My team is hiring a Senior Scrum Master and Agile Coach for a long term contract (2 years) who would oversee three dedicated scrum teams. It’s an in house role within the Fintech sector. MarTech experience strongly desired and must be able to manage up/influence across teams. Role is based in Orange County but remote to start—at least through May. Please DM if interested and can send you the JD + connect you with the hiring manager. Must have A-CSM or higher/equivalent.

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I have my MSHRM; which I got before I started working in HR, and a PHR but with this new HRM role I'm thinking of getting an HR Certification in Strategic Management. It is very costly. Has anyone taken any of these Certification programs? Is it worth it?


Product Sales Manager professional,having 6 years of experience in managing exporters & Importers portfolio (Trade Asset & Forex) in Banking industry and 2years of experience in Capital Market as an Assistant Manager Professional in broking Industry.Looking for better opportunity.



Received the verbal offer from ORACLE FUSION and BGC got completed by June 20th. It is been 3 months and hiring manager told there is hiring freeze.
Anyone have update regarding this ?


Hi Fishes,
Can anyone please refer me
UBS for analyst position. The job id is 255789BR

My friend has following offers from three companies after MBA (two offcampus and one from campus)

1. Finance Effectiveness/ EPM role at one of the Big 4
2. Deal Advisory role at one of the Big 4
3. Organization strategy role from one of the top consulting companies (not Big 4)

Which role offers the best exit options? All the offers from US support teams of the companies.
OS role offers better than the other two (only slightly), but I am interested in a good profile


Hi All,

I'm Looking for Job change, For TL/people management roles, Please help me out

I carry 6+ years of experience with the below Skills and Expertise - 6.5 total exp Migrated 8 process so far as pilot Batch.

Core Skills - Middle office, Collateral management, settlements, Margining, Risk management, Trade Capture, Client Services, Security Lending, Multiple Migrations & Team Management for 1 and half years, Validation confirmations, Data Reference,Static and Project Management.

Hi Sharks,
Can someone refer me for QA test Automation role in

YOE : 7.2 Years
Notice period : serving notice
LWD : May 2, 2022
Preferred location: Hyderabad
Skills and tools : selenium, Java , TestNg, BDD - cucmber, GIT, UFT

Verizon Verizon Media


Looking for referrals in OC&C Strategy Consultants for an associate consultant role. Any leads are appreciated!

Hello All,
I have been working as a mainframe developer for 7 years.
Now i want to switch to Azure developer as the Mainframe role is not providing expected hike.
Can someone recommend the best pathway or steps you have followed for switching to Azure developer from mainframe.
Any study plans you have followed?
Timeframe you took for prep and interviews?
Thanks in advance!!😀


My most recent position has provided great exposure at a leadership and strategic level but due to a change in leadership and restructure I’ve been moved around to support directors on strategic priorities and don’t really have any quantifiable deliverables to reference on my resume - any suggestions on best way to approach?


Fwd msg

I am hiring
Role- Incident manager (4 open positions) & Change Manager (2 open positions

Work Location- Noida
Minimum 2-3 years of work experience.

Anyone interested please DM me for more details.

Any openings for freshers Mechanical Engineer?
Preferred Job location - Mysore/Bangalore
Passout -2021

I have an interview for my hometown football team next week for a marketing coordinator position. I’ve been interviewing at a lot of places, but this one, I really want. I’m transitioning from sales/marketing account management to marketing… any tips to nail the interview and really stand out?


I want to get a data science role, but currently in a data engineer role, should I stay here and get more experience or try to transition into a data science role asap?
I have 1 yoe and currently doing MS in statistics


Hi everyone,
Just trying to open up my DMs here, I don’t have a cute dog but I do have this cool looking fella in the couch.

I’m abre Zealand based UX designer, seeking referrals for roles in the US that can provide sponsorship, happy to work in nearby countries that are in same time zone while waiting for visa to be approved also.

No specific industry, just looking for a good company with a good product, such as companies like Figma.

Thanks everyone.

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Anyone has Amex black card lol


Hi All, what would be the band in FIL India for Expert engineer profile?


Sleeping with the married paralegal, tell me more of a cliche.


Hi BNY employees,

What was your last rating ? Hike % & bonus % of CTC ?

Provide your input in comment.


I’m debating on pivoting careers. If I took time off to study and pass give/take 5 admin and dev related certifications do you think I could land a job on that alone? Or would I be wasting my time? Currently based out of NY and only experience is in auditing. Not satisfied with my job and have been seeing a lot of posts on Salesforce recently.


Does anyone have suggestions for the best RN to BSN online program. Preferably one that gives letter grades rather than pass/fail.


Im a Director of Strategy at a ~1500 person SaaS. My TC is ~175K, but feel a bit under-paid. Anyone have datapoints here? Levels is mostly product focused / FAANG


How much annual hike a lateral can expect after completing 1 year if ctc is 25 lpa and designation is senior staff consultant, provided 3 below categories.

1- Average performer
2- Commendable performer
3- Outstanding performer


Hi fishes,
I am currently working as Branch Manager (scale-2 officer) in one of the leading public sector banks and have 5 yr experience in core banking. I am having 2.5 years experience in the IT sector on vision plus as a software engineer (before joining the bank). I have knowledge of core banking as well as good knowledge of banking tools like finacle, caps, imac etc. I want to switch to private financial institutions.
Any suggestions about such institutions and the domain for I can apply


Siegfried Group -
I had an initial call with a recruiter and got turned down about 6-7 months ago. I was having a really bad day (just found out a relative had passed, more than normal work stress, ect) and just really had a tough time gathering my thoughts. I honestly should have rescheduled the call but I just didn’t really want to have to push it out and coordinate schedules again. Any chance I can get a second look? The career path aligns with my interests and my background is a great fit.


Any business analyst from this bowl?


I’m looking to break into the Cannabis industry as a copywriter. Any tips?


What are the different job levels (like 601,602 etc) in JPMC?



How do you get one of those big clients that keep you on a retainer? Every job I get is usually short-term or it just fizzles out, even when we get measurable results. So confused…


Is it common to mark up your own employment contract when going inhouse? Or do you just accept whatever.


EY, GT or RSM (Senior Position in Dallas) and why?


When is bonus being paid out in December?

Hi does anyone or has anyone worked the Relationship Banker position at Bank of America? If so what was your experience like


I'm considering pivoting to copywriting because that's the part of my role I'm best at -- a lot of the account management stuff is draining, but I can whip out social and marketing copy quickly & I enjoy it. Wondering if anyone has insight / leads on making the jump from accounts to the copy side when applying for jobs? 5 YOE, 3 in-agency with a mix of automotive and pharma + a side gig as a published author with muliple books (hoping that'll help on the creative / copy end?) Thank you!

Additional Posts in Project Management - Advertising

Any agency in LA or around SoCal looking to hire for project managers or producers any time soon? Would appreciate the help.

What’s it like to be a Project Manager for media (SEO, etc)? What is PM responsible for, what do deliverables look like, which team members do you work with, etc? Articles/VIDEOS welcome thanks!

Please, what's the best and affordable PM Certification/bootcamp. I appreciate every response please.


Are there any actual Product Managers here? Or is there a better Bowl I’m supposed to be in? I’m a Software Product Manager (mobile app / IoT).


Energy BBDO is currently looking for both a mid-level and Sr. PM.


I’m hopeful that some of the 11k+ people in this bowl can lend me some insight. 🙏

I’ve been in hot pursuit of a role in PM, assistant, junior, coordinator, producer. If it smells like PM I’ve been after it. I feel as though I’m consistently pushed towards a sales-ish role by recruiters “to gain experience” in a company so that I can move into a PM role for them. Is this a flat out lie? Are there any PMs here that had to embrace the suck of a cold call role before they could have the goal job? 😟


Hi! Does anyone know if it may look bad to a company reviewing my resume, that I am currently attending online graduate school? I am seeking a full-time Project Coordinator/Manager position because I only have two online courses per semester.

Where is the most money at if you are a PM with 5 years experience?


Hey folks! Anyone currently/previously/ close to a Design/UX Program Manager at google? Currently interviewing there for a TVC role and looking to know more about what it’s like working at google and how worried I should be about selling my soul


Hey fellow fishies, anybody have any insight on working at Ogilvy Health? Any red flags for PM?


Any Sr PMs out there willing to share their salaries? I’m hearing it’s a great market for PMs right now and trying to see how my salary compares to market average.

Talk to me like I’m in 8th grade. How are you calculating fte percentages of effort when doing budgets. I need help understanding the math and how you do it for a time period of like a few weeks for example.


Mid level PM with opportunities in Boston and LA what is a good salary range to shoot for?

Help! Guys, I’m hitting capacity, my clients email me direct about everything and anything.

How do I give my team access to my emails so that we can manage those tasks in a streamlined way.

I feel like I work full time job just channeling emails and tasks from my emails

Surely there a is a better way to manage all of this and still look professional 🙏


Hi All! Looking to tap into Scrum. I’m certified who’s hiring ? Let’s connect and have a conversation.


Has anyone transitioned from finance to project management here? Would love to hear about your experience and thoughts with it.


My title is Associate Director of Project Management and my base pay is 113k however my employer said I can make *up to* 40k in bonuses. Why do I feel like my base is too low? Thoughts? I’ve been a PM for 7 years.


Hi Fellow PMs. Would love to get some advice on career next steps. I have approximately 12 years of Project and Event experience, a BFA and PMP certification. What should I go for next? Another PMI certification? MBA? Just curious on what others have done. I just got my PMP cert in Oct 2021. TIA for your advice and likes for DMs. :)


That’s it. Done with this madhouse agency life… Looking for Sr PM roles marketing in-house, at a tech or SaaS company, or nonprofit. Advice? Tips? Encouragement 🙏🏼


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