Is it possible to make a million in any sales position? I see so many classes and books on how to be a millionaire by selling. Seems like BS.

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Yes I have made more than a million a year each of the last 2 years in cloud sales


I meant tech professionals inother "Bowls" and not "firms"

There are some Enterprise Sales reps at VMware who make $1M+ but most make $300k-$400k.

One simple way of seeing how this is possible is that a single-deal commission of 2% on a $20M deal is already $400k — so top performers can close 2-3 deals of this size in a year. Of course, it might take over a year to get large deals through all the various approvals at a client, so there are likely long stretches with zero commissions in a given month or quarter.

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Two words: Software sales


Enterprise SaaS. Highest performers on my direct team will be at 700-800k this year. Some who sell the same product on other teams will be over 1M.

Definitely not an easy job. There’s a reason why you get paid well in sales.


Cloud or software sales easily if they have the right client


Not easily lmao. It’s possible.


Very possible, challenge is knowing how to optimize your territory and move to the next big oppty. My career average is $500k


Possible anywhere there is a viable product/service with a track record and strong company infrastructure.

Wow. I really thought it was all just made up god people to sell books. I’ve never met someone in person who’s made a million selling anything besides a few realtors.


New biz takes longer than 6 months a lot of the time. 6-24 months. You have a ramp quota for 3~ months and you sometimes have some existing biz or smaller companies to get you quicker wins. Good management knows this and doesn’t expect you to be closing in the first 6 months but expects that you’re going throw the right motions to set yourself up for success


You're always going to see a bell curve, or pyramid, in sales compensation. Several individuals I've worked with, particularly over the past 8-10 years have in Technology Sales, have crushed it. Some over 2-5M however, these years take a lot of work leading up, while working the sales cycle and post sale.

I've also seen Real Estate Professional make hay while the sun is shining and score big (well into the millions) during the real estate booms.


Ok first off I need to switch to Google then! Yes some of my counterparts have made 1+million and even a couple 5m in one year. Of course those magically retired about a year later. I can say most make at least half million a year no sweat.

Enterprise software sales and for me specifically focused on the cloud growth business. For me I have been a CIO and worked in software products management, professional services as well back in the day. Being able to quickly understand the product, how it fits, what challenges or reasons an executive would say no and how to focus on value selling (understand the business and what it’s trying to achieve) has helped me get there.


Yes possible. Seems like your best bet today is cloud services

Have friends selling ERPs to DOD clients easily exceeding a million in commissions. Massive deals

Thanks for giving info.

Is there anyone that’s an enterprise account executive that I can DM to discuss the role more? Thanks.

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Hi Fam!

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Just a reminder that you ain’t shit if you treat your subordinates like shit


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Why is everyone here so triggered by the White Tiger? That’s how the majority of India lives, please get outside your white collar bubbles. And stop saying “the media always shows poverty”, they also released shows like Bollywood Wives and Indian Matchmaking.


Who cares for billionaires, it's time for trillionaires 😂

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