LTI is Hiring for below Oracle - BU positions

Need immediate to 30 days joiners only

Location: Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune/Hyderabad/Chennai

YOE :4 - 10 Yrs
Skill : CNC

JDE Finance Functional
YOE: 4 - 10 Yrs

OCC (Oracle Commerce cloud)
YOE: 4 - 10 Yrs
Skill :OCC

Oracle Flexcube
YOE :4 - 10 Yrs

Oracle CPQ CLoud
3-5 years of experience in Oracle CPQ Implementation & Support
location - Mumbai

Interested plz DM with job role to apply

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

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Can someone refer me for role of devops and CI CD at Goldman?

My startup suddenly decided to close its India branch and they have given me 1 month to find a new job.

I am looking for a job as a Frontend (React) Developer. Do let me know if there are any openings for me. If you guys can refer me that would be awesome.

My Details : Frontend Developer - React.js,
Exp : 1.5 years.
Notice Period : 1 month


Just got invited to take the internal revenue agent assessment for an IRS revenue agent position I applied for, does anyone have any insight as to what to expect?


Looking for roles that are Project/Program management, does anyone have decent leads? Currently working as part of The Admin team supporting multiple leaders while managing h employee engagement programs.


Prepping for a CRO interview with the CEO of a smaller tech company (approx 70 employees) experiencing explosive growth. They want someone to run sales, alliances, & marketing, with heavy influence around product development so not really a traditional CRO role. Working on prep and curious if anyone has any ideas around questions I should be prepared to answer? Questions I should ask? Seems like an interesting role that should be a good fit with my background. Other thoughts?

Phone interview with Apple for an Americas Supply Chain Finance Analyst role in Austin this week. 2YOE in Supply Chain, 1 YOE in FP&A. Anyone have insight on compensation expectations for a role like this? I've tried researching this role online but, can only find supply chain analyst and financial analyst compensation information. Thanks!


What sort of things can you discuss when presented with an offer? I was recruited right after college 7 yrs ago and have been with the same company since then so I don't have much experience switching jobs. A bit of additional info, the new role is in another country.


What are consulting exit options in Middle East? Just trying to see what's out there in the market and see if something makes sense. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hey everyone,

How's Product Manager's role is in S&P Ratings ?
I have a parallel offer with
Salesforce as a Program Manager. More or less same ctc.

Which one should i prefer ?

Salesforce , S&P Global

Is there anyone who can point me in the direction of how to create a burn down report and how to estimate work hours needed on a project? I have an interview and these are a requirement for the position. TYSM!


Need Referral in product based companies for QA Automation role

Profile: 4 YOE with experience in both, Automation and Manual Testing, Good knowledge in Java, Python, Selenium automation, API testing.

Please help 🙏


I have an approved I140 for audit position and I transferred from audit to advisory within the firm. Now my PD just became current. the firm attorney think I am still able to submit 485 application due to similar job duties and same OES code. I noticed the SOC code did change between my two H1b filings. I asked the attorney but they don’t think it matters as similar job duties and SOC codes are linked. Should I worry about it? I still work in the same entity and location, but title was changed.


Looking for a referral at LinkedIn. Please comment if you can help. Thanks!

Microsoft Interview - Customer Solutions Architecture
I was able to secure an interview at Microsoft for the Customer Solutions Architecture position. Want to find out from everyone what kind of questions I should be expecting in this interview and what the hiring process is going to be like. FYI, a recruiter from RANDSTAD America is coordinating the interview, not sure if that makes a difference. 


Hello Fishes,
At VL we are having openings on JAVA ARCHITECT.
Work Experience 10 years
Work Location HYD

DM me for referrals..

Good Morning all,

Since I pivoted into TA (from the Wild West known as Finance) Tech Recruiting has always been the goal. But I’m having a hard time finding a way to get into that space (I do understand there’s a hiring crisis). Nevertheless, does anyone know of tech companies that are hiring? I may be low on the experience side so I’m willing to look at contract/ entry roles as well. Also, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


What are some red flags you've noticed in the hiring process? I've finally landed an interview after weeks of applying. I think it went well on my end, but something about the managers I spoke with just


Hey everyone, looking for referral for SSE role in Gartner(.Net Core + AWS). Can I have someone refer me please?Gartner


Hi! I’ve worked exclusively in small companies and I want to make a switch to large corporations. I finally have an interview next week and I want to shine.
Any tips on what big companies want to see, or concerns they might have with me not having corporate experience? (It’s an employer branding position, but overall advice is helpful!)


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Hello, I am looking for opportunities in Legal and contract Management

As a person of color, how important would you say networking is in our industry?


What's the lead time to release offer once all rounds completed in osb india


Any senior level writers looking for a job in LA? have a lead on a gig that requires a team. Message me with your book if so.


Hi all ,
what are the prospects of Indians getting management or marketing related jobs in uk with masters from India ??
What courses would you suggest to get there ?


I’m getting married within the next year to my same sex partner (a man) and the topic of last names has come up. He is a doctor and all of his official training licenses and research is under his current last name which makes changing last names impossible. I’m also the only male in my family to pass our surname so I’m pretty tied to my last name, but we do want a family and want a shared identity for our kids. Has anyone else been in a similar position? If so, how have you navigated this?


Hi friends,
I have my Joining date in Offer letter as July 11th.Will there be any formal confirmation through about on-boarding formalities etc to join on 11th?

Do we get miles from award tickets booked through AMEX or Chase?


Male 🐠 looking to upgrade my American Eagle jeans to something a bit more “adult”. What brands are you all wearing? What’s good?


Anyone in internal/corporate communications (government is a plus!) that wouldn’t mind looking over a corporate comms and experience strategy for a position I’ve applied for?


When does tired turn into depression?
When does no motivation turn into depression?


Starting my own firm and was wondering what bank is the best for iolta? Also any affordable software, resources, etc that you recommend or don’t recommend for the beginning? Thank you!


US schools don’t teach Schenck v. US and it shows.


UK based- Due to qualify next September and wanting to leave ASAP. Is it wise leaving as soon as you qualify or staying on for a year of ‘qualified experience’ then moving?


What can I expect in HR round of Morgan Stanley for a Devops Lead Role ?
P.S. I have 8.5 YoE

Looking for some positive advice, I was raised in South Asia and was raised by parents who were liberal enough. But I have my Imaan very strong and don’t drink alcohol or Haraam things. After joining


No more FAANG, it’s now MAAMA! wild
(Meta, Amazon, alphabet, Microsoft, apple)


Which companies in Canada are giving remote opportunities in the insurance industry?

Any good book recommend about Procurement I should read? Started recently, and still confused about all the different letters used. P2P, Source 2 Contract, diff between contract and vendor management.


Additional Posts in Job Referrals and Openings

Hi fellows,
I am looking for a job change.
I have 3+ yoe in QA Automation (selenium+java)
I can join immediately. within 10/15 days.
please let me know if there is any referral.



Opening in Wipro for Tableau Platform Engineer
Experience: 6-8 years
Work Location: Bangalore/Pune
If interested please DM your full name and email id for referral


Hi All,
I am currently working in Deloitte.
I have 7 years of experience in QA including UI Automation, API testing, Manual Testing.
Please refer me if you have any open positions in your company.


Hey everyone please consider this as my Hail Mary.
My notice period got over a month ago.
I resigned from the service based company i was working in because at the time I had an offer. They later mentioned that the offer is contingent on the fact that I get an early release from the 90 days NP, which didn't happen and they ghosted me.
I feel utterly helpless. I have been applying and getting shortlisted almost everywhere but nothing has panned out.

Profile: QA engineer / SDET


Hey Fishes, Hope you are doing great !!
Actually I’m looking for new opportunities in Reputed MNC. I am having 3.7 years of experience in HR Recruitment, currently I am working as a Talent Acquisition lead , if anyone has warm leads or reference please do share with me . I am really looking forward with this app.


Hi Fisher's,

I am looking for an opportunity as Customer Success Manager, location Mumbai.

I have a rich experience of 16 years in Operations, Client relationship management, Business Development.

Job location - Mumbai.

While I have not worked on SaaS based products, I have a good understanding of it and would love to apply them practically.

Any reference will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps!


Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a job immediately. Please help.
I have 8+ yoe in accounting and finance, monthly closings n MIS.

I am available to join from 01-11-22.



I am searching for opportunities in SAP FI as a fresher.
Any one with information please contact me.


Hi I need 11 like to DM.

Please help??

Thanks in advance @


Any referral for manual testing in Noida location?


Hi Everyone, I am looking for a new opportunity,
YoE 7.5 years
Fraud prevention & Customer service operations
CTC 6.00
Delhi ncr

Can anyone please advise or refer me.


Hello Fishes,

I have 6.5 YOE nad currently highly underpaid. Worked as a Senior Consultant with only 5.5 LPA in the PMO segment. Hold an offer of 9.5LPA from PWC. I am looking for more options and interviews. Can anyone help me here with connections or referrals? Please help I feel I am still underpaid with the current offer in hand. Think of pushing it to 13 LPA


Hi I have got offers from cognizant, tech mahindra, idp education and bnp Paribas for almost the same package. Which one should I chooses in terms of wlb and salary hikes? Please suggest. Cognizant Tech Mahindra BNP Paribas IDP Education Ltd


Hi folks,

I am serving notice period. I am looking for referral in the area of Frontend developer.
My skills - React js, Angular, Javascript, HTML5
Last working day - 30 October


I hope you’re doing well! I’m interested in the role you posted: Engineer - C# / .NET. Based on my experience as Azure Certified Developer | .net | .net core | MSSQL | Azure Data Integration | Microservice, I believe I could be a good fit with PWH or Ahmedabad Gujarat location

Are you open to a quick chat to discuss the position? I’d love to learn more about it, and share more about my own qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Mayur Panchal

Any openings for data Engineer?


Hi All - need 11 likes for DM .. appreciate your help..