Is it normal for a creative department to be set up so that only 1 or 2 creative teams get all the “good” briefs (campaign concepts, commercial shoot opportunities, anything with budget) and the rest of the creative teams churn out the “boring work” (banners, social from already shot assets,etc). Are there agencies where opportunities are more even spread out?

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I’ve noticed the teams that produce the most work are the ones that turn in the most ideas and are willing to generate more for as many rounds as it takes. Hope that helps



I like to think it’s not personal. Especially since we all are so under resourced.

Personally, I always need more people to have good ideas. And handle their business. So I want everyone to be equally useful. And if I have time, I try to help them get there.

That said, my favorites are anyone who can make my life easier. Obviously you need to show me that you can do that. But once you have my trust, it’s easy for me to put you on everything.

Btw, that isn’t only having good ideas. It might also be that you’re super buttoned up so I don’t have to pay attention to every detail. Or that you make sure everything is thought through. Or you can navigate the agency process without me. Or don’t have a shitty attitude. Or you ask to help on things because you know I need it and don’t want to choose who’s weekend to ruin. Or get help from someone else before there’s an issue if you can’t handle something. Or you make sure I know what’s going on before some politics on the project happen. Or you come to me with proactive ideas. Or a million other things that make my life easier.

And btw, when someone great who hasn’t earned that yet comes along, it may take me a while to even notice because I might not have the bandwidth to go with the new team. So I go to my go to’s.

I’m not saying it’s right or even fair. But that’s my explanation from the other side of things.



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I don’t know if I’d call it “normal” but it is common unfortunately.


Totally normal, specially if you’re not white.


This is the Mccann way


Yes it's normal. You can either get bitter about it or try to put yourself into a situation where you're one of those teams.


Trying really hard on that second one

As someone who was once in that situation and is now doing significantly better work at a comparatively “worse” agency, I wish I’d left the big agency where I wasn’t really producing way earlier.

When we judge agencies, we often judge them by their best work, the stuff on their website. With one or two exceptions, the bigger the agency, the bigger the range in quality of the work they actually make. If you’re not on projects with potential, and you don’t have the potential to get onto them, leave. It may take 2 or 3 new jobs, but eventually you’ll wind up somewhere that’s a better fit, doing better work, and be much happier.


Yesssssss! When I first joined my team at FCB I felt duped. Didn’t remotely resemble the conversation in the interview or all the awards they get. Head scratcher

20/80 rule


haha yea silly word. i do believe theres super talented and reliable ppl whereas some ppl are not reliable nor good (as awful as it may sound)

Infuriatingly, yes. That is more common than it should be.

Equally frustrating is that those ppl are typically good.

But the tragic truth is that it prevents others from proving their worth or building their own skills.


Not every place is like that. Get outta there if you can.

Most places yes

Thank you for this!

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IG: Burnoutcoachcarlo

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