Is 26lpa fixed for a manager position in PWC with 11 YOE a good offer to go with? If not, how much I can ask for? I don't have any other offers right now to negotiate. Tech stack : Not into cloud, AI and data Eng..

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Can someone pls help on this question?

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Hi Fishes, does Atos revise their offer with counter offer ?


What is expected salary of compliance officer in credit suisse?


Can any one refer me in
Tech Stack:Power BI & SQL
YOE : 3.3 years
I have applied through company portal and linked in but I am not getting any response from Bosch.

Usually How many days Bosch will take to review the application ?


Hello, can anyone tell me what's there in joining/welcome kit of Gartner's and specifically which laptop they provide on senior manager role? Do they provide Mac ?

I have an offer from ACN strategy and Deloitte GPS (both in Washington DC). Pay is higher for ACN, but I am really unsure of which to choose. Would love any thoughts/ suggestions!!


Hi fishes, DM for referral.

Category Manager, Technology
Location: Lowell - Massachusetts - United States, Weston - Florida - United States
Function:: Procurement

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I was previously an employee of cmc ltd which amalgamated to tcs in 2015… Will my relieving letter contain the total experience of cmc + tcs?


Worked my ass off last year to and brought in innovation which can bring in 60k additional revenue per project but my team gave me 8% hike as a market correction and an award (cont'd)

Deloitte Cloud practice vs. Accenture Cloud practice. Which one is better?


Hi All, recently got an offer from Spotify for a senior program manager role based in London. I’ve got 10yrs experience. Doesn’t seem very competitive compared to other big tech players. What do you think?
Base salary £100,000 (GBP pounds)
Stock $130000 (US dollars) vesting over 4yrs.


Is there anyone who is @cvshealth who would not mind giving me a referral? I have applied to a Senior Manager Quality Improvement Actives position. I would love an opportunity to interview to better demonstrate the value I can add to the organization. Thanks I’m advance!


Product Managers/Product Owners in London - what are you salaries and YoE? I'll start 4 YoE and £60k, in London. Looking at the tech salaries in the US make me sad!

Is a product owner for a software product at an industrials company a good exit opportunity for a senior up for promotion to manager and 6 years of experience with 4 in consulting?


How is working at Tekion like? Bangalore location?


What is considered a very good raise?


Which one to choose from the below two for QA Role
14LPA from Mindtree
16 LPA from SLK software

Suggestion pls


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Phenomenal night at the Milk Room in Chicago

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I’m looking for some new things to read or listen to — doesn’t need to be ad-related. Books, podcasts, whaddya got?
I’m not really into fiction, but open to anything. Last books I enjoyed were Junior and Moonwalking with Einstein, last podcast I binged was Startup (Gimlet).



Short quick turn project for a start up. Brand identity has already been built as has 95% of the website.

Looking for a seasoned designer who can inherit an identity and who has the imagination and inventiveness to riff and enhance on select website sections.

Pls DM me your website/portfolio link if you’re free this week to jump in :)


Hi friends! Do any of you utilize a room separator for your home office? My entire front room of my house is my office, but I’d like a room separator to help me with visual distractions. Mind sharing your space for inspiration?


30/6 years experience/90k/NYC

Is the possible to apply and being considered by CITI hR for multiple openings?

For anyone that’s tried or joined how do you guys feel about F45?


If you’re in a position of leadership, how are you addressing or acknowledging hate crimes with your team(s)?


Do we have IT Audit job role in DUSI Pune ? Can one be relocated here from other location ? How ??


Anybody have advice on where to apply for healthcare consulting roles? Or a possible referral? Looking at Senior Consultant level. Thank you!


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Happy Diwali to all..😊😊💥💥💥


I need to do a backdoor Roth IRA - A question I have is do I need to do the full $6000 contribution limit up front, or can I do a portion, convert it, and then continue to contribute throughout the year?

Also once it is converted can I contribute to that same account in future years?



Queen of memes? Has a nice ring to it🥰

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Who else admires their comprehensive/complex project plans, timelines and sprint plans when it’s completed? 🙋🏻‍♂️


What’s the typical range for sign on bonus for experienced hires (PL thru AP) in consulting?


I have been seeing all of these "studies" saying that many people prefer working in the office versus working from home... I'm doubting these results and want to conduct my own little poll.
Do you prefer:
A) Working from Home
B) Working from the Office
C) Hybrid


For those who got a BCG offer, how did you perform in the quant section for R1 and R2? Trying to figure out how much more prep I should do...


Any Toronto Sr. Product Managers here? What does your comp look like?


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Hi all,
My lwd is 14 oct.
I am confused between EY GDS and Neudesic, for same role - Azure Data Engineer.
I have 2 yoe and EY is offering 13.5 fixed + 5% variable and Neudesic - 14 lpa.
Any inputs are appreciated.
Thank you.


Hi fishes,

I received offer letter from T-systems of 17lpa fixed. My Deloitte India rounds are cleared. But when I am asking to match my current offer they are saying not possible. My current ctc is 10.35 lpa . Experience 4.8 yrs. Tech Devops. Please advise as I am immediate joiner


Bank of America or BNP Paribas.

Having similar offer, which one to choose ?


Special component in Persistent


Hi, I am 7 years experienced and into IDentity and access management domain (AD, Okta,etc) and I have an offer from Capgemini so I want to know if Capgemini is good company to join now, I think I will be part of managed services team. How’s the work life balance here? Please share your thoughts if anyone is from Capgemini?@

How's grade 6 with 4YOE having 130k base salary in California?

Hi Fishes,
Capgemini 19 fixed+2 variable
Synechron 22 fixed+1 variable.
Which company is better for career growth, WLB, and stability?
yoe- 6


Hi fishes ,

How much FIS GLOBAL offers for android profile with 5.5 yoe ? Please suggest


Hi fishes,

Please suggest what should I choose from following:

Mindtree -> 24 LPA (Following up every week if I am joining or not)

R Systems International -> 25 LPA (Current company, trying to retain, very good hold on project and good relations with manager)


Tech Stack -> Angular Front end development.

Serving notice period (more than 2 months left)

Please suggest considering the global recession fears

Thank you.


Hi I have two offers please help to choose one

YOE 4.2 Years
Amadeus 16 LPA
Omnicell 19LPA


I have offeres from IBM, NTT , ATOS SYNTEL with same package...which one I can go with for better work life balance.

Domain SAP



I work in P2P process.
I have got offer in seimens and koch buisness solution. Can anyone tell me which company is better and go for it.



Hi guys ,

Got a 50lpa INR offer in Tokyo Japan , is it worth considering? Please help. Currently I have 31 lpa in India here . YOE- 8 years


I had already applied for a position with Infy in the portal and could see many related positions for aws in Infosys but im not getting any calls.

Even the portal not allowing to apply multiple positions.What is the best way to get calls from Infosys in this case ?

Infosys Infosys Limited


I interviewed at Walmart for in4 position, I cleared 3 technical rounds on Friday, and my managerial round happened on Monday, my interview was average for the managerial round. From that day onwards I am trying to get my feedback for the managerial round but the HR keeps telling me that they have not received it yet from the manager. It has been more than 5 working days. Should, I assume that I got rejected??

Hello Fishes,
Got offer from below companies. Please suggest me to choose between them in terms of work life balance
1. Renault nissan(RNTBCI) -9.5LPA ( 5% variable )
2. Tata elxsi - 9.6 LPA fixed
3. Johnson Electric - 10 LPA fixed

Tech stack - Automotive software development
YOE - 4.2

Thanks in advance


If you are getting 950000 total CTC in TCS
What will be your in hand amount monthly


Yoe: 3.5 Tech stack: .NET+Angular I hold 2 offers: Hitachi Energy (Chennai) - 12.5F+2.5V Siemens Healthineers (Bengaluru) - 16.5F+1JB+1.5RB Which is best in terms of wlb, hikes and growth?


Hi Fishes,

Please help me decide from the below offers -

Atlassian - 54 lpa base + 10% variable + stocks
Suse - 58 lpa + 5 lpa jb + stocks
Instabase - 60 lpa base + stocks
Mongodb - 55 lpa base + stocks

cctc - 42 lpa base + 11% variable
yoe - 4
Tech stack - DevOps/SRE

My priority is career growth and wlb both