Looking for a referral to State & Local Tax opening with public accounting firms. Please let me know the organization you can help with. Thank you!

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What level and location?

EY FSO SALT is constantly hiring

EY every city is hiring. DM me and I can give you a referral or someone to talk to in the SALT practice

I can give you a referral for MTS at Deloitte

Hit me up if you want to work at PwC.

I can help with gt

Consulting and compliance? If so, DM me

You mean Trust and consulting?

Deloitte MTS hit me up for chicago!

Deloitte Orange County

I’m in EY SALT

KPMG sales and use tax here.

Dm me for a Cohnreznick referral! I have been here for a year and a half and love it so far! I started at EY too so I know lol


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I am working with Sanda from last 3 years it is a good experience to work with this company but there is no Work life balance in this company. Also from last 3 years I am playing the Sr. Software developer Role so no growth as well . So want to change. I am a full stack developer in PHP also knowledge of ML and AI


The company A has marked my joining date on the uan portal, and if I try to mark my exit, I could select a date that is three months after my joining date, but I rejected there offer on my joining date itself. I was supposed to join a company (A) and completed their formalities, but I didn't join them and sent an offer rejection mail on the joining date and joined another organisation (B) on the following day. If the exit is not indicated, will that be interpreted as moonlighting?


I’m currently an ERP implementation consultant with 3 YOE at Deloitte. I want to get into strategy at MBB entry level. Can someone give me a referral at McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. Thanks! Please DM me

Looks like there’s a lot of hiring activity at McKinsey in the US. Any London based McKinsey folks who’re willing to chat / refer potentially?


Anyone have an idea of the salary range going in-house at a company like Apple or Facebook? ACD role.


I started at a new role recently (wohoo!) at a company much smaller than my former one. My current team is so personable, share pics of kids/pets, talk about their personal lives, etc. it’s all new to me and seems weird. At my old company we just literally worked and knew little about each other’s personal life lol. Anyone else experience this before?


Let me know if anyone need a referral or I have position for Java developers.


Hi all! One of the companies I’m currently interested in is paramount for a few roles. If anyone works there, would love to send you a DM to chat about your experience with the company and maybe see about a referral. Thank you!


Anybody know the salary for an Associate at Amgen ? Have an interview Thursday. See on Glassdoor total come is around $150k w a base $110k. Located in Tampa. Not sure if anybody is more familiar with them and that role in particular.


McKinsey & Company Hi, looking for referral at McKinsey & Company digital, Switzerland.

Post-MBA managing consultant , 7 YOE.


Please DM me if any opening is available for experienced Software Testers in Bangalore location.


Hi all,
Having 12+ years of Testing experience in various domains like Web application, mobile automation, AWS cloud testing and certified, Rest API and currently handling more than 12 projects in my organisation using Java Selenium, Chef Inspec Ruby and Rest Assured Java.
Currently serving notice period with lwd - 30 Sep. any referrals would be of great help. Location-preference Chennai, Remote.


Who are the best non-attorney referral sources for criminal attorneys other than bondsman?


Looking for freelance mid-level art directors for new project. Great design, broadcast and digital experience. Message me.

I have an MHA and 4 years of management experience. I’m currently a manager, but seeking a director level position. Any advice for trying to temper my expectations? I feel like all director level positions have 5 years in the posting, but a lot of my peers with the same experience are already in director level positions. Are they just lucky? Am I jumping the gun? Do I just need to stick it out?

3 YOE, 710 GMAT, 3.6 GPA at top undergraduate business school, white male. Strong performer at Big 4 consulting. Involved in educational non-profit but no leadership role. Any chance at Booth or Kellogg?


Hi Fishes,

I need help from Tavisca by JPMC guys.
Recently I had an interview for the Cloud Lead position, also done with all-round of interview including technical and HR salary discussion but after 1.5 week not received any update from HR about offer letter release or to share document. any idea how much time would HR take after salary negotiation to process with next step ?


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In house opportunity for a Chicago based designer of any level. Solid design chops in print, digital and/or motion.


Hello Everyone,

I have a query . I want to know about the projects in Impetus, Clairvoyant and Affine company. How are the projects. Is it pre-developed or we get from scratch?


Is advertising/corporate production a feasible way to get into scripted tv production? Is there a better path?


For those who select your own individual stocks, (bet the market strategy) - how many stocks do you hold?


Any one going through IVF or finished with a successful pregnancy? Any good advise for someone just getting started?

Just first bumped a lady in the doctor's office for shutting down some other judgmental lady. Judgie lady was trying to put down HERO lady for having a laptop and working in the waiting room, how she should be content to be a wife/mom. Judgie lady says, oh well where do you work... HERO lady says, I have my own business, maybe you've heard of it, it's called NUNUVYA... I fell out of my chair


Got offers from Infosys (Location: Bhubaneswar) and LTI (Location: Bangalore). LTI's offer is about 80K more. Having 10 years of experience. Variable pay of Infosys is 15% whereas in LTI is 10%. Which one to join?? Also, what percentage of variable pay will one usually get at LTI and the updates for back to office at LTI?? Profile: Automation testing using Selenium. Please suggest!!


Who on here works in Healthcare Consulting and what is your focus?


Does work from home make your symptoms worse? I feel that as im either 100% travel or 100% remote ( most of my colleagues are the same way). I feel like I'm working in a vaccum ctnd

The first thing I thought of was how little my parents understand what I do. Add the language barrier on top of that. Am I thinking too hard about this?

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Anybody work with United Healthcare? I just had a second interview. I did some research prior to the interview about the employee benefits, but did not see if health insurance if offered upon hire date or after the 90 day period. I typically don’t like asking this during an interview. Thank you!


Something I think about a lot. At what point would you be willing to not go into work to protest / fight for something you care deeply about politically?


Any recs for a good CPA that can handle complex investment and crypto trading? I know there was just a similar post, but that was more international income focused.


Do smaller agencies typically equate to less politics and stress? Been working with top brands / agencies for years. I’m burnt out and need something 9-5 that is less stressful. Is there such thing?

How much should I ask for nokia? CCTC-8.yoe-4. java developer gurgaon.

Hi all,

I am in a bit of a situation.

I have two offers in hand IBM 8.7 WITH 1 LPA

globant- 14.

Which one should I join? If you say the second one will there be legal complication if I decline IBM's offer after accepting?

React js 4.8 year exp. Looking for referal


Hello everyone I have 29 years as a dental professional in Texas. I started as a dental assistant back in 1993. As my career progressed as a RDA, I moved to the front office and eventually management. I even taught dental assistants and became the Program Director of a DA program. COVID opened up remote work for me, I manage eclaims, claims corrections and billing for two offices. $20 per hour, no bonuses or incentives, I know I am not getting paid enough! Any input would be appreciated.


Hi All, Can you please tell me whether there is any percentage criteria for experience candidate in LTIMindtree like 60% throughout or not.

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.


How are all the 2WWers doing? Three days to go over here, the struggle is real :)


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What would be the process of transitioning from regional firm to B4?


About to join EY FSO GDS group
What does the group actually work on?
FoF Partnerships?
Is there a scope for work life balance?
In terms of hours, how bad is the busy season?
Any insights will be appreciated, thanks!


What’s your Net Worth? If you took out loans to get your degree, At what age did you turn to positive net worth?


Hello fish!
I with the hype in the job market, I feel super underpaid… I’m s3 and salary is 98k… Am I being underpaid? I am hearing s1 going for 120k now a days


Attorneys- admission on motion question: does 5 years in an accounting firm count for admission on motion to another jurisdiction?


Exit opportunities for attorneys working in big4 tax?


Fucking axcess is doing maintenance 🙄 WHY!


I am a person that puts in 12-13 hours M-F just to avoid working the weekend. I always feel this impulsive need to go and check who’s working weekends though and when I see most of the people online, I feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m a pretty High performing senior but I’ve been feeling like this for a while now.


Busy season dinner prep. Season and freeze chicken breast split into three (basically creating tenders). What food gets you through??

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Does anyone have a good system for managing tasks/projects? Specifically how do you keep track of multiple projects with varying deadlines. I know lots of people use excel but that seems inefficient.


Anyone else going to KPMG holiday party at universal today?


First/Second Year Managers in PA, could you please share your salary, group and city? Interviewing in a couple of cities and not sure what is deemed competitive