Is TCS still offering onsite opportunities amidst the pandemic, please suggest companies which provide most onsite opportunities during covid times.

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Onsite opportunities are easier to get in mid scale companies and also depends on the role


With the whole omicron strain, I wouldn't be surprised if most companies went back to WFH for awhile.


Would you be open to a hybrid role?


Yeah. I am fine with it.

I don't think they ever completely stopped.

Not from what I've seen - I think there are potential opportunities for on-site roles but it won't happen for a while. Why are you looking for those?

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Have any of your investment banks actually struggled financially due to the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown?


Too much noise out there - can someone confirm or deny whether the US Government funded gain of function research related to Covid?


Just got a 2nd antibody test. My 1st test and my 2nd test were both positive. Assuming the test each has a 10% rate for false positives, I assume the likelihood that I don’t have antibodies is less than 1%. Still wary of the results, but definitely feel a lot less anxious about Covid now. Bought my test directly from Quest and my insurance will reimburse. Had mid flu like symptoms (fatigue, fever/chills, sore throat) for 2-3 days, and nasal congestion/loss of taste for a week.


Leaders, Could you share your thoughts, that you are willing and able to share, regarding:
1. How are your clients viewing post-Covid in-office work?
2. How do you think expectations for face-to-face work and travel (and the associated expenses) will change for your teams based on client expectations?
3. What are the views of your teams re: willingness / eagerness to travel?


Hello, due to covid I moved in with my parents and was able to save some money to buy a house. My parents basement and garage were already full of my brother’s items ( Navy Guy) so I put my items in a storage unit. I am looking for a moving company that can get my items from the storage to new house. Any suggestions of good and reliable movers? I need the movers to load, unload and set up some furnitures. I live in Atlanta GA now if that helps.


If I originally got the Moderna vaccine, is it advisable (ie is it better protection against COVID) to get a Pfizer booster? I don’t see any info about which booster to get if you didn’t get J&J


So...seems like shut downs are headed our ways. Why are schools requiring us to come in? I worked for multiple teachers last shut down, and honestly went above and beyond any other para in our building. I have three kids ages 8-11. This will put me under a tremendous hardship if I have to go to work everyday and find a sitter. Not to mention- when I brought this to my principals attention he said I might have to take Covid leave. Covid leave only lasts so long- correct? The. What do I do?

Thoughts on REITs? Their values are still deflated compared to pre COVID levels, and interest levels are still at zero... if a REIT in question has a good balance sheet, what do you 🐟 think?


I bet the US Government would get Covid under control pretty damn quickly if major corporations suspended campaign contributions in light of the economic environment.


Heelllppp! My husband accidentally left his grocery COVID disinfectant spray in the same spot where I keep my water spray bottle (they are unfortunately the same color) I sprayed a sweet red pepper plant with the mix generously and poured some in because the plant seemed dry. It’s 70% ethanol. What should I do?? Repot immediately with fresh soil?


How long to wait before letting a nanny go back to work after covid? Our nanny started feeling sick around 9 days ago. She tested positive 8 days ago. Her symptoms have been very mild (just a cough and a runny nose) and she’s been essentially symptom-free for the past 48 hours. However, I had her take a rapid test just now and she is still testing positive. My husband and I both work full time from home and it would be ideal to have her come to work tomorrow. WWYD?? Thanks fishes!


I’m curious to get the groups thoughts: things like masks haven’t really seen any “innovation” but with the likelihood of COVID being around for a while, do you expect any companies to try to upend the status quo?


Hi ME fishes! Does anyone know how BCG and McKinsey are doing in the ME with the COVID situation? Are there more CTL than usual? If you have the choice to stay in the US or go to the ME, what would you do?


Hi guys I have an offer from Accenture and no issues in terms of CTC, job profile or other things. The only thing I am skeptical about is the job security. Do they really get rid of employees in a regular basis or the covid situation was a one time measure? This would probably be the last switch in my career and security would be of utmost importance to me. Please advise


I received a job offer from a major tech company that has been working remotely during Covid. However, they want me to work in the office three days a week starting in January. Given everything that’s happening with COVID in NYC, I’m hesitant. Before the current surge in cases I was open to it, but now it seems very risky. How should I navigate this? The broader team is one of the few working in-person.

like (one page summary at link)

@sahilkapur: House Democrats just introduced their $2.5 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.

The 1,404 page bill:


Who else is worried about flu season with covid? One it may compound it and make it worse, and two the symptoms are so similar everyone will be freaking out


About to go to a concert with the big bosses. Haven’t gone to one since Covid and still a little anxious socially. Any tips on how to conduct myself?


Any other districts closing? LAUSD just did for two weeks for corona virus that’s crazy. Stay safe y’all . Wash your hands and teach your kids to wash em too.


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I’m sending out some finished mechanicals tonight and don’t have any more vellum sheets to flap cover them with. I’m worried the waxed type will get dislodged. Any pointers!!!??


I have 2.2 YOE in SAP ABAP, my current package is 6.9lpa includes variable pay.
I feel like I am underpaid.
I always worked beyond expectations and there is always lot of work.
Can anyone suggest me if it is better to change the company and what's the best package for my role?


Is it an good idea to go to full time mba after getting the I140? Currently have 5 yoe, and green card will takes another 3 years for me. I really want the brand, network and career opportunities from an M7 mba. Worries that 5 years later full time mba doesn’t make sense.


Did anyone get rewards for completing AWS certification, if yes how much it is?

I want to know specifically for AWS developer associate.


Looking forward to connect with Hiring Managers or HRBP of Fintech.
I'm looking for opportunities into Operations and Business Development!

What salary should I be getting after 4 YOE as a Product Development Engineer (Mechanical Engineer) in medical device domain? Current CTC is 3.7 LPA.

Anyone in NYC have recommendations for an immigration lawyer for marriage based green card application process? Do you recommend having a lawyer or going through the process without one? What’s the typical fee?

Thanks in advance!


Hi guys! I am interested in playing cricket. Do people go out for friendly matches or to play on the turf on weekends. Please ping me any WhatsApp groups that is present for the same.


18 CTC ( in current firm), what should i expect from Nagarro.


How long do you typically get as an analyst or associate after getting an offer to accept?


Now this is some direct marketing that works

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Any thoughts on expected compensation in the industrial-military complex at a mid-senior level? Example titles would be Technical Program Manager, Engineering Manager Associate Director at a company like Raytheon, Lockheed, NG, etc. Related expertise would be in software engineering, cybersecurity, program management, etc.

You’re getting promoted but anticipating offer is going to be lower then expected and you want to negotiate (meeting has not happened yet). Would you bring up that the offer is lower than expected in the meeting or be thankful and excited during the meeting and set up a follow up to discuss compensation? I know it would need approval by more than just my boss anyway


Has anyone successfully negotiated with a client to have your team work from home office one week/ month? If so, what gave the client trust to agree to it?


Team I have some questions about primary market research for a drug. I know largely what it is and what it is aiming to achieve, but not sure when companies would do it. Eg does it tend to happen after a certain level of maturity or de risking of a drug, or is it more standard practice for anything in the pipeline. Additionally are market research outcomes considered a source of truth re a drugs commercial viability or is it just one input?


How long is it normal to be unemployed without raising any red flags? Start of week 5 and I’m feeling discouraged.


any financial analysts out there who worked remote pre pandemic? wondering if it’s possible to live the ~vanlife~ while still sort of working in accounting. is it possible?


Who are the reputable strategy/mgmt consulting boutiques in Aus? I know intl firms like Altman Solon and OC&C have acquired Aussie boutiques recently - are there many others like those left?


Additional Posts in Tech India

Can I get 💜 to start with the conversation. Thank you!


Permanent wfh companies:











Interview Kickstart











Publicis Sapient


Paytm Insider



Reddit, Inc



Mutual Mobile





With my current skills SSIS MSSQL c# (yoe : 8.8, ctc : 20lpa, I received offer upto 28lpa)
I feel I have almost hit upper limit ctc, need advice from you all, which tech stack should I upgrade to?Larsen & Toubro Infotech Tata Consultancy Amazon IBM Accenture India Capgemini CDK Global Inc Microsoft Walmart Atlassian



I have 4+ years of experience, I got offers from citibank, gartner and accolite. Package is pretty much the same. which one should I join? I am looking to work in new technology. Can you please help in choosing, which is better in improving my skills and has good work life balance.


Hi anyone from @CGI , Please DM I recently joined and confused about Holidays.

Manager is asking to plan ahead but not sure about types of it.


Your advice on this.. will be really helpful.

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It is amazing how China is starting to dominate the tech world


How many of you work on a side-gig for extra income apart from your full time job?

How do you scout & acquire new projects and make time for them?

I'm eager to learn more from everyone's experience.


Does anyone here feel they shouldnt grow beyong a point because of the work pressure?


Hi need 11 likes to dms to work , any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Need some honest advice!

I'm working as a project manager in a product based company, and can also consider roles such as technical project manager, technical account manager in the future if I need to switch.
I'm thinking of going for an MBA and switching to a Consultant/Product manager role.
I have some questions:

1. Are consultants/product managers more highly paid than project managers?
2. Will consultant/ product manager role be more desirable and better wrt growth/opportunities?


Need some hearts to unlock DM features. Can y'all help me!?


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Is L2 interview at Larsen & Toubro Infotech like managerial round?


WFH with my pets

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first it was Omicron, then Flucron and now Deltacron. We are going to be running out of alphabets soon!


I don't use Linux :p

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I never thought I will lose taste of sweets because of covid!


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