LinkedIn Mid- Market with 160K OTE, 99 base. Anyone else making higher or lower. I’m curious what like would be like in the ENT space. LinkedIn

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Mid-Market what? AE or CSM?

I’m the exact same. AE.

I’m mid market in SaaS 100kOTE 100k Base 20k stock

I believe ENT AEs make quite a bit more than that.

ENT has an extra level or two of seniority that they can be promoted to. So they certainly CAN make more. From what I’ve heard though, the lower levels are the exact same between the two orgs, up to IC4.

A standard AE role in ENT (no sr title) is an IC3. Not sure how that translates in MM.

Take a look at a senior AEs title in ENT via teams. Will reflect IC4.

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I’ve worked for an agent for 4 years now I run almost all of the day to day tasks, sell and handle customer service while he takes at least a quarter if not half of the year off vacationing. I only make 52k am I drastically under paid? That includes sales and what he pays me for salary.


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Hello Fishes,

I got offers from Deloitte USI and Accenture. Both are offering 8.5LPA fixed. Which would be the best option? Need your quick suggestions pls.


Hey Fishes !!

I am serving my NP in Amazon and have 4 offers in Hand tell me which one should be go to grab !!

Deloitte : 33 LPA
Microsoft : 30 LPA
Virtusa : 25 LPA
PWC : 27 LPA

which one is your go to company if you are in this situation .


What would be salary at Deloitte Global for Privacy Lead or Privacy Engineer? Deloitte

If associates at my firm are 150-200k range and junior partners at my firm are in the 250k range (mid law, less hours 1800, lower rates 250-650), how much do you think the 45 or so equity partners make a year? We have about 150 lawyers 80 ish million top line in revenue in 2021. I just want to know what the prize for sticking around here a decade to make equity would be. I am afraid to ask but I think I heard someone say 300k-1m dollars once a couple years ago. Thanks all!


I have been with Mastercard India for last 1 year. What is generally experience level to move from L7 to L6 and when can we start seeking for it with manager .
Do we suggest for internal switch or promotion ?
Also what hike can we expect during the band change .
Yoe : 8.6
Experience with Mastercard : 1 year
Band - L7


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I’m a lawyer based in Europe. I’m lateraling to a firm in a new jurisdiction on Monday and negotiated a decent pay increase a few months ago (new jurisdiction has significantly higher income taxes so negotiated based on a comparable net pay). My old firm has just announced it is increasing salaries by around 15% which will almost negate what I negotiated at new firm. New firm doesn’t review salaries till September. What are my options here so that I’m not out of pocket?


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Just asked my spg ambassador for free shit. He gave me pricing for flowers and meals....any of you have a good ambassador that you recommend? Kind of annoyed spg hypes up such a shitty reward. Might just move to marriott


Need some fresh meal options. Best hip spot to eat dinner in midtown / surrounding? Doesn’t need to be fancy, just delicious with atmosphere. (Killer cocktails is a plus) 🙏

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How to apply for data scientist roles when all the requirements comes with atleast 5-6 years of experience or MS in data science ?


How’s your work-life balance? New job at a new company and wondering how to clarify standards on this


What are some tips I can use to ask for a raise in a year where there is so much uncertainty in the economy? We cut our marketing budget as precaution which makes my chances at a raise feel far away even though I feel I deserve one. Help!

Anyone working in Devops here?


Hi fishes,
I have resigned tcs because of a offer from nagarro.
My manager introduced someone to discuss about retention. He asked my offer letter to share. I told him it is confidential data but, he said that "it is fine, many people are sharing it". So I shared that

Will there be any issue for me since, I have broken tcs core values of confidentiality ?

Will they contact Nagarro for verification?


I get slightly offended when anyone greets me with slang in a professional setting. Am I being overly sensitive?


Hello fishes,

I have got offers from EXL and Genpact for Data Engineering Consultant position both with same payscale, I am a bit skeptical of which one to choose. YOE : 5 years
And how much remuneration can I expect from EXL with 5 yoe in Azure Data Engineering(ADF+Synapse+Databricks+PySpark+SQL) domain?

Will request you guys for your feedback.

Thanks in advance

Refering to the history of compensation release dates

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Does DI reimburse broadband bills ?


Companies with “unlimited” PTO how do you handle LOA situations? Wondering if you set a limit to paid time through the PTO policy or through a LOA policy. Anything you do or know others do would be helpful!


Does Level 11 position at Accenture Startegy ask for relevant workex ?

MBA - Tier 2
Consultant at EY since Apr’22
Thanks in advance

I recently went on disability leave and my boss Auto forwarded my emails to my coworker. I have plenty of emails that I need to access that have to do with my getting appointed with the carriers and policies that I have signed for groups.. How do I approach this ? I am upset that he didn’t even tell me. Didn’t clarify weather it’s a standard thing or not so as to ease my mind, etc. NOTHING! Jerk doesn’t care about my success

What is the leave policy during notice period at deloitte india


Hey everyone !

Need help to understand this.

Basic: 10,00,000
HRA: 6,00,000

HRA excemption Calc:
1. Provided by Company: 6,00,000
2. 40% of Basic: 4,00,000
3. Rent - 10% of Basic: Rent- 1,00,000

For tax exception, min of these will be considered.

Ques: Can I claim my entire HRA exemption of 4,00,000 (as per option 2) by showing annual rent of 5,00,000 ?
P.S.- I am staying at home with my parents and I can transfer the rent to my parents.

Thanks in advance.


Deloitte Worst Interview Experience.

1. Interviewer late by 45 mins, and unapologetic about it.
2. HRs took a week’s time to arrange my interview, just to know it’s a case of profile mismatch.
3. They just picked a keyword from my profile and didn’t even bother to have a look at exact profile.

After all this they still have the audacity to tell that we don’t compare ourselves with others due to our brand value. Time to reconsider your mythical facts.

What’s your views fishes ?


Not work related but how is the dating scene like in Chicago?


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What would it take for you to leave a company? I just asked for a raise at my current job and they’re assessing. i was not looking to change jobs. However, a recruiter reached out to me with a very compelling offer: I’m remote now, this is hybrid (2-3 days/week), with a 45 - 75 minute commute each way. BUT right now my base is $85k OTE of $120k. This is $130k / OTE $300k plus. I asked for $125k from my current boss - they wouldn’t be able to make the uncapped $300k OTE tho. Should I take it?


42,500 base with 45,000OTE as an SDR. Been here for 8 months

What are you thoughts on a wage sales position versus salary based?


Anyone familiar with the compensation range at SEI for their staff consultant role?

$143k base, $205 OTE. 4 YOE and have been with this company since the start of my career in pre-sales. I specialize in enterprise storage sales.


Salary range question- what is the range and bonus structure for someone in health care business development?


I see that Kforce is hiring. Are they a legitimate company and what do they pay there operation supervisors ?Kforce


Auto Sales Manager in HCOL city, 6YOE making $68k base, $1300/month variable bonus, $4k RSU w/ 2 year vest schedule. $500/ month health ins premium. -Looking to possible change fields to drastically increase comp… any suggestions?


What should a Regional Coordinator be getting paid for a door to door pest control sales company?


Hey all,
I was wondering how accurate indeed salary estimates are? I live in a LCOL area in PA, and the estimate for the company I’m interviewing with is 67k - 85k. They’re a relatively big tech company and I’m applying to be a Business Development Specialist. Thank you in advance!


What's a salary range for IT sales people in Poland? A friend is applying to Backbase has 4 years of experience already but does not know the normal ranges there.


10 years at my company as an Account Manager. OTE is $115K base and $150K Variable.....265K OTE. Although haven't received an increase in 5 plus years. Generous benefits and stocks.


Would you leave a job paying you $170k base plus $230k in earned commission for one paying 230k base plus bonus that would get you over 400k TC? Commission plans can always change so maybe worth taking the extra base? Not factoring in all the stuff associated with switching employers of course.


Has anyone seen any evidence that “confidential” engagement surveys are linked to reviews and raises?
I have heard murmurs of this. Been working my butt off in a very tough environment (great company, very toxic division) and they’re asking questions like “have you thought about looking for another job this year? Would you like to be working here next year? Does your work energize you?” etc. The truth is that I like the company and the work but I hope to move to another division next year.