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I have ~3 years of exp in java, can I appear or get referral?

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Recently I have been interviewed for the Role of Store Manager -Operations but in both case my salary was under quoted and it was way Belo the expectations. Kindly I would like to know the LPA for the role. So that I can counter Thaem.

Both Companies are reputed firms in GCC Country.


What companies in Tech, IT or Finance pay $200k+ TC for a Director role in Toronto? 12 YOE as an employee at various companies, 5 YOE as an entrepreneur. Appreciate any suggestions.


I am looking for referral . I am around 10 years of experience and can join in 3 weeks

What would be better move to continue getting good technical exp but also move up over 3-4 years before going to steady industry role towards security architecture? Currently new M in big4 cyber trying to figure out next step. Go to another big4? MBB? Cyber focused company? FAANG?


BDO, I need some help~ What so you think about a remote position? Is there any huddle in progression if you are fully remote? What's next after MD?


Is leaving after 7 months a bad look? I’ve found myself lacking any team support and the role is not what I was promised. Not sure how I could spin this on my resume for future employers.
Any advice?


I am Ankurita working now in wfh.
I am a graduate and has done pgp-dse a diploma course in data science.
I have done quite a lot of projects using different ML algorithms and data visualization.
I would like referral if any vacancy in data science role is vacant in any company. Thank you.
Hope all are safe.


Anyone heard/know of anything about Kauff McGuire & Margolis?

Interested in the firm but haven’t found anyone that knows of them or has insight into their work/hiring/culture/benefits. My online searches have also been unsuccessful.


I’m interview for an marketing director position… the company is asking for a strategic plan as an exercise to see if I know what I am talking about .. it is fair that I give them an “overview” of a plan. I don’t want to giveaway to much for free but I do want to show them I know what I am talking about…

Working at EY as a Computer Science major a bad move? I am currently working on an enterprises software implementing project and My software development skills are deteriorating and my exit (Cont..)


Does Sony Pictures Entertainment have a referral system?


Does anyone work at SG2 and willing to provide a referral?


Hi Members,
 I am a supply chain professional with 10 years of experience in supply chain operations and program management in e-commerce, telecom, and 3PL distribution companies. 

I immigrated to Canada 2 years ago and worked with Amazon Canada for last 1.5 years. I recently lost my job and looking for a new job opportunity. 

I have completed my CSCP and PMP certification 

I would appreciate any leads or referrals.

@Toronto @Vancouver

Hi fishes ,

I received an offer for senior manager position in PWC .

Can you please let me know about the health insurance coverage as it is not mentioned in offer letter.

Please also inform if parents can be included in health insurance provided by PWC.


Interested to see some perspectives - currently working at a Payroll & Benefits Specialist at a fast growing company and recently passed my PHR! I just started this role only a few months ago but am already feeling like I can take on more, but not as much as a HR manager. I’m struggling to understand where exactly it is I can go from here. I’m 25, have 3 years of experience, and get paid $59k/year.

Where does one go from here? Thanks in advance for any and all answers!


How is sap digital pmo role in PWC ac Bangalore for senior associate 2


Hi Fishes and Sharks,

Anyone looking out for referral in Maersk for Data Engineer, Engineering Manager roles, Please DM me. Lots of opportunities with good WLB and competitive package.

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I'm interested in applying for a Senior Program Manager role at Splunk. Does anyone have insights into that specific role there? Culture, balance, career path? Thanks!


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A 3 year old startup has incurred expenses worth $2.5M till date and a revenue of $1M. They are currently at a negative $1.4M EBITDA and have come up with a valuation of $3M. Is this seem reasonable? How can I get a better understanding of their valuation?

Any comedy club recommendations for a late Friday night? Ideally close to UES?

Salary range for G11?

I work for a big organization that claims a resident felt disrespected when he came down to pick up his guest. This phantom resident sent a letter, unsigned and miraculously landed in HR’s box to which we had a meeting about. I never saw the letter but written up.


What are some of your favorite journals to read?


List of *Private* companies to checkout in the health space?


Hi TCSers

My base branch is Pune and project branch is Ahmadabad.
If they asked me to WFO. Which location they will ask me to join??
I want to go Pune location only.
Thanks in advance.


9/30 check-in: Happy Friday and last day of September! What are everyone’s plans for today?

For me- treadmill, triceps, shoulders.


It be like that somtimes

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What’s your company’s WFH policy? I’m at William Harris NYC office and we are in person but some people will occasionally wfh. Is this the norm? Is the hybrid model completely dead?


What newsletters do you subscribe to keep up with industry insights (long-read commentary on trends and reactions to the markets)?


Salary for Sr. Art director in LA with 5 years experience?


I am currently working as an RN and looking to switch into consulting. I’ve been at the bedside for less than a year, but I’ve done a lot of internships at some big medical centers and involvement both in and after undergrad. Does anyone know of some firms that I may have a better shot of landing at? Worried I won’t be able to make the switch because I haven’t spent 5+ years doing direct patient care.


I have offers from Airtel and VMware, can anyone suggest which one would be better.
Package is almost same, it's just that airtel is giving all fixed but VMware has annual bonus and RSU's.
Airtel. (x- 1.5L) (all fixed)
VMware x ( including variable)

Experience- 5.1 years


Just found out someone who I considered a good friend is in the next county over illegally getting her hair done. I’m fuming but do I start a fight with her or just ghost her out of my life?


Hello Fishers

Can someone refer me for any of the following position in good Amsterdam based company providing visa sponsorship
- Senior to Lead DevOps Engineer
- Senior Site reliability Engineer
- Senior Platform Engineer
- Senior to Lead Cloud Engineer ( AWS)
- AWS DevOps Engineer
- Kubernetes DevOps Engineer
I have 7+ yrs of experience as DevOps SRE Engineer with tech stack: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Gitlab, Linux, Python, Java

Notice period: 1 month


Anyone have a clue when on cycle is?


Hey everyone. I am trying to till in details in the PwC onboarding portal for PwC Bangalore AC snd stuck at the Bank details section.

The Bank section only lists HDFC, Axis and Standard Chartered while I hold none of these and raised a concern with the recruiter.

Can't I use my existing bank's account?


Hello fishes.. has anyone felt like joining another organisation via moving away from my comfort zone , later regretted thinking, should have stayed in comfort zone itself

Additional Posts in Interview Experience

Hey guys,
Can you please help me with interview process for "AthenaHealth".
I am a 3.5 YOE Java Full stack professional
Skilled in Java, Spring boot and Microservices.



I was learning react from past 1 year and covered all advanced concepts and few projects too and got interviewed at a firm and was selected.

Now they are asking to learn angular and work will be on angular
I'm finding angular very difficult.
I thought utilizing mu react skills soon at work

But now I'm in a fix
Is it worth learning angular?


Hi fishes just 4 days remaining of LWD. Which one is better.
1. Sapiens
2. Rakuten
I'm Confused. Your valuable feedback please.


Has anyone attended Software Development Engineer , Alexa AI interview recently. Can anyone pls share their experience.


Sapiens Rakuten please share tech round interview experience with Sapiens and Rakuten for react+node+AWS fsd. I've interview scheduled with these companies on Saturday and Monday. Please help


Hi I am new to fish bowl. Kindly please like the following post so I can reach out to more opportunities. I am looking forward to move into good product based companies.


My interview status is showing Candidature is on hold after the Accenture final round. When can I expect the result?

Thanks in advance.


Hello ,

I have the following offers.please help me choose :

Jpmc (jp morgan)- 25 lpa fixed ,apart from that bonus is 12%
Bnp( BNP Paribas) - 26.5 lpa , bonus is 12% annually


Can someone help with interview questions for agile coach role?


Hey folks,
I got an interview call from for sdet and i really looking forward for inputs in interviews procedure and how's the company is ? What i should be preparing for my 2nd tech , culture fit and bar raiser rounds?


Hi fishes.
I have interview tomorrow in L&T Infotech tomorrow. Has anyone given an interview for the role of a functional consultant in L&T Infotech in the recent times?
How is the difficulty level? I have cleared KPMG India interview. But am however tensed and hence curious to know if the interview is tougher in L&T Infotech than a KPMG India in general?

Hola everyone,
I have 1.5years of experience in Angular and recently i started looking for job opportunities. I was hoping that it will take 2-3 months at least to find a job opportunity and then when i serve 90 days notice period then I'll have around 2years of experience. But i got an offer letter in the first company i interviewed at and they are offering 80% hike.
I think i still have many things to learn and i can do it in my current company. Now should i accept that offer letter or reject


I have been interviewed with EXPERIAN and got selected and i was informed that offer letter will be issued.

But its been 10 days i havent received the offer letter and they are not picking the call?

What should i do?


Hi Fishes, I have joined Zoom as a Software Engineer for India team.


Hi fishes,

My interview with Microsoft for SE2 was scheduled and cancelled a day before. Neither I received any email regarding cancellation nor the recruiter informed me. Two days later I got an email saying Microsoft is freezing hiring for certain departments and the recruiter is ghosting me. Will I even get a chance to interview atleast?


I gave interview for mindtree.. The interview was good.. But not getting any response from hr.. I gave on Sunday


Hello in Infosys careers portal my application status is Scheduled interview showing I last 5 days. So is there any one suggest me what is next ??


Hello fishes! Looking for some guidance on Oyo rooms interview. The hr gave me a brief idea on the rounds which in total is 5. Any tips, ideas, kind of questions asked..your experience, anything is welcome! Help a fellow techie!

Thank you!


Did you ever regret faking your skills/experience in an interview after joining the company?