Let’s get some positive vibes going in here - name a time when you felt like your ADHD made you a super-lawyer. Go!

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Cross-examining witnesses is one. I can read people better than most because I can pay attention to my questions and their body language and voice tenor and the nuances that some attorneys miss. I ask questions I don’t know the answers to (a big taboo) and generally get good results from that practice by listening to my hunch that there is deeper info to be uncovered that the witness is holding back. I am less able to be the primary attorney asking questions all day. Let me do the cross and rip people apart. Someone else can do the rest.

I also can handle crisis transactional law fairly well where I am on the phone with unplanned calls as clients struggle through time-sensitive, emotionally charged, unanticipated situations. I can do that all day. I have observed others completely shut down and stop answering calls in that environment, but that was a large part of my job for at least five years. I can switch between cases, facts, and legal strategies, etc. quickly in a high paced, stressful, emotionally charged environment. In fact, I do really well there because the calls and urgency drive the to-do list.

What is harder is working on long-term projects. Litigation is not my cup of tea (other than swinging in to cross if needed). I cannot work on a case for three years. It makes me want to lose my mind and crawl out of my skin. I am not happy sitting at a desk writing briefs all day. I want to be in the middle of chaos working out how to make it less chaotic.

A good legal assistant or paralegal who can help keep track of big picture things and off load details I don’t need to handle myself makes for an ideal working environment for me.

I thrive in a team environment where we have separate parts and then come back together to put the pieces together to get through the work. Wanting to help my teammates pushes me to do great work for them. It helps keep me accountable.

Most importantly, though: I have failed. I have failed over and over again. I didn’t know I had ADHD until mid-way through undergrad. Until then, I was always summoned to my professors’ offices mid-term in my science courses (I was a chemistry major then) with the “you are failing my class. If you don’t get it together then you will not pass” and I somehow would pull it up to some level of a B (except for calculus, which I had to repeat once - but then I figure it out and received an A+ in advanced calculus a year later).

To know how to gracefully fail is my real super power. To know the world goes on after failure is a very freeing feeling. I don’t desire failure, but I know the world does go on after failure. The heart doesn’t stop beating because of failure.

So many attorneys have never failed - have never known what it feels like to fail. I have observed a huge advantage from having failed and lived to try again. Fear of failure can be a significant limitation on the practice of law.

I also have such an appreciation for personal improvement and looking for the hidden talents in others. Many, many people did not give up on me when they could have. When I finally was diagnosed and studied how to change some behaviors and started being medicated I immediately jumped to the top of the class and started setting the curve - because I still had the same work ethic, but the effort gave much greater gains than before.

So, I know how it feels to rise and rise and do something I thought was impossible. I am astonished constantly by what I am able to do. I have such an appreciation for the ability to become better than we are. I am constantly looking for others who want to improve and need a little help and encouragement because I want them to have that same astonishing joy that comes from defeating their own self-doubts and going beyond what they thought was possible. I have even considered becoming a coach because of this need to help others become their best selves.

I don’t see ADHD as a limitation (although I am frustrated by it often). I see it as a gift that helps me do the things others sometimes find difficult.


A1: that’s fantastic! Great job!


Because my brain thinks at a million miles a second I excel at issue spotting in a new deal (I’m a transactional attorney) before most of my peers have even read through the terms I’ve already come up with 15 questions. My adhd also is great for making connections while doing all this bouncing around from idea to idea so not only am I usually the only person to spot an issue but I’m also the person that finds the solution.

That’s what I love about my job … doing billables on the other hand 😩


Initially yes and conversations would sometimes get a little heated but I work at a small, very collaborative firm so this culture is actually appreciated. Eventually people learned they can bring an issue to me and I can quickly help them analyze it. We have 2 to 3 attorneys on almost every client, and everyone is used to the work flow at this point. It also helps that we’re like 85% female, and the men in the office quickly get used to a bunch of strong females with opinions lol mostly because they quickly realize we’re usually right


Depositions. A good depo for a witness coming to trial is like a randomized cross. Well guess whose brain automatically randomizes topics?

And what’s that very advanced deposition skill? Following up on interesting leads? How do you not do that?

Associating things that are tangentially related so you can get admissions when they think they’re fighting you? That’s just normal conversation.

Just remember to write things as they occur to you if you can’t ask them right away…


I can read people extremely well, and, like others, can connect people and topics quicker than colleagues can. I’m in-house and relationships day-and-day-out with clients are key. Relating is easy.


I ironically tend to make very few mistakes in my work. I’ve spent so much time working on my adhd and developing coping mechanisms to avoid my worst tendencies (e.g. checklists), that the end result is that I can offer very consistent quality work.


Always. I can hyperfocus on anything I want and I love my work. So hyperfocusing isn't so difficult


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Additional Posts in Lawyers with ADHD

Based on suggestions from my recent post I used Circle and was diagnosed and prescribed 5 mg of Aderall XR. Does anyone who has used a primary care or psychiatrist to get diagnosed have insight into what they did prior to diagnosis? Trying to compare the level of assessment and whether I should get any further testing done. I’m pretty confident I have issues after reading symptoms from credible sources online and reading experiences in this bowl, but curious if I should have been tested more.


Does anyone know a therapist specializing in adhd/adhd coach practicing in CA? I have been seeing a therapist but need someone who understands the emotional regulation issues with adhd.


Apparently there’s a National Adderall shortage. Have y’all been impacted yet? Does it seem to be getting worse or better?


I have a really hard time without my medication, but most of the time when I do take it, I get terrible acid reflux and also lose my appetite. I was on adderall but switched to Focalin, but still having the same issue. Anyone experienced this??

Am i the only one who feels like this job is the first good fit for my adhd I've ever had? Sucked at school again... and again... and a bit less with maturity in law school but tbh still, again, but got to busy deal work where it's all adrenaline to hyperfocus expressway all the time, and suddenly folks call me hard working. Funny, no one ever said that before. 7 years in seems to be sticking.


I have a prescription for Vyvanse. Even without Vyvanse, I have diagnosed generalized anxiety. On top of that, depression runs in my family. It’s not a diagnosis, but I suspect it’s there. Vyvanse certainly doesn’t help the anxiety, especially when I’m coming down off it for the day. I want to ask my doctors about an anti-anxiety/depression meds, but does anyone here take ADHD meds and those other meds at the same time? I’m worried about the drug interactions/potential physical effects. TIA.


What strategies do you use to avoid mistakes caused by distraction?


Non-ADHD significant other of an ADHD lawyer here. He is going through a really demanding period of work right now and I am doing my best to support him by doing all the domestic stuff - food, chores, walking dog etc. I think it's starting to take a toll on me now, but I don't know how to ask him for a bit of support without either sending him into a guilt spiral or adding to his stress. Help? Advice?


Are people still live on here? I was diagnosed last year with ADD and I’ve tried two stimulants so far. I know they aren’t meant to be a magic pill but I’m still struggling with general tasks and feel like I’m doing the bare minimum. The Nurse has suggested I try non stimulants. What are peoples experiences with meds ? Did they work or not?


Does anyone recommend telling a firm you have ADD?


Anyone up for sharing your wisdom on preparing for the LSAT with ADHD?


Does anyone here have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? I feel like I can’t motivate myself to wake up and then get out of bed every single day. Once I’m out of bed and working, I can get motivated and work through the day. I tend to have very productive 3 PM - 12 AM. I just wish that I could get myself to pull that back six hours.


Those of you on Adderall—do you find that you have a harder time holding onto your thoughts when on medication? I feel much better on the medication, but I think it’s doing something to my memory.


Has anyone switched between adderall and wellbutrin? Which do you prefer. Considering a switch from adderall.


I’ve been taking Adderall IR for approx. 6 months now (currently prescribed 40mg aka 20mg 2x daily) and I don’t feel it working anymore. My hyperactivity is back in full force and I feel that calm yet alert feeling only for the first hour after taking it. I feel like it’s too soon for this to happen (I read Adderall can stop working for some people after taking it for a few years, but it’s been <1 year for me). Should I ask my doctor to try another ADHD med? This is so frustrating.


Have you ever worked with a coach or designer on better home organization? I get so overwhelmed by piles of mail, bills, unfinished projects, etc. but I feel like I don’t have the skill set to organize things in a way that makes sense.


One of the paralegals constantly comes into my office throughout the day to ask how my day is going and sometimes to vent about how busy she is. We’re close in age and I know she means well but it’s very distracting and annoying. On top of my ADD I’m pretty introverted and just don’t like small talk. I want her to stop but don’t want to be mean about it.


Pharmacy: there’s a national adderall shortage, we can’t fill your prescription. We also can’t tell you, person who struggles w executive function, which of our hundreds of other locations have it in stock. You’ll just have to call around to every location til you find it. And then you’ll have to call your doctor and have them send a new prescription over because we can’t transfer a controlled substance stance. Good luck!

It’s like they don’t understand why we need the meds in the first place.


Lately been wondering if my meds are even working anymore… had to skip today’s dose (long story not worth telling) and, yeah, can now confirm my meds are working.


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