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Let's see what we are all making. Include current salary, location, job role (e.g. Software Engineer; Product Manager) and YoE please. Reply using your comapny.

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77.5K Sr. Buyer IT, Vendor Manager, Travel Manager, Corporate Card Manager, Contract Specialist for IT purchases, and lastly Contract Labor for 2019-2021. Turned over Contract Labor but continued to support. I am being severely underpaid in my estimation, and would love some feedback on where I should actually be at. Note: no raise in two years because of Covid. Please provide advice on what I should be paid total comp. and the rational behind it. Thanks so much!


Worked sales for a company for 3-4 years, and was offered in house coding boot camp. Moved over to student developer role at $45,000 for 6 months (0-6 months experience). Bumped to $55,000 once I graduated boot camp and moved into an apprentice developer role (6-12 months Ruby on Rails experience). Moved onto a product team as a junior developer $65,000 and learned React on the fly (1-2 years experience). Now a Developer with full stack in React, typescript, Ruby and mobile experience $72,000 (+2 years experience). I have no idea how this matches the job market or any experience outside the company code base so I’m hesitant to do tech interviews and even though I’ve been coding for years I can’t pass a LinkedIn basic cert on the languages I write in everyday. Currently hybrid but rumors we are going back to office, so I need to get over these hurdles to actively pursue WFH full time (whether that’s with current employer or elsewhere).

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Threads like this are helpful! Not to be nosy but to understand ones market rate and whether they’re fairly being paid


Sr pm, 210k base, 180k in rsu, 10-20% bonus depending on performance. Bay Area. She/her. Also hiring ;) DM if interested.


Hey, I’m interested, let’s talk !!


Second part of this question. Are all responses coming from he/him? The pay equity gap is still a huge issue globally not only for gender but race as well.


Yeah i really would like to see this whole thread modified to accommodate equity data like gender and race.. i don't care if it's anecdotal, hell, anecdotal is the only type of evidence people seem to care about anyway The raceless, genderless brags often come from that one race and that one gender who are able to float through life forgetting that they too have both a race and a gender. (Members of dominant classes get to define normal. That's why Barbie was only white for so long. ... It's why the "ideal" workday is 8 hours, based on the past assumption that workers were men and men had no other responsibilities)


300k incl salary, + a 15K bonus paid every quarter (60K) + additional comp bonuses. doesn’t include >200 RSU from sign on. We are actively hiring for those who understand and want to define the opportunity in how to create and hold value thru data, BI, Bitcoin/crypto, and applications / use cases that cross over. Explosive growth & hiring - reach out if you want info / are looking for a new challenge


Hi! I’d love to chat sometime. I’m specifically interested in Finance and Product Design


200K base, 50K equity & bonus. Software Engineer, Mt. View


Hey , can you refer me to position in FB


$470k TC. Sales L6. NYC. $210 Salary, $100k equity, $160k OTE bonus. (often comes in higher). Work hard. Am very grateful.


@GEC1 - I like it a lot. Smart, nice people. I'm learning and growing. Great benefits. Paid more than I would have been if I'd stayed in agencies, and with (I hope!) more onward and upward opportunities, and more stability.


$265k ($155k salary + $30k bonus +$80k equity) in Los Angeles. PM ladder. 6 YOE.



85k, nyc, junior ux/ui designer (currently freelancing), 2yoe (in addition to 2yrs as a digital designer before pursuing ux/ui). I’d love to hear from more ux/ui or product designers as I’m growing in this field! Thanks in advance ✌🏼


80k with 2yoe in Indiana as a product designer. 8yoe as a QA analyst prior to that. Should be accepting an offer later this week for 95k at another company.

440k 5.5 YOE @ Facebook


How is the work culture? I’ve always been curious.

160k base. +30k equity and bonus. Senior Technical PM, Seattle, WA


I am interested in applying for this role . Would love to connect and know more .

$500k base + $25k options @ Netflix, Bay Area, Senior SWE, 8 YOE


Is Netflix going to exist in the next few years? Business outlook isn't looking so hot for them these days

Cloud Sales: $152k Base + $100k Variable OTE + $45k RSUs vesting this year


Got a raise this year: $332k Cash Comp ($166k salary / 166k bonus) + $55k equity at todays stock price. Amazon9 - I wouldn’t try to start my sales career at Google. Jr roles are all contractors and G isn’t traditionally a sales company so you won’t learn foundational sales skills here. I would either go to a SaaS company as an SDR or get into an established enterprise sales organization like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, etc and try to get into their sales development program. In either path, Enterprise Sales is the end game.


165k base + 15% bonus + 30k equity. 8yoe, analytics role (not data science)


Ok yup I saw the 180 part of base, so was curious about equity. Thank you!

I’m in sales so lower than everybody.


A response that applies only in tech lol


I put my comp in earlier but I’ll update it 600k 6.5 YOE @ Facebook


FAANG, I'd assume engineering.


$370k ($190K base + $150k equity + $30k bonus). Senior SWE in San Francisco. 8 YOE.


Wowza. Cost of living is pretty high there though isn't it?

115k + 45k bonus, Analyst - Product, 2YOE NYC


Product management and no work from home

I gotta get a new job....lol...Solutions engineer with YoE of almost 3 years. 70k :(


Right? I didn't feel poor until I got this app, lol.


$450k, 8 YOE 1. $250k ($180k base + $70-90k commission), 100k RSU (3 yr). Sales Engineer, remote/east coast 2. Run a small consultancy net $150-250k/yr 3. Niche subscription-based SaaS product net $50-80k/yr Its not as much work as it sounds


I feel we all have this problem. No matter how effective we are with our time. Be kind to yourself! 💕

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Nike Director salary range and bonus structure can anyone help?


Can I move to Florida the month my bonus hits and not pay any NY State tax on it? Or would I just declare that 1/12 of the year I was in Florida and get the pro-rated refund from NYS on my overall Pay


Under what circumstances would you take a counteroffer from current firm after you give notice? I've negotiated the following (I did NOT give notice to get a counter, I was going to leave): new salary will be matched, I would get my earned EOY bonus + extra, work load demands/reduction have been met, can hire my own team (staff+assoc.), fast-track pship eligibility (several years ). Fixes a lot of my issues for leaving (money +control) assuming there is follow through. Really quite torn.


Does anyone have an email template they like when making "cold call" introductions to other professionals/potential referral sources? I'm a transactional attorney who needs to build a referral network with CPAs, financial planners, etc., and invite them to come to me with questions or send their referrals on over! Bonus points if you have more than one or one which is more easily customizable.


PCS tax manager offer 130K, 7K signing bonus. Good/bad? How would you counter?


Google PgM expectations across base, bonus and stocks in the NYC area. Please don’t say levels.fyi, I’m more curious about what you may have gotten or what you as a googler would recommend I aim for. Context: I finished my onsite interviews on Friday and google recruiter mentioned thinking about TC while she collects feedback. May be cart before the horse, and NOT something I would ever consider prior to first offer given, but I want to finish the assignment given by recruiter. TY in advance


Is there a referral code or a good time to get Amazon credit card?(to milk the sign on bonus)


I took an offer for campus hire at KPMG in Tech Strategy(Canada) this summer however I haven't been able to get my salary before signing due to complications. My estimate is 62k salary. Now applied to Deloitte Digital and got an offer for 65k CAD + 2k signing bonus doing Salesforce. Would I be stupid not to take the Deloitte offer on the table despite already signing with KPMG? How badly would this look on my professional career?


Moving to SF and investigating apartment complexes to live in. Do they run pressure deals like "sign in 48 hours and get $$$ bonus?" If so, I can plan accordingly.


Question: Current firm has policy that employees must be in good standing on date X to receive bonus. Have already signed employment offer for another firm. Should I put my notice on date X or X+1?


Received an offer from a biotech company with one product on the market and decent pipeline for an insights/analytics senior manager role: $170 base, 15% target bonus, and options valued at ~$32k with 4 year vesting schedule. Thoughts on the offer? To me seems light on the equity portion but would like others opinions.


What is the salary range for L5 Business analyst roles at Amazon? Base salary and joining bonus... I remember quite a few people received offer in this group from Amazon. Appreciate your inputs!


What is the range for a SA3 and SA2 at EY. Live in a LCOL. Any sign on bonus?


What has everyone historically gotten for bonuses (in pre-covid times)? And at what level did you get that bonus?


For those who transferred cities while keeping (roughly) the same salary, how did it affect the size of your first post-move bonus if at all? I.e. does transferring midway through the performance year work against you?


Thoughts on leaving ibanking after ~18 months without next role lined up? Currently am miserable (and have been for quite a bit), am not learning much and don’t have time to properly recruit. The costs of the job (personal health, relationships, etc) are no longer justifiable. Don’t care too much about the paycheck/bonus and am able to cover living expenses. Has anyone done this and successfully found a job after? Not trying to stay in IB/PE/HF (leaning towards WM/AM). Thanks.


If I accept an offer today for July start date, can my current employer know about it before I actually put my papers (which will be closer to July), asking cause of potential bonus in June 1st week and don’t want to risk that.


S1-S2 NYC Assurance Tier 2 74K -> 82K 7K bonus. How does that compare to others?


Additional Posts

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Not crashing anymore.


Nice! The post animation looks good!


Posting from the top side.

Living it up in the city.

Harshest feedback you’ve ever received?


Hot take: consultants at MBB have big egos and seem to promote the idea that they're the "best of the best" not realizing that, in 2021, the "best of the best" works in "tech" typically as engineers and consultants are actually just overworked also rans with oversized egos.


Has consulting lost its luster? Anyone notice the declining caliber of talent in consulting? …


New senior flies in a day late, busts into the room with no apologies, and tells me (the only minority & female in the room) that I should get the coffee before the manager comes. I'm the manager. 😏


My friends little sister is graduating undergrad and has an offer from Strategy& for $100k and McKinsey for $90k (pretty sure McK is going to bump soon). Im obviously biased to McK but want to show her other perspectives. Which one should she choose and why?? And and all feedback is welcomed!


Client dinner last night. Fellow female consultant changed into tennis shoes with her dress. We didn't walk or run to dinner. We drove. 🙄


Can someone explain to me why we aren’t just moving to a school system where 1 teacher can zoom class to 200-300 students like a college lecture hall? Why are we bothering with stuffing kids into classrooms


Actually found it hard to work today, thinking about the buffalo shooting and this senseless, murderous racism.


So I received an offer that is +45k putting my total salary at 170 as a senior and I tried counter offering but my partner said to me that money will always be there but that I can’t buy connections and growth. I don’t understand the mindset behind this? Isn’t more money today worth more than more money tomorrow?


Soooo at today's morning status meeting our shitty SM was absolutely railing a consultant. Consultant stands up and says, "Fuck you. You're an asshole. I'm done here." And walks out. 😳...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


What’s the worst firm in the marketplace by perception?


PwC or Deloitte? Honest question


With the new decade around the corner, what are your proudest achievements of the year 🥳 and your new year resolutions for 2020?


My former manager, who laid me off, just called and asked for a referral to where I work. I asked why and he said he's "not feeling confident about [his] status". I said I'd "look into it". Nope!


Has anyone ignored a message from someone higher up the chain and used the "Didn't see your message/email until Monday morning" excuse? How'd it work out? Took Friday off to go to my Grandma's funeral and now spending weekend with family. Got an email asking me to work on a few things over the weekend and really just want to ignore it.


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