Is UBS taking more than 1 month time to release the offer? For QA 7.5 years of experience, how much we can expect? UBS Also which one is good option TIAA or UBS ?
Thanks in advance!

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My last working day is near and going to join another company. still UBS is processing my offer letter it seems.. 😂😂


Similar things happened with me, they had given me salary breakup and all but since last 3 weeks I am waiting for the offer, now I am joining another company and also saying they will take 2 weeks for background verification.
Don't know,how they hire new people.

UBS took arnd 40 days to release my offer


HR behaviour was very rude for me but interviewers were polite.


UBS does take time in releasing offers and mostly this is due to slowlessness of HRs.. if the HR is rude to you then after getting ur release letter try raising it to your hiring manager.
Bonus is less and they follow February cycle so hikes n bonus ate paid in Feb so decide accordingly.
BTW their internal mobility program is quite good.


Both are good brand name in the market.
TIAA is in insurance sector and UBS is in investment banking sector. As per I know TIAA will give you good hike as compare to UBS.


TIAA and UBS are both same in lot of aspects.
Workload depends on project in both places.
Are you getting AO or AD for 7.5 years?
If it is AO then expect max 22L
If it's AD then it can go till 30 depending on your negotiation skills.


If it's for 7+ years, you can ask for 30+ . Because other companies are giving and UBS also knows this. This is crazy time now. Everyone's getting extremely well. Ask for more than expected, chances are there that you will definitely get it.

TIAA would be better choice , UBS hike is less , bonus pay out is less . work wise both are same.


What role is UBS offering? If AO, you can get till 22


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Hi fishes,

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Will be highly appreciated if anyone share his/her reviews.


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Hi Fishes

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Hi guys,

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Sharks at @jpmorgan

Please review ESMA lob:

1. Job security
2. Project and role
3. Wlb



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Is it possible to get International mobility in UBS ?

What is the max CTC limit for Associate Director in UBS? Also, which is better UBS Pune or Morgan Stanley Bangalore in terms of hike, bonus, wlb and job security?
I have cleared all rounds and asked HR for 45 LPA after sharing my counter offer of 40 LPA from Morgan Stanley. They rejected my candidature after 2 weeks of discussion.
YOE - 11
CCTC - 25

hi, fishes,

for 9 + years exp is 32 good pkg with AD role in UBS?

I have cleared interviews at UBS with tech stack SAP BW4Hana, BOBJ, Native Hana, SAC etc. And with YOE = 7yrs. What is the maximum CTC I can get at UBS; if my CCTC = 19 LPA Bosch Global Software Technologies

Hello Fishes.. I had applied for a position and had completed the cultural assessment. Received an automated mail that said “we will be in touch soon”. It’s been more than 20 days and haven’t received any communication. Should I expect any reply now? What’s the usual procedure like?

I recently got an offer from UBS, had some questions regarding firm policies and work culture. It would be really great if anyone could help me with those.

UBS or MMC which one is better for YOE 10 having almost same salary. Please Suggest.


Hello guys,
Can anyone tell me about UBS culture match assessment for Off-boarding analyst role and does it include numerical reasoning?

When are you planning to resign from @UBS? :)


What is the position of Authorised officer in UBS?are they the team leads ?

How long does UBS take to send offer letter after the candidate accepts the salary breakup ?


I would be grateful if anyone can refer me for ta particular job opening which is currently active in your organization, UBS India.

Please DM.

Thanks in advance!