Is Commonwealth Bank a good company to work for their Bangalore location?

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2nd most worst.


Everyone’s current company



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Does anyone work at Embark consulting group? If so, could you share your experience?

What have your hours been like? Types of clients? Have you had any say in your hours or which projects you work on? Pros/Cons?


Capgemini offered 15 LPA fixed for B2 grade during HR round then on offer letter gave a C1 Grade with 15 LPA Fixed plus Variable. That brought out the fixed to 13.5 LPA. I straightway asked the recruiter to revise as per our discussion and didi not accept the offer letter. HR told she will try and revise. Right way to go? Capgemini Tata Consultancy Accenture


Anyone who joined Axtria recently or joining in August, is the onboarding virtual or offline?

Hello fishes,

Has anyone heard of company SAP Fioneer.
I have been given an offer. But not really sure.
Can someone guide me.


Can somebody give me a review on TE-ES-Oracle Financials team in@KGS @KPMG@


Adp or wipro .
Please siggest which one to join

Hi everyone. What would the base salary for an account manager role be at Accenture in Canada?


Hi, Can anyone guide me which is better offer:
Tcs -16 LPA (ITA) and HCL- 18 LPA(Senior Specialist).
Tcs- Healthcare project and Hcl- Educational project. If suppose I join TCS how many years it will take to reach the HCL ctc.


Do we need to courier cgi appointment/offer letter to CGI office?

I have received this email after technical and HR discussion from HCL Technologies . What does it mean. How many days it takes to get offer or hear from them.HCL Technologies

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Hi frds,
I hve few offers & planning to join MC.
YOE 8.5
Offer 30L
Automation tester L7

Plz help wid few below

1. Can I nego near joining for joining bonus or higher salary as I got offer from morgan for 38L bangalore loc

2. How is work cul and WLB in MC

3. How soon I can get L6(Lead) as I am currently working as lead since 2 yrs but got SSE.

4. Wat is d avg annual hike & bonus paid.

5. Any RSU optns & how soon one can avail after joining.

6. Diff dept & best dept or BU learning in MC.


Hey fishes,
What is the average ctc of an 8yoe developer in Capgemini? Have my hr round next week..

How is the work life balance is LTI?

How is the Salesforce marketing cloud in Nagarro ?


Anyone at UnitedHealth Group know why pay range is for a “Digital Product Manager- Telecommute” it’s with their maternity group for low-income services. Might be the same as a Product Manager? Just trying to gain insight before beginning the interview process. Make sure it’s not a waste of my time.


Hi guys, negotiating offer with KPMG Singapore cyber team for Senior associate position. Does anyone have any idea what salary range should I ask. Thanks!!


Does anyone here work at Ameriprise financial? If so, would you recommend it? What is the work life balance like? I have an interview for a Advisory trading specialist role. Thanks!


Does Bain have an internal referral portal? Looking to potentially jump firms as I want to switch location and have heard bad things about the BCG office in my desired city. Bain & Company


Hi Fishes

Today is DOJ

Help me choose best option

Value labs: 28 lpa fixed + 1lakh jb
LTI: 27 LPA Fixed + 2 lakh jb + cloud BU
Hcl: 26 lpa fixed + 2.5 variable
Gep: 23 lpa fixed, 2 lakh variable, 2 lakh jb

Priority: wlb, culture, job security, hikes and opportunities

Please suggest..


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I haven't join cgi yet but have acknowledged the client decalration form. Will there be any action on me if i didn't join?

Got offered 115K with 25-30% bonus for a fund accountant role with 3 years of public experience. Is that normal? Seems like really high. I live in NY to clarify. Combination of Big 4 and midsize experience. What’s the normal salary range for ppl in that range?


Folks on H1B - Can My last day at current company and first day at new company can be a same day? Has anyone done this before and do you see any major issues?


Anyone know what is eating my favorite plant?? 😭

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What is it like to work in Technology & Digital unit in McKc ? I am joining in may.


anyone recommendations on where to watch uefa euro games this weekend?


Has anyone transitioned from bedside/patient facing healthcare to clinical research? I am looking at making the switch and would appreciate any insight!

Anyone up for a virtual summertime meal?


Married men of this bowl. Do you use condoms for sex with wife? Do you like the feeling? Recently married and I don't like condom but don't want to make her pregnant. What are you guys doing?


I really struggle to get my billing on time daily bc of my ADD/Anxiety. Anyone have any tips on how they build billing into their everyday lives? Finding a solution has been so hard for me personally.


What do you think is a record time for a beginner to sell their first home? I just started in the company and I was lucky that the people I took as my first clients were the people I worked for as a nanny for their children. I made the sale 3 days after starting in the agency, and everyone congratulated me. I think I broke a national record.


Infosys I have an interview scheduled for a power programmer in Infosys I want to know what would be the interview process as it's mentioned there would be coding round.

Note: I have two years of experience.

Accepted off the WL from Yale SOM and thinking of asking for scholarships. I know the chances are low but doesn’t hurt to ask. Which is a better competitive offer for SOM: CBS (no $) or Tuck ($40K total)?


I need 11 likes to be able to DM. Please like this Thank you fishes!


Anyone down for Hookah tonight in Dearborn, MI tonight ?

Female Partner, 32, looking to date another Partner. Any single 30+ M 🐠 based in NYC here?


EU citizen here considering moving to London before 2021... how is the pre-settled status application process? Can I really apply a day after relocating?


How do you even begin to rent if you are coming into the country / switching from student status to work?

I've got stellar credit history, the org is more than willing to complete any reference checks but I still need to sacrifice my first born or pay the full amount for the duration of the contract.

Anyone who works for a SaaS or technology company with a Supply Chain background, what is your current title and role responsibilities? If you transferred to tech/SaaS from consumer goods or physical products how did you make the jump?


Any vacancy in PMO( Project Management Office) role...please refer me.


Additional Posts in Bangalore City

Is it even worth moving to Bnglr if not called for office? I mean they have given sort of Voluntarily work from Office opportunity.


LTI is Hiring....!!!

PAN India....!!

Need immediate joiners preferred within 30 days.....!!!!!

If anyone interested Please DM me or share resume to

Informatica Consultant - JR Code 446209 :- 4-8 Yrs

Snowflake Consultant - JR Code 446227 :- 4-10 Yrs

Bigdata Consultant - JR Code 446247:- 4-15 Yrs

Abinitio Developer - JR Code 446287:-4-8 Yrs

AWS Consultant - JR Code 446310 :- 4-8 Yrs

GCP Consultant - JR Code 446327 :- 4-8 Yrs

Data Science Consultant - JR Code 446347 :


Hi, I have offer from Broadridge {Bangalore}with 29LPA and Cyient{Bangalore}(28LPA with variable), YOE-7 yrs,CCTC-18lpa, Tech Stack- Test Automation Engineer--C#, Selenium and both of them has joining date as 31/10/22,which one to join?

Hi Fishes,
Am a Cybersecurity Associate Consultant with 3 YOE. Currently am working on L3 role. Have got an offer from IBM for the band 06A and L1 role. In the interview manager said as I don't have any relevant certification and my explanation could be theoretical, so he can only consider me for L1 roles. And I need to network within the organization to work as a L2 that too after 6 months of joining.
Is 06A right band for me, how should I negotiate to review my band after accepting the offer


Moving to Bangalore in Jan 2023 and the office will be Bagmane Tech Park ORR. Which area are best suited for house hunting ? Looking for 2BHK


KPMG FRM OR ACN Strategy Finance & Risk.. whish one among the two is better?


Any football groups around Whitefield that i can join for weekend games or something?


Looking for a referrals- Finance / Accounts
Qualified CA
4 + years experience

Thanks in Advance


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On a different note, koi accha non judgemental gym barao yaar, I don't want to share my weight or take their personal coach or diet. For now. Location Beml layout ke around. Also if you know latest charges please share.


Which organization you will join if you have offer from below
Profile : Automation testing YOE :- 5-7 yr

1. HCL
2. Brillio
3. Paytm
4. Wells Fargo
5. Amazon

HCL is paying the most and wells Fargo the least , remaining at mid .


AMERICAN EXPRESS India is hiring for below role:
1. Business Analyst/ Assistant Manager – Enterprise Data Strategy, Credit & Fraud Risk (Req ID -21030910)
2. Manager / Senior Manager : Product Development, Risk Products & Data Strategy (CFR) (Req ID -21030284 / 21030287)
3. Business Analyst / Assistant Manager – Digital Analytics
(Req ID - 21029077)

JD screenshot is attached.
Kindly DM me job title, req id and your email id for referral

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Hi Fishes,

How background verification done in HPE? Is it done before joining or after joining, will my joining get delayed due to this?
Also how many employers do the check for verification? My first employer is not in the business now.

Please help.


Any jobs for Fashion Merchandisers?
I have 5 yrs of experience in an export house.


Hi fishes,
I'm staying at Marathahalli and I would like to get a Rental agreement for nearby area. Where shud I go to get one.. Please help me on this


Can we ask for flight ticket rembrusiment under Relocation allowance in addition to accomodation at Harman connected services (Bangalore location). Please help!