Joined in July 2021 as a Associates 2 in Assurance. Got 6.70 % hike with tier 3 rating.
Sad to know....
After increment also... our salary is lower than what freshers are getting in Deloitte..😔
🥜 🥜 Pwc

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Same DOJ, really looking for a switch now do you have anything in mind like what can we do?

I am planning to switch. Here SA1 salary is lessor than Freshers salary in Deloitte. Don't expect too much,they are not going to do nothing miracles in midyear promotion/Hike.

Hike depends on many factors your College, current CTC , yoe , degrees.

eg, 5 years experienced if you have 20lpa,then you can't expect 30% hike... HR will see other resources with same experience but less CTC and will try to normalise.

IIT,IIM have different salary bands as mentioned COLLEGE factor. ..

If you have Mtech,MBA or PhD you will get more .

If you are handicapped you might get few thousands more...

Hope this will clear your doubts.

Have a connect with Coach first and then HR if you are unhappy with hike..
Competitive organization like other Big4 have similar pay structure. Few % differs...however in long run it is normalised.Again depends on skills.

As you mentioned 6.7% hike it means you are closer to higher end of your bracket. Tier has no impact on CTC but bonus.

6.7% is inclusive or exclusive of January adhoc increment?

6.7% hike from last drawn salary

EY is far better than PWC

pwc ac wants to make sure its employees stay below the poverty line

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I have about 4 years of experience and an MBA degree. I have currently joined one of the Big 4s as Consultant but recently got an offer from McKinsey digital as a Knowledge Analyst. Do you think it will be a right decision to take this offer? I am being offered about 20 lpa (including all components)

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For 3.11 almost 4 yoe KPMG is offering 10 to 10.5 LPA fixed salary.. what will be the actual CTC or package and is it less than industry standard? If yes then why KPMG is offering so less?



Got an offer for "Insights Factory" team at Senior Associate level in PwC AC Bangalore with 3.5 years of work experience. Got an offer of 18.7 with my previous being 12. Am I being low balled here?

Need inputs from PwC AC Bangalore folks.
Profile: MBA from Tier 2 college.

Also inputs about "Insights Factory" team would be helpful. Name Sounds bit cheesy.


Anyone know a good junior AD freelance hourly rate? Been getting a lot of freelance to perm offers and don't know how to navigate salary.


Could anyone let me know an idea of salary for a M at Deloitte London for Tax (specifically employer services if that makes a difference)?


Can anyone brief me about interview process in JP Morgan for Analyst position? Also, what is role hierarchy in this organization? Salary range for Buisness Analyst - Associate ?


Looking to make a move to either NY, DC or Bay Area.

Currently a manager in accounting/finance at a fintech company. Wanted some insights on the following:
- Opportunities there
- salary and other compensations
- culture/environment
- cost of living in the area (housing, transportation and day to day)
- easy to live in the outskirts and commute to the city?
- how is the support provided by companies to potential parents

Is the comp enough after expenses for a family?


Average NYC salary for a graphic/visual designer with 6 years of experience?


Currently working as a process engineer in switzerland (south east). Salarys and Rent are Medium High. Current salary around 80k. Trying to switch to sales (same company). Had a talk with the teamleader. He talked about the job and told me that they were actually looking for a junior sales (and some product management responsibilities ). That they are looking for a junior isn't to bad, because i have no experience in sales (customer contact yes, but no sales) What salary can i expect?


What's Hawaii Law for last paycheck if I got fired yesterday? Do I get paycheck today or Monday?


can someone tell me what will be the in hand salary every month?

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Colleague has put in his resignation. They are offering him whatever he wants to stay including 4days a week work from home. He’s not bluffing and plans to leave. However, at this same time I was asked to begin working as a supervisor for the engineering team and I would get a promotion at the beginning of the year. I have been supervising and managing our team of 6 for months with no extra pay or bonuses. I was told yesterday that raises will be light this year. Yet today they spare nothing.


Thinking of relocating to NC - is there a need for Sped Math teachers 6-8 down there? Also, what is the salary range? All information greatly appreciated! 👍🏻

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Just received an offer from Thermo Fisher for 25/hr (best pay for me to date). Would it be prudent to respond with counter-offer if the recruiter stated the cap was 26 for the position?

Hi All,
Need your help to under GTLI.

Is GTLI ( group term life insurance) come under 80c . If yes how much monthly deduction from salary and how much coverage under GTLI?

Larsen & Toubro Infotech


Do Marriott strategy managers really make 120k? Wtf?


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What is EB training for EY staff?


Good recommendations for realtors in LP/OT area? Apartment rentals. Thank you!


Landlord is raising my rent by $436/month next year - a 21% increase! Horrible!

I thought the housing market cooling down would have prevented this or made it closer to a 10% increase, even with inflation. I guess it may be time to buy, but my wealth is tied up in stocks so I can’t afford a sizable down payment. Where did you pull your down payments from?

Is there a way to clear the text of multiple text boxes all at once? Without deleting the text boxes.


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Hi fishes. I am trying to get into PWC in a legal sector (contract management services). I carry 5.5 years of experience. Did upload my resumes to their website but seems they do not review it from there lol. I am unable to get in touch with consultants too. Can somebody please refer me for the same, i hv been trying hard but no fruits. Thanks in advance!


If any wants to get refer in Nagarro. Please dm me I am happy to refer. Thanks


Currently based in Canada as a C at
Monitor Deloitte thinking of making the move to Dubai (not interested in being based in Riyadh) any idea what comp / level I can expect to get at T2 or T1 firms? YOE:4 (1.5 in Strategy consulting)


Hi 🐠! I’m relocating from Chicago to The Bay Area later this month, and am wondering what neighborhoods are relatively more affordable and safer to live in. Currently we are considering the following cities:
Fremont, Union City, San Mateo, San Jose. Work is in Menlo Park. Married with no kids.


Anyone familiar with 11th hour service?


What is the value in professional certifications? ACCA, CFA, CIPD, etc.


How is ABAP MANAGER role in Deloitte India(not usi)? Growth, exposure and nature of job


Any thoughts on Harvard Extension School? Considering taking a class in the evening for more personal development. Econ major, would prob do Gov't, Int Relations or Philosophy course(s)


Can someone please help with some info on Bizops Engineer 2 post in Mastercard, Is it support profile or is it related to Devops Engineer?

Please help.

Anyone live in Philly? Looking for a large-ish east coast city with reasonable cost of living. Looking there and Atlanta. Atlanta is my first choice but want to get other ideas. Charlotte is third.


Any clue on what would be the expected salary range for Director of Technology role in BMO capital markets?
Appreciate inputs!


Additional Posts in Pwc Sdc

I was asked to submit PWC ethics and compliance clearance Not sure what documents to submit here Can anyone guide me?

Non Tax
What if

Not sure what we need to submit here.

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How many max leaves can get carry forward to next year ?


How many here are considering leaving PwC after the hikes?


Hello fishes,

I have recvd an offer from PwC AC, would like to connect with someone who joined recently there.


How much hike can I get at PwC Kolkata this June?

Joined in October last year as a SA2 Assurance and have recieved positive feedback from clients so far. Currently getting 19lpa.


Hi people,

I joined last year June, i heard who has not completed one full year are getting single digit hike anyone faced this..i am senior associate in Bangalore AC


Guys pwc AC has 3 facilities in bangalore . Still my recruiter is asking my office will be on Hebbal rmz latitude . I can clearly see in cv Raman nagar bagmane techpark also pwc ac there which will be nearer to my place .

Why so .. is it possible even if they tell for hebbal office i can report in other nearby facility .

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What type of charges we can reimburse in PwC banglore??


Hi Shars, can anyone refer me for .Net fullstack opportunity in pwc, yoe 7


What is the average CTC of a Tax Senior (U.S. Tax) with 4 years of experience in EY GDS, Deloitte USI and KPMG GDS?


How's Oracle Advisory practice in PWC AC Bangalore ?


Anyone else got a HR catch-up scheduled this week? No info given on what's it about


What is this milestone accomplishment awards of rs 1350 for?