{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Left Deloitte for greener pastures about 3 years ago. When I joined another company after my departure, the partner from the project which fed into my decision me to leave D was stalking my LinkedIn profile. Now that I’m at McK he is still stalking my LinkedIn profile. Again, this person’s behavior played a significant role in my decision to depart D. Should I reach out to him in a friendly way to probe/see what he wants? is his behavior strange? He didn’t seem to care about me when I was @ D.", "post_id": "625ff88359892c002656061a", "reply_count": 143, "vote_count": 30, "bowl_id": "552d1d24dc1c586b09d2d051", "bowl_name": "Consulting", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Left Deloitte for greener pastures about 3 years ago. When I joined another company after my departure, the partner from the project which fed into my decision me to leave D was stalking my LinkedIn profile. Now that I’m at McK he is still stalking my LinkedIn profile. Again, this person’s behavior played a significant role in my decision to depart D. Should I reach out to him in a friendly way to probe/see what he wants? is his behavior strange? He didn’t seem to care about me when I was @ D.

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I have multiple people who regularly look at my profile on LinkedIn - both people who I had a good relationship with and people I didn’t. I’ve never thought this is odd and have always assumed everyone has this experience. Would never ask someone why they’re looking me up. If I didn’t like the person, I feel glad they can see I’m successful, and that’s it. Unless there’s more to this story, I’m not seeing why you want to take any action at all on this. (For example: I blocked someone who made me feel unsafe)


I had no intention of asking him why he was looking me up. What I was going to do was just reach out and say hello and ask him how everything was going.

If they have their privacy settings set in a way where you can see exactly who looked at your profile, they definitely did this on purpose.

They know you left because of them and now must feel really powerful. They want you to remember them and how they made you feel. To do this, they look at your LinkedIn profile regularly just to increase your blood pressure little by little until it makes you go nuts. Seems to be effective.


I’m sorry that you have that perception. I thank you for responding despite that perception. I don’t typically respond to people going nuts. I generally consider it to be a waste of my time.

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Ohh chill out it’s LinkedIn. TaKe it as a a compliment you probably make as much as him now and he is jealous.


Tell me you don’t understand figures of speech without telling me you don’t understand figures of speech.


The fact that you know he is stalking is also strange


Love, just block them. You don't need to write a dissertation or do research on behavior that ppl decide not to explain.

Block. Move on. And consider updating your profile settings to ensure it's the right privacy level you want in general.


I get that. Thanks for sharing about your experience.

JFC already with the laugh reacts. It’s like some of the people in this bowl are predators .


Is there a way to block them on LinkedIn? Just do that.


@MCK I assumed that my suggestion to block the person was indicative that I do t think you should reach out. To answer your questions: no I would not reach out to the person, and I can’t comment on whether it’s strange since I don’t know the exact behaviors on LinkedIn(e.g. if the person is liking your posts or doing more like messaging you, etc). To be clear - this is hypothetical and i don’t need to know these details - if it feels like harassment to you then you should involve someone with authority to do something about it. In the meantime, I think blocking is your best option so you are no longer subjected to the stalking.

I hope you get closure from this.


You post a LinkedIn profile in public. The public looking at it isn’t “stalking.”


It’s a bit odd. You could take 2 approaches. Completely ignore it or do a reach out. If the person is only going to cause stress, don’t bother.

Either he really liked you or mostly is curious about what you are upto. Success is the best revenge. Smile and let him stalk you on your way to partner. He seems like a loser.


Yeah that’s true.

Not sure why it matters? He probably cares much less than you think he does or just wants to track outcomes for recruiting. If anything, you seem a bit fixated on this, OP


From my perspective, I came here seeking support and to ask questions. I’m hoping to benefit from “the wisdom of the crowd.”

Your response seems to be angled towards attacking me or making fun of me. Was that your intent?


You are not special. Move on. Don’t make a big deal out of nothing. Jeez


You are a special joke 😂😂😂


McKinsey down bad after this post. We’ll be utilizing MB going further


Yea, they hire “narcissistic sociopaths” like me who come to FB to ask for help, make a lot of money *and* who get along with each other really well *and* who deliver valued clients *and* who change the world. It is what it is.


Personally, I would just let it go


Ignore the notifications. I had something similar and I had the mindset that I’m living my best life and if they are thinking about me that often, it’s on them - not my problem. Also if you reach out they are unlikely to answer your questions honestly


That’s helpful. Thank you.

I understand, from reading your responses, that this guy was a really bad leader. If he is actively searching for ex team members (which seems more probable than searching you specifically), I had an idea pop in that perhaps he is nervous for his own reputation/career. He must know he has affected people badly. I can’t help but think he is worried that you’ll disparage him to others, which appears more than likely.

Unless (second thought) there is more to the history than your question reveals. Some direct 1:1 interaction that remains consistently on his mind.

That’s not a question for FB fodder. Just some things to consider.


BO1 my apologies. I was conflating your responses with the dingdong that asked me if I was in therapy.

I have not had any conversations with anyone about him other than my SO and 1 colleague. With my SO, I was completely transparent. With the colleague, I was very measured and I listened to her vent about him more than providing my perspective. That’s because at Deloitte you never know who you can trust.

I don’t doubt that people from his projects have made comments about him to others because his behavior would likely attract that type of response. For me, I’m comfortable talking about it anonymously (for example in this app) but absolutely not in real life. Not my style.

Even after all that took place, when people ask me about Deloitte because they are considering joining, I share:

1. Deloitte and Big4 Consulting in general = a great opportunity, even for just a short time such as 2-3 years.
2. Network and get leadership support. Important!
3. Professionalism at all times, even at team happy hours.
4. No venting to colleagues & never say anything negative about anyone else - ever.
5. GPS usually has better hours and WLB than commercial, but commercial can be more fun.
6. The performance management system is highly subjective and significantly based on likability. Act accordingly.
7. Take every opportunity for free training and certifications.
8. There are different career paths. Know if you are being slated for “PDM” or “USDC” and exactly what that means. Even if that’s what you are offered, it’s still Big 4 consulting on your resume. Get it done and springboard.

I do not talk about any specifics around my experiences with him or with other leaders at Deloitte.

There is no question that Deloitte’s culture leaves a lot to be desired, Especially for people who are in certain demographic groups. Usually if I’m talking to someone in one of those groups they overtly ask me about this aspect of it. And I will tell them that it is challenging for certain demographic groups and I give them customized tips based on what I know.

Who cares, chill out


You care because you’re here commenting


No, don’t feed the trolls as SC1 stated. Just let them keep looking so they can see how successful you are now. Don’t block them because then they’ll know they got to you.


This is interesting because another person posted a really thought-provoking response to my question - they advised to just block him and that maybe he would forget about me. But your stance seems to be saying if I do block him it would have the opposite effect because he would know that he was bothering me. So now I’m thinking I just ignore.

And then there was someone else who said if I ever find out that he was doing something to try to sabotage me, I could potentially take legal action. I do have a lawyer that I work with and there’s definitely support for that angle.

Despite all the weird ass comments in attacking I really did get some good feedback from this conversation.

Thanks for your response. Much appreciated

Did OP report a reply? Earlier the first reply was one clowning on OP. What’s the matter??


I didn’t report anyone. But if someone did report, I am glad they did. I would love it if other people would do the same because normalized to attack people seeking support and asking questions on this app.


He wants you to help him exit!!! 🤣🤣🤣


That would be funny but I couldn’t recommend him in good conscience

I don’t think looking at your profile is a huge deal, and I definitely think it would be a bad move on your part to reach out for this reason! I often look up old colleagues to see what they’re up to or if I’m having conversations with others and a name comes up, we immediately look up people. There’s certainly people whose names come up more often so if they’re checking it logs maybe it seems weird. Not a big deal, don’t reach too much into it, LinkedIn is public so people have the right to look at it!


How do you know the “potential intent”? I feel like the missing story would shed some light on why you are so concerned about this?


Well! He might be doing same things with others too.
So you can relax and think that you are not that special.


I prefer to think that I am special

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