{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Just witnessed a mess on flight with flight attendants escalating a 2.5 year old not wearing a mask. We need to drop mask mandates for kids. It’s completely impractical and causing chaos for travelers and flight attendants. Europe is age 5 and that seems way more reasonable.", "post_id": "60f625f4901b1a00218542bb", "reply_count": 569, "vote_count": 151, "bowl_id": "5e6fe1c31f5e51001d267e46", "bowl_name": "The Work-Life Bowl", "feed_type": "bowl" }

Just witnessed a mess on flight with flight attendants escalating a 2.5 year old not wearing a mask. We need to drop mask mandates for kids. It’s completely impractical and causing chaos for travelers and flight attendants. Europe is age 5 and that seems way more reasonable.

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One of my kids tested positive today. He has had a cough that did not shake so we went to get him checked, doc did not expect covid but said yeah you should check and he indeed has it. A little over 2. We have not been in a true public place in at least a month with them as we usually go see family or are dead tired on weekend and do stuff at home, so likely got it from daycare. Everyone else they are around we know is vaccinated. While I agree it is hard to get kids to do masks, they can have it and can spread it so I kind of understand the precaution. This delta variant I am concerned is going to throw everything back into chaos which is good for absolutely nobody whether economically, mental health wise, and of course health for those who get the worst of it.

Off to start cancelling meetings after my spouse and I figure out the rotation of work vs. kids the next few days. This virus just needs to be over.


I’m so sorry to hear that EY5, and appreciate you sharing. I am really concerned about Delta and whatever is next too. Some may say that’s just being afraid, but that’s being aware. Hope your child is better soon and your family stays healthy.

My mom is a preschool teacher and she and one assistant were able to keep masks on eight 3 year olds 8 hours a day. Sure some get annoyed and take them off but they just put them right back on and enforced the rule. I worked at a daycare years ago and respectfully 9 out of 10 times when a parent said “well my baby can’t do that or won’t do that” it wasn’t that the kid was incapable, it was the parents holding them back. First time we had kids sit around a circle for story time some got up and we just sat them back down. Some cried but they eventually get used to it. And then there are of course those parents who complained that there child should be free to move around. There are rules in society and your kids are very capable of following those rules if you model them and reinforce them. Its not always fun but it’s your responsibility as a parent.


C1 - yes, as I’ve said elsewhere I’ve been practicing for months. I still can’t guarantee my child will comply in the moment. Just like a parent can’t guarantee a child won’t throw a tantrum at a doctor’s office. Just like a child that is potty trained for years can have an accident.

Not arguing that kids shouldn’t wear masks or that I don’t think my “precious angel” should have to wear a mask. I just think people should give some grace. All the preparation and “perfect” parenting can’t give you 100% certainty that an irrational 2.5 year old will do what is expected in the moment. It doesn’t make those people bad parents.

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My son is three and had no issue wearing one for 4 hours recently. It’s not a big deal.

Every kid in my community had to wear masks for preschool all through the last year. I’d guess the people having issues are the very people that need to keep those masks on.


Exactly! This is why I don’t want my kids going in person here in Texas. They’ve defunded virtual in schools that didn’t already offer online learning, and in my district that starts a grade above my daughter’s grade. Staff isn’t required to be vaccinated because individual rights (yep, the unalienable right to spread a virus. Founding Father’s eat your heart out), and it isn’t available for her age group yet. No mask mandates and they’re not likely to make a comeback in Texas 🙃, so as a working parent I get to respect everyone else’s rights to do what they feel at the expense of exposing my babies without any choice at all. Btw, my 3 year old has had no problem wearing her mask and this all started before her 2nd birthday. You GET to fly. That staff HAS to work. The entitlement to convenience and comfort over safety is insane.


Normalizing mask wearing for children is not the right answer.


TL1 - absolutely absurd comparisons. You cannot convince me that covering your face in all interactions with non family humans is the right long term decision for children. The impacts are massive and wouldn’t be clear for decades. Humans were not designed to cover their mouth and nose all the time.


Wait - a parent books the flights without knowing if they can comply with the rules for the flights and the airline should change their rules? That’s ridiculous. Shame on the parents for putting the kid in that situation. Plus lots of kids are able to keep the masks on in pre-k programs and daycares.


Listen it’s hard to keep a toddler / 2 YO To do anything longer than 30 secs to 2 min.

Omg same...

Just witnessed a mess on a flight with flight attendants escalating a 2.5 year old not wearing pants. We need to drop the pants mandate for children. It's completely impractical and is causing chaos for travelers and flight attendants. Europe is age 5 and that seems way more reasonable.

All sounds good, OP, until that 2.5 y.o. without pants pees on the passenger next to them instead of in their own pants.

Wear your mask and get on with life.


Op, my child was 2.5 when they started the mask mandate and hated it.

Aren’t we always supposed to advocate safety first and mask wearing is a part of that.

We insisted that it was important and soon he learnt to wear it.

I don’t think it’s impractical at all. It’s like wearing a hat when it’s hot, maybe it looks stupid but it protects you. Why make this an issue?!


long story short: people who don’t wanna wear masks are gonna look for fringe science to say they don’t need to.

yes, it’s uncomfortable.
no, nobody wants to wear them.
yes, they work.
no, kids aren’t as big of spreaders as adults.
yes, they still spread it.
no, little kids don’t know why they’re doing it.
yes, other countries do it without any issues.
no, not everyone is affected the same way.
yes, there are exceptions.

why is this thing where people have planted their flag? why not property ownership? regulation? marriage? taxes?

really? a proven preventative health mandate is where you think it’s best to say “NAY, NO MORE!”


Best comment in this thread


I think the mask rule is so silly. You can pile into a nightclub with no mask, but you need one on an airplane? I just don't accept the idea that transit is a special situation.

I also think this stupid rule is needlessly provoking the neanderthal Americans and creating a bunch of behavior problems which are completely avoidable. Yes all of the people causing problems are awful hillbillies. But still we don't need to provoke the hillbillies with a stupid rule.


Many countries still have masking requirements. Not everyone on planes is from the US.


Pfft. No masks on kids? I ain’t traveling with those cesspools.


Seriously. Even without covid, kids are prone to contract and spread seasonal disease. It could be a great win for civilization if we emerge from 2020 with an understanding that mask use in crowded spaces like planes and trains is a sensible courtesy.


I agree with this!! It’s inhumane to require masks on toddlers on long flights. They don’t understand what is happening and it is traumatic for everyone.


Someone on here compared teaching 2 year olds to wear a mask to putting a cat in a cage. Honestly, that’s a good comparison. Older children can understand commands and why they need to follow them. Toddlers are just fleshy bundles of needs and despite the best attempts to teach them, they’re highly unpredictable. It’s just a fact.


My best man from my wedding is an epidemiologist now, and I brought this up with him. Here’s some food for thought he gave me:

Unless everyone on the plane is wearing an N95 mask, statistically you are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to contract COVID from an adult who is wearing a mask than an unmasked child.

In his opinion, kids under 10 are very unlikely carriers, and if we’re so worried about safety on planes, we would put an empty seat between everyone. Outside of that, he says you’re basically just hoping you have a good immune system when you fly.


Sc1: that is no longer true. Spreading like wildfire. Provincetown, et al. This is the thing. Businesses are just now saying wear a mask indoors if you’re not vaccinated. Too late. Now everyone needs to wear a mask due to variants. That’s not a failure of the vaccine, it’s a failure of those who won’t get vaccinated and are fueling this surge of variants infecting vaccinated. Situation continues to mutate.

Our kid had anaphylactic shock last week. When he visited the ped for follow up, they tested his oxygen, and were scared for a second. Then they remembered to tell him to take his mask down. He was fine.


Masks aren’t supposed to significantly affect oxygen levels though. My dad with heart disease uses his mask and his levels go down to 91-92 but that’s still in acceptable range


OP - you seem to have a super philosophy that masks are bad. Normalizing wearing masks is not bad. It is an accepted courtesy and safety precaution in many places.

Yet somehow in America people see if as a sign of fear and conformity. It’s empathy and safety.


Only in US can folks can twist facts and laws to suit their needs.
Don't force me to wear mask because it conflicts with my freedom but I will support laws about abortion because it conflicts with my beliefs.
Don't force me to get vaccinated but I want to be able to go to public schools / use facilities


Mask up and stop complaining.


Partner2: actually they haven’t. There have been exceptions made and pictures taken of those exceptions.


Children in East Asian countries have worn makes long before Covid came into the picture. Don’t you think if there was a huge developmental delay it would have been reported by now.

Also how is this fair to adults who regularly work with kids? So teachers should be subjected to unvaxed/unmasked kids? Who cares if the teachers get covid- they signed up for the job? It’s no wonder teachers are leaving the profession when they’re being forced to choose between work and their health.


That is absolutely false, EY11. Cite your peer-reviewed sources.


The hate people have for those who disagree with them is the worst disease we're fighting these days...


If my heart disease were contagious, I would do everything in my power to not spread it.


Attorney 1 is spot on. The rules for flying are clear. Follow the rules or don’t get on the plane. Breaking the rules and then blaming others for the well known rules that you can’t/ won’t comply with is your own issue.

I don’t see any valid argument to justify that wearing a mask is ‘harming’ you. But it’s clear not wearing one increases the likelihood of you harming others. This isn’t a civil rights issue. It’s a common decency to your fellow humans issue. Grow up and take a tiny step towards helping/ protecting others (and yourself at the same time). If that’s too much for you to do, then drive.



Why don't we just drop masks for everyone?


Sure let’s get rid of the only protection left from idiots who refuse to get vaccinated. Amen C1, get the vaccine people and encourage others to do so.

Or maybe people need to raise their kids right 🤷🏽‍♂️


A1 - my kid can be put into a car seat and they don’t have the ability to get out. I can not force a face mask on them in the same way. It’s not a good analogy.


My kid (now 14) had and still has severe anxiety and OCD. No way in hell at 2.5 they would have worn a mask given we could barely get her to wear shoes because they were ALWAYS too loose or too tight. And don’t get me started on scratchy clothes. A mask on her at 2.5? No way.


To summarize: no one likes masks. Some can’t wear them. Some won’t wear them. Lots of reasons.

Some have to fly. Some choose to fly to Disney for vacation.

Some refuse to get vaccinated. Some kids are too young. Some people steadfastly deny Covid even exists.

Here’s the reality: Covid don’t care.

You do what you can to keep your kids and family and community safe. Right now thanks to those who refuse to vaccinate, masks are our last line of defense, not the enemy. How we feel about masks is irrelevant. Stay safe.


I have a 2.5 yr old daughter. She is even more disciplined about wearing a mask than I am. I could forget once a while, but she thinks it is a part of her getting-ready-to-go-outside routine. I don’t think its a big deal for us. I can see some kids struggling with it so I understand but they soon get used to it.


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