Is it worth joining Valuelabs Dubai?
How is the work culture?
Is the Hire and Fire takes place without second thought?
Any bench period if exists for UAE Location joiners ?

Posting as :
works at
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Expecting response

How did you land an offer with UAE valuelabs generally they hire for India then take to onsite ..?

Are you citizen of UAE or did you had earlier worked in UAE

Well work culture in India is good my personal experience is good with manager as well.

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JPMorgan Chase - 25 LPA (fixed)
Wells Fargo 27 LPA (fixed)

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Hi Fishes,

YOE- 6.3

Sap sd, S/4 Hana
Current ctc- 8 lakhs

What should be my expected ctc.
Please help.

Thank you.


Can anyone recommend good investment options in Bank of America HSA account? I feel their funds are very limited compared to what I have seen from 401k and IRA. Anyone recommends your HSA account?

MBB em level role vs. director level tech (non FAANG) exit? Coming from b4, roughly 10 yoe. I know it’s probably a personal preference thing but hoping to get opinions here. Tech role is $190k base plus a 30% target bonus. MBB role i got a verbal offer without a comp figure yet but my understanding is it’s around there, maybe 10-20% higher (or maybe much higher depending on bonus).

Didn’t fully expect to get the MBB offer honestly, but both beat my 180/198 b4 comp. Now i’m torn.


Additional Posts in ValueLabs

Is ValueLab good company to join ?? I have offer in pipeline. How's the WLB and Job Security??
I heard they have hire fire policy ???

Is it worth joining ValueLabs on 6 months direct contract?


Hi Fishes, need your guidance. I am having below offers. Please help me to decide.

Publicis Sapient - 16LPA + PWFH
Valuelabs - 18LPA + PWFH

I want to know in terms of Brand value, WLB, career growth, learning opportunity & job security.

*Also is it safe to join service based company with such a high package in respect to my YOE?

My Info:
YOE - 2.3Yrs
CCTC - 7.25LPA
Techstack - Frontend Development (React) College - Tier-3


Hello folks,
I have an offer in hand by value labs and Accenture and I’m more leaning towards valuelabs. However, I’ve seen a lot of comment online which were made in 2022 and before as well that the job security is an issue in value labs and they will fire a chunk without any prior notice.
Is it true?
I would really appreciate if anyone can shed some on light on this.


what is the % of appraisal you got today versus your rating. Is it correct that annual appraisal is always higher than that of mid term appraisal

Hello Fishes,
At VL we are having openings on JAVA ARCHITECT.
Work Experience 10 years
Work Location HYD

DM me for referrals..

What are roles and responsibilities of infra admin in valuelabs, any idea fishes ?

Hello guys ,
I have given my interview at valuelabs for business development lead generation role and got selected. How is the company ? Any working ppl here from valuelabs?

Hi everyone,

I have 3 years of manual, and 1 year automation testing experience. I was interviewed for Value Labs for the uk client (3pm-1pm shift)

CCTC:7.8, immediate joiner.
How much should I ask for a hike?
(any other joining bonus, shift allowance?)

If anyone has an idea pls share.

Hi Everyone,
Completed L1 Interview at
Valuelabs today.
How long does it take for results?
Please share your thoughts.




I got offer from IBM GBS India and ValueLabs. Both the companies are offering same package.

Valuelabs - permanent work from home with bi-annual hikes.

IBM - hybrid work mode

Tech - Automation tester with 5.5years of experience.

It will be helpful if I get a good suggestion. Thanks in advance

Hi folks, i recentlly joined valuelabs. Not getting good vibes. Why all these internal portals looks ancient 😐 . Is there any buddy program to help assimilate in VL culture?