Looking for a fully remot part time consulting gig in analytics/product/risk/pricing.

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You, and everyone else, and their grandmother....


Open to it


Lets chat?


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I have 2.5 years of experience in IT industry as a business analyst, I have through knowledge from requirement gathering to maintaining of software, I am a MBA graduate specialised in Information Technology.

Currently, I looking for a job, open to any industry, would like to request for any referrals



Hi everyone, I'm new to the bowl and would like to see if anyone is available to critic my resume. I have 6 years of work experience; 2 years are in Business Development and 4 years in Customer Service.

I am currently unemployed due to Covid-19 and been trying to get a job in Singapore. I want to refocus on my career in Business Development/Marketing and develop from there on.

Appreciate the help.

Looking for referral. Can somebody please help. Have the job id with me.


Hello! Currently open to explore opportunities in Banking in London, UK. Roles of interest have to have a quantitative/ software writing component. DM if you are looking to add an experienced analyst to your team.


Hi Fishes, I’m looking for someone with 5-8 YOE in Business Analytics. Location: Bangalore. Work mode: Hybrid. Skills: Should be really good in SQL, Excel, Python/R/Spark. This will be a primarily analytics role with business exposure. Please DM with your current firm name, Last working day

Hi All,

I am looking for job in Performance Testing and Engineering profile.
Please refer me if there is any opening for this profile.
YOE: 8 Yr 4 Months
Offer In hand: 22.5(fix) + 2(variable) + 1(joining bonus)
Notice Period: 35 days are left

Location Preference: Gurgoan, Noida & Bangalore


Hi guys,
I am a fresher and i have pursued Bachelor of Vocation in Retail Management and IT. I was a Store Operations intern at GMR Group and Digital Marketing intern at CollegeTips.


- Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers Specialization ( University of Minnesota)
- Social Media Marketing (Meta)

If anyone knows any opportunities related to Digital Marketing/ HR/ Product Management or any lead or if can refer to any organisation, please let me know.
Thank you.


I currently have 13 years of experience as .NET backend developer and I am looking for jobs in JPMorgan Chase/ Morgan Stanley/CITI. If someone can help me with referrals it would be helpful.


If anyone's interested to work for a Data governance startup. 🙂
If needed, You can use my name - Alex

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Multiple openings for Data and Insights functions at KPMG Global Services.

DM me for more info and to share your resumes.

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Anyone in need of United RPU / GPU, please DM me


Folks i just have 2 months of NP pending, can anyone refer me for Delivery Manager, QA Manager or Senior Scrum Master roles please. I have 15+ years of experience.

Looking for immediate joiners for the below roles: 

Location is not a constraint for the right fit- preferred locations are Chennai and Hyderabad.

WordPress Architect  (Open for multiple level)- Director/ Engineering Manager/ Architect/ Tech Lead

Frontend - React- (Open for multiple level)- Architect/ Tech Lead/ Associate Tech Lead/ SSE

DevOps/ DevSecOps Lead (AWS)

QA Automation Lead 

Java Lead (Springboot, Microservices)

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Hello Mastercard fishes,

Anyone of you from the Analytics & Metrics team. I need a referral.

I am badly looking for a job and your help would mean a lot to me.


I’ve been working on joining the 225 club for a little over a year. 50ish guy weighing 205 here. Got to 215 today doing 1rm, but my trainer didn’t want me to attempt it (215 was definitely a struggle). Will try again next month. Any tips on how to train for a bit of improvement?


Hi people!

Do you like nosepin?
Do you find it's attractive?


Hi All ,
I've 2.4 yrs of experience 1 year in Java and rest 1.4 yrs in AWS and Sailpoint respectively, now again my company is shifting me to different technology, this way I won't stick to any one technology, kindly help me if anyone can hire with these technologies i am ready to work on either of technologies , I've AWS practitioner Certificate and now applied for Solution Architect as well.. #OpenToWork


Hey fishes
I am planing to buy a plot in omax city indore dimensions 20*40 but location is 3.5km from bypass road price is 28lac.
Also Bit scared due to recession situation.
Not able to decide should I go ahead. Globant #indore

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I'm working on a remote in-house position for a newly public Fintech company to do mostly SEC reporting. Looking for a Cap Markets or PCAP attorney, class of 2016 or more senior. Big firm experience is helpful. DM me if you have any interest.


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I haven't started at Accenture yet, but I was wondering how different the pay is from CDP vs TDP vs Strategy. I'd imagine that strategy pays the most, but by how much?


Why so much pay disparity in EY GDS?

I am an individual contributor in my current engagement. Taking care of end to end. When I done the billing, got to know that they are charging the client 10x and paying me salary as 1x out of that.

More than 90% is taken by EY.

Based on this data can i demand for pay rise?

Am I poorly being paid here?



My L3 interview discussion is scheduled with Partner of
The role is for FRM division.

Any suggestions what kind of interview I can expect?
I had 2 interview rounds with Associate Director.


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Hi Sharks,

I'm looking for referral in good product based organisation.

YoE: 4
Tech Stack: Python, Docker, Django/Flask Rest, Computer Vision, Tensorflow, Open Source etc.
NP: Open to join within 30 days of offer

Please feel free to comment, if you are willing to refer me at your workplace.

Thanks a lot


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Are there any agencies that set up artists with side work? I do a lot with painting murals and other interior design projects. But I’m not looking to do it full-time or go through the process of starting my own business.


Just passed my notary public exam and going for the notary signing agent test next. I would like to gain some experience with the notary public and put the skills to the test. Does anyone have any advice regarding on how to do this? I’m trying to do this as a part/full time gig depending how it goes. I’ve heard good things and money is there. I’m trying to transition out of property management, at least the 9-5pm situation. Has anyone tried the notary signing agent gig, how has it worked out?


I am auditioning soon as a narrator for audiobooks on Amazon. I’m so nervous, I’m worried I’m going to fumble over my words so I’ve been reading books out loud to myself for weeks. I could go audition right this second honestly but I keep saying I’m not there yet, I need to perfect my reading voice. How do I get past these jitters??


I do lots of freelance, pick and choose where I can best leverage the perceived work to actual ratio. Try to repurpose work across prospects. Only limited by time.


Anyone here have a successful web-based biz?


I just feel like this hasn’t been said, but tik tok is actually a great side gig. Depends on how you use it, but an example is a tik tok dedicated to just business wear….you’ll start getting people sending you clothes for free.


Hi Everyone I hope you are well!
I am taking a risk in creating this post but am excited to see where it takes me.
(Ive posted in a few Bowls..sorry )
I am looking to start a Marketing Agency.
I dont have many characters to explain things but my messages are open.
I am hoping to build a team of strong analytic, and creative individuals.
I am more than willing to send over my website, LinkedIn, socials etc.
And answer any questions.
Just message me!

I’m hoping we can build something great!


If you receive money for filling out surveys, do you have to report that money to the IRS? Would I have to pay taxes on survey money?

Has anyone thought of doing underwriting as a side business?


Hi there. Has anyone here invested in a manual car wash? If so, how profitable is it realistically and also what to look for when buying one? Thanks in advance:)


Does anyone know of any good side gigs at all? For evenings or weekends maybe. Something online would be ideal!


Is anyone experienced with creating and selling course online? I’m liking to use my experience to create courses and am curious how long it typically takes to build a course? Is it easy and how did you get yours out there? Thx


I like spending time / creating VBA code…I took a class in graduate school and find it so interesting. How can I make some side money doing this?


Supply Chain Side Gigs!
Hey there, I am a supply chain planner for a large cpg by day and am wondering if there are any evening/weekend gigs I can do with my skills


I work at an Engineering company as a Transportation Management Specialist but I would like something better that pays more than $60k a year. What other jobs can I apply for with the skills that I have that’ll pay me more than $60k???


Can someone explain how I join the group? I’m new to fishbowl