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If you think wlb and your position is stable.. go for it 👍


Which company?


What is ur current ctc? How much u r getting in Sunlife? Which role r u going in Sunlife?

I have worked with Sunlife for almost 4 years

How about the exit opportunities?

What is so special about big4 that you are asking this question? Curious to know

There are multiple organizations where the exit opportunities would be as good, and some where the exit would be better. So it totally depends upon the company where you want to switch.

More important than the company, it is the role that would determine the exit opportunities in my opinion.


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What's the average salary for a Senior Associate in US taxation in the big 4?


Is there really that big of difference in recruiting between USC and UCLA MBA? I checked MBB target schools and only one recruits at USC whereas all 3 recruit from UCLA. I would have thought it would have been about the same. Thoughts from MBB/B4/Tier 2 consulting?


I'm about to join EY GDS SAT team as SBA - Strategy. Not from a big 4 background but from business research background.

What type of work can I expect day in day out, culture and most important the tools I'll be working upon. As in my current role we don't have exposure to tools a lot.

Any important skills one should have to excel in this role,
In my current organization there is a mandatory training culture with respect to role one is hired for. Does EY has something Similar?



Can anyone provide insight as to how much big 4 audit managers make in NYC? Getting industry offers at 95-100k and am wondering if it’s worth it to stay until I make manager.


To those that transferred tax areas within the Big 4, who do you talk to in order to get the ball rolling (if feasible)? Your coach? HR? Your team lead/PPMD? Also, is it still possible to do as a senior?


Anyone did the Pinterest product apprenticeship? What does the program look like? Any context on retention and career opportunities after? Thanks! Thinking of log leaving big 4


Senior manager at PwC looking to go to industry. What is a realistic expectation for a pay raise? the new employer is a tech company so they have a different compensation structure than big 4.


What is the average pay for manager 1 at los: assurance?

I joined 6 months bach at 21lpa and have 6.6 yoe. Pretty sure these talent clowns lowballed me. Got to know managers at other big 4 start at 29lpa and at pws sdc, most are at 25lpa+. Need to start looking out again. Very depressed


Hi all... I am a UK Banking Consultant who is at a manager level who is looking to transfer to a reputable Management consultant company in Singapore. Would be interested to speak to anyone who could give me a referral from a big 4 or any consulting firm for that matter. Looking forward to hearing from anyone


Hi team, am looking to move to Atlanta from the U.K. to settle down with my Miss who lives in Atlanta. I have a British passport but I’ll need to be sponsored. Y background is in PMO and I have worked for two of the Big 4’s. Any advice..? Referral? Opportunity..?


Hi folks, how is thoughtworks as an organisation?

Asking because I don't know much about it and have received recruiter's call today. Currently I am working in
Deloitte. How is thoughtworks hikes, wlb, does it provide any benefits apart from fixed pay? My research gives me a mixed review: some say it's good, some say that thoughtworks is not stable enough like big 4 or other organisations. Pls help Thoughtworks Deloitte


Have interviews lined up. Moving from Industry to consulting to one of the Big 4. Any resources ,tips on preparing for case interviews? What kind of questions should I expect. Contd.

Hello All,

I am currently interning at one of the Big 4's for the Summer. However, I received an email to go to EY's 2022 Futures Conference from July 26th to 29th. Would this be a good reason to call off work or would it look bad? Should I just decline the invitation so I don't have to call off work on those days?


Are all big 4 now offering to pay for part-time MBA programs or is that just EY?


I'm looking to get in one of the big 4's. Currently employed with Bank of America with 2 YOE in Claim(fraud) and Wealth Management operations. I've tried applying through the career sites, but to no avail. Any referrals or guidance of any kind would be much appreciated.


How long do the other big 4 offer differential pay if you deploy?

Any Big 4 consulting (manager, not senior manager level) here? I am curious to see what others are making. A recruiter reached out to me about a Workday consulting manager role with the Big 4 and is trying to avoid giving me a straight answer when I asked him to share the range for the position. Position is US based - Remote.

Has anyone made a transition from an Accenture MD to a B4 direct admit partner ? What has the experience been like ? Any regrets ?


Do law firms have tracking/trading checks in place like Big 4? If so, is it as strict?

Ex-Big 4 folks at MBB: how has the experience been for you so far? Any of you been in a situation where you’re coming to a MBB in a lower role but have excelled in moving up quickly? (Or not.) Thinking about making the leap but would love to hear if the MBB hype was worth it. (FWIW: My work hours are 65-80/wk so I’m pressed to think it’ll be that much worse on the other side.)


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When or if recession hits, are there gonna be crazy layoffs within consulting? Are there consulting groups that may withstand it without layoffs?


Anyone at ZS Associates willing to refer me for an associate consultant role? Happy to chat & share background !


Anyone have experience with slow rising HCG? Mine went from 41k to 58k over 4 days. My OB is concerned with those numbers. Curious if anyone else was similar.


First time H1B here - my status will change in Oct. any issues for h4 dependent to get her visa stamped before mine? Her appointment in India is in February and I will be in US at the time. So, I will have an approved i797 but no H1B stamp yet.


Hi fishes
Say I have fixed Salary X lakhs
And I receive bonus of Y lakhs annually for 2 years

So what will be my CTC & TC ?
During a switch, what companies ask for?
Previous CTC or TC or Fixed Salary??


Hi! Any tips on passing the pymetrics test for BCG?


Have got the Ascent HR access now. Is the PF in JPMC managed by them? I have worked for mid sized companies before so new to this


What is the comp range for a director at BCG... Base and bonus? Is bonus potential a % of salary or a $ amount? Thanks.


McK US 🐠, would you care to share the recent comp changes?


Do you need a cover letter these days?


Hi All, i had my 2rounds of interview with tcs on friday. Will they come back and hr send rejection email if there is budget issue or they will simply not send any communication.?


For a second I thought this was WarZone (the new Warlight game).... check it out really interesting game too

Spot the difference

Google + Partner Whiteboard Scribbles + Half cook up facts + PowerPoints.

Post Photo

Thoughts on the new map?


Off topic!
I'm planning to buy a new car
Innova crysta v/s XUV 700 v/s Tata safari v/s Kia carens
Any other cars in this segment please suggest


Does IBM still operates in hybrid mode or asking its employees to report to office.. IBM


On vacation and already dreading the return to work/routine/crazy hours. Everytime I return, I feel like quitting my job and the post vacation blues are already making me anxious, anyone else feels this way?😂


Additional Posts in EY GDS

Do we get access to udemy or plural sight or cloud guru for our learning in EY GDS?


###Urgent###..Needed suggestion..I am holding 3 offers and need to decide which one to confirm.

1. EY GDG - approx 21LPA
2. Lancesoft (Client - Shell) - 25LPA
3. Apisero ( Client - Blue younder) - 28LPA

YOE - 7.3
Tech - Power BI

which one to choose?
my preference - WLB and WFH.

any suggestion would be helpfull.

thanks in advance!


Can anyone refer me to EY Gds for functional testing profile. I have around 7 years of experience with experience in functional api performance testing. For last year and half working on EY ATLAS project from globant.EY

If you get a chance to move to EY India, would you? Give us the reason.


Hello EY GDS Fishes, Those who got promoted as a part of organization restructuring from staff 4 to senior 1 .Have you guys seen the rank change in Salary slip of OCT'22 ?
Mine is still reflecting the same old positions. @Ey


At rank 42, what's the range of VPB (variable pay bonus)?

I think minimum is 10% (since they mentioned target VPB 10%)?
What's the maximum?


Any news on perks/benefits for NewCo? Thinking if I need to stay here for a little longer or should I make a move.

Are hike wike ka Kya chakkar babu bhaiya!! Kuch khabar hain market mein??


Hello Folks,

I am yet to join EY GDS in Feb'22.

YOE: 11 years
Skills: BA in banking & finance domain
Fixed CTC offered: 28 LPA + 10% Variable
Rank offered: 42, Grade 3

How is the WLB in EY gds, bangalore and is it project specific?
How is the avg hike trend since past 5 years in gds?

Any experienced GDS folks here to address this?
It would really help me in my decission making.


Who joined ey gds today?


What is the expected salary bracket for a Senior Con in ey gds for someone with 7 years experience.
In tech consulting

What is the title for rank 42 ? Scon3 or associate manager?

Gave interview for EY GDS M level. The interviewer paused the meeting in between and called one of his team members to take interview. The other team member took my interview on first person's laptop. First person was eating kurkure sitting behind. Both were from Gurgaon. Pathetic experience. EY


No bothering of survey results? I bet most of us voted for WFH


Hi Fishes as I have got promoted to Senior 1 there New senior Program happening. Will there be Travelling or virtual event? Any insight on it? Will we get goodies for Promotion?