services practice. What would a competitive salary be? I don’t want to sell myself short if I accept.

I have 8 YOE in healthcare regulatory compliance consulting and 10 YOE in healthcare overall. I have a masters in health systems mgmt, PMP, and CHC


Hi all,
I would like to know the TDS for the below salary

Basic Wage 8,00,004
House Rent Allowance (HRA) 4,00,002
Other Allowances 3,78,402
Gross Salary 15,78,408

I do not have any loans or insurance or mutual fund yet.

Also can anyone say how to reduce the TDS in this case?


Hi everyone,

I have 3 years of experience in developing apps/microservices using Java, spring boot, spring security, spring cloud, Google cloud platform, docker, kubernetes, MERN stack and Vue Js. How much can I expect based on above tech skills and my experience?
My current CTC is 6lpa.



Hello everyone I have 29 years as a dental professional in Texas. I started as a dental assistant back in 1993. As my career progressed as a RDA, I moved to the front office and eventually management. I even taught dental assistants and became the Program Director of a DA program. COVID opened up remote work for me, I manage eclaims, claims corrections and billing for two offices. $20 per hour, no bonuses or incentives, I know I am not getting paid enough! Any input would be appreciated.


Hi , Need a suggestion on below companies.


1. CGI (19 FIXED + 5% V)


3. HARMON (Oracle client ) 19 FIXED (OFFER YET TO RELEASE).

UST global, verticurl , hexaware ,LTI ,HTC global but package are low

Nov 4 is LWD.... And am looking in terms of Job security. Thanks in Advance. Sapiens CGI Harman LTI Information Technology


Can I ask for a slight increase ($5K) in salary if I already signed an offer letter? Their highest threshold was $5K more than what the offer was. If so, how do I go about it?


Hi Fishes. What's the highest Salary in India one can expect for BAND 5 as an account manager?



I'm currently looking for new job in React JS Development for Remote or Kolkata location. Please do reffer if there is any openings. Mentioned details below:

Total Experience: 6 years

Skills: React, Angular, Redux, jQuery, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL.

Current CTC: 15L

Expected CTC: 18L (Negotiable)

Preffered Location: Remote / Kolkata


Hello all, help me choose between PwC and Boeing both are offering me a fixed compenent of 10.5 LPA, Role: Data engineer


I’ve worked for an agent for 4 years now I run almost all of the day to day tasks, sell and handle customer service while he takes at least a quarter if not half of the year off vacationing. I only make 52k am I drastically under paid? That includes sales and what he pays me for salary.


Yay, pay raise came through .... $96+/- better off each pay check .... that successful FY18 really was a screamer.
Can retire about 17 days earlier now .... 30 more years of work to go.


Anyone have any connections with Portland General Electric? I am a design technician that works remotely on pole replacement jobs (designing, creating construction drawings, estimating) based in California. My 6 month contract will be up with my company soon and I am looking for a better salary (I currently make ~$48k/yr). This is my first job in this field as I graduated from UP in 2020 and it took a while to land a "professional" job due to the pandemic.


Consultants in Dubai how do you spend your salary?
% on savings
% on housing
% on going out


2017 Assoc Bonus figures - Anyone want to share?


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What's a reasonable pay expectation for a demand generation specialist going into their 2nd year of work in the tech industry after graduation? I currently make $63k but am shopping around for offers in the $70-$80k range. Should I be expecting less or more than that range?

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How can we reach out to the recruiters who are handling the process in Accenture? I was asked to attend the online test and the recruiter said "there won't be any rejections based on the result"! I attended and the questions were irrelevant to my skills but still gave an attempt and got rejected. Now I'm unable to reach out to the recruiter. Please help me here to justify and schedule an interview 🙏


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hi lovely people! my friend finished up an AD internship at deutsch and has since been searching. she’ll be visiting london, paris, & NY in the coming weeks and would love to meet with anyone willing!

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Hi Fishes,

In sunlife, is it WFO or WFH or HYBRID ?

If hybrid, how many days we have to come to office?

Dept- Data Analytics

Any one recently joined hcl tech .. I need to know process for virtual on boarding . It is urgent . Please reply

Just said smb port was 443 in an interview.. Ohh my god..! Kill me already.. Smh


What are some good agencies in Colorado besides Integer that do shopper marketing?

Hi Guys

Anyone got abroad job on SharePoint PowerApps Power Automate Power Platform SPFX

Anyone would be willing to help me please DM me


Bill Hemmer’s Daytona 😍


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Anyone know of remote or Chicago based UI UX jobs that are open to hiring entry level designers?


Hi fishes, I have got an offer from Capgemini Invent at a higher role (senior management role) in Research and consulting. I recently read through some really bad reviews about the company laying off employees, bad work culture, no good quality of work, etc! Can you plz give me some clarity on this ! This is really dreadful to hear and read! Capgemini


What is the coziest blanket in the whole wide world?


Is legato hiring for Informatica Developer? Need a referral.. please let me know


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Hi Team,

I am currently being offerd a job as Project Manager for a start up company and they are offering me 7.75 LC per annum now. I had a gap of 2 years due to covid but I have 5 years of experience and the last package was 6.5 LC per annum. Hence I would like to have some recommendations whether I should negotiate for more or should accept the offer. And if I negotiate what will be the best package for the job.


Have any one faced rejection after being told that they are happy to extend the offer with expected CTC over call, and in next few days you receive rejection.
Why does company do this after wasting weeks for multiple rounds of interview and almost finalizing a candidate

What's salary range for a lead UX Researcher in India?


Hii Sharks,
I'm a year old in this corporate world and I'm working in a non tech field.
I heard the rumours that growth is not a function of time in this field. You wont be paid much as compared to the techies.

Should i switch to tech and start learning coding?

Please help...



This is my compensation details. What will be my in-hand salary

Post Photo

Hi fishes, how much should one have as gross salary and CTC to get 1.5 lpa in hand after tax deduction?


Hi all,
I have 4 years experience in KPMG. how much I can ask for senior post on EY ?

What's the expected salary at checkpoint Bangalore for the TSE profile?
YOE 5 years in service delivery and assurance segment.


Hi Guys,

I'm a Technical Writer with 5 years of experience. Currently I recieve 12LPA.

Am I getting the right pay? What other companies pay well for Tech Writers? Pour in ur thoughts!

Thank You.


Hi guys, what's the expected package offered by Amex for the profile of Fraudulent Application.
I have 2 years of experience in fraud domain.
Currently going through the interview process.
Thanks in advance.


How much SALARY can I expect with 2.2YOE & full stack role in Infosys


Hello fishes, Today i have my HR round @Trinamix as functional SCM procurement consultant. I have cleared the technical round with significant progress rate. I have hands on experience in implementation and Pre sales demo with 1.5 years of experience. What should be range of salary i shall negotiate with the HR. My current CTC is 4.5 as I joined as a fresher.
Just need some suggestions on the same.
Thank you!


Have offers from both Wells Fargo and Citibank. Need your views on deciding between the two. Here are the numbers
Citi: fixed-33 lpa variable-3 Lpa.
Wells Fargo: fixed 30 Ipa variable: 3
Ipa + 1 |pa joining bonus.
Yoe-6.2 years
How are these companies in terms of future growth, wlb, brand value.


What will be in-hand salary in Tata Consultancy for below?Tata Consultancy

Annual gross 1350000(including performance pay)
Monthly performance pay 7400
Performance pay 10k
Retention incentive 50k
CTC 14lpa


Which offer is good
Fixed - 28L base
Bonus - 3 L
RSU - 24L

Fixed - 32L
Bonus - 3L
RSU - 24 L
YOE - 7.5
NXP offer is good but would like to know in terms of future growth wise which one is good ?
Is it good salary for 7 yoe ?


What do you think is the minimum salary for a 2 YOE as PM with 3 year non PM experienced Product manager at Paytm?