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Are any firms hiring after the holiday? ABD student with IO/HC consulting experience looking to join a larger firm.


Any one who can refer me in ibm for blockchain developer role!?


Hello Fishes,

I am looking for a referral for a Strategy and Operations position with
Google. Would really appreciate any help. I can share my resume as well as setup some informational call if needed. Please DM me if you are willing to refer me. Thanks in advance!


Interviewing for a field engineer position at a construction company. It has already been told that it would expected for me to be available, if “fires” arise on my jobsite.

How do I ask professionally, how often I can expect to work more then 40hrs a week?


How likely is it for a big 4 consultant to get a PE ops role? Noticing all the folks in PE ops are former MBB.


Dear team, got interviewed at Amazon month ago..after multiple followups got an email from HR saying - "We appreciate your interest in Amazon and the time you invested in interviewing with us. As per the latest development we regret to inform you that we will not be able to take your candidature forward at this juncture as the opening is on hold but we will retain your resume in our active database and connect with you for an active opportunity arises.

what does it mean? :/ #amazon #QAE2


Looking for a Salesforce referral for a CSM role. Could anyone assist please? I don't have enough hearts to DM.


Dm me if any attorney is looking for referral to BDO. (US experienced hires only)


Any entry level Consulting roles or unknown Cyber apprenticeships for freshers and recent transitioners? I know this question is asked quite a bit, but I am searching for any updates as I am looking for my first role. I have Sec+, CEH, and Splunk certifications. I am utilizing TryHackMe, IBM Skillsbuild, Cisco, AWS, Microsoft Azure and other training daily. I am also attending career fairs and networking events and am very Clive on LinkedIn. Thank you!


Looking for a Kearny/OW referral in MENA region

Hi all. My 6mo rvw is approaching in <2mo. I am aware I will receive a performance-based raise, but not sure how much. My student loan payments kick back in shortly after and I could use some advice on how to ensure that raise accommodates as much of my new debt as possible. I have over 6 years of various office and FOH experience, but no degree. I often receive praise from coworkers and intend on revising my SOP to record every one of my tasks in my current position to cover my basis. Thoughts?


Thoughts on Director of Software Engineering at a small firm $165k base + 10% annual bonus. No stock options, no RRSP match. YOE 12, experience in current role 3 yrs.
Current compensation $140k, no stock options or RRSP match, but love the organization.

Any insights on in-house life at ad/marketing/media holdcos such as Omnicom, WPP, Publicis and Interpublic? What do exit opportunities from these companies look like?


Hi, I have recently attended interview in Citi. Cleared couple of rounds. It was through consultancy. JD shared to me was different for the role I was interviewed for. I’m a Java developer , but interviewed for Platform engineer role AVP C12 position. First round was directly conducted by on-site team and second round by a director. They have asked on unix she’ll scripting and few things related to infrastructure. HR discussion is in progress. Can you please advise what is platform engineer role

OD/OCM practitioner here currently with USI, looking to connect with leads from Deloitte Canada. Have about 6YOE, DE implementations/tech adoptions. Niche would be Finance and payroll processes (strong exp. in Finance transformation projects). Also, an AWS cloud practitioner and can take up cloud transformations projects. Versed with SAP SF, SAP S/4HANA, Fiori (niche), Oracle JDE and Google cloud (few modules). Anyone willing to connect/provide referral, tryna understand the process.


How do you hint to a client (who is constantly praising your work) that you would be 1000000% down for them to poach you and save you from the agency misery? Client is in the process of hiring for their team so it’s the perfect opp but…politics and professionalism and all that blah blah. 🤣😇


Currently job hunting with sponsorship to Canada, AU or anywhere. I am a Software Engineer based in the Philippines with 17 years of industry experience. I'm currently leading a team in a fintech company. I'm technology agnostic and have worked with different platform from smalltalk to react, I can work both front and back end. Please PM me if you have any opening and can accomodate me. thanks!


Hey fish lookin for advice - transitioning from a tech lead role (moderate technical aptitude but not an engineer) - to a less technical role. Advice on things to keep skills sharp or build them? Really love the DevOps tool pipelines so would love to learn and be able to do that...


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Does anyone have recommendations for a hair braider in London for knotless braids?

Happy Saturday GDS folks.. I wanted to know, do EY GDS sends regret mail after the interview.


Local counsel on a standard commercial real estate transaction wanted to have a conference call about issuing a form opinion so Borrower’s counsel fired him and found another guy.


Thoughts on HOL? Seems like an interesting space play and I’m sure will be targeted by ARKX

IBM Consulting What happens in PDM round in IBM? What type of questions usually asked in PDM round. Please let me know.IBM Consulting


I am working for a growth phase company that has a start up like work environment. My director just left and the position is open, VP just informed me that they will not be backfilling the role potentially adding a junior resource. I have mentioned I would eventually like to move to AD>D role in my development goals. D actually left due to wlb issues. I would be burnt too if I was in her place but I also think this is a good oppty to rise. Anyone been thru this? What did you do?


New to ofc… no Frnd’s at c2 Bangalore location…. Team is distributed across diff locations.. Ping me if in same boat and want to catch up.,..


Hey guys the ZS india bowl lead banned me can I atleast know the reason ?


I am a new teacher, and am starting to question if it is the profession for me. I love teaching, but find myself being drawn to the business world. Has anyone experienced similar feelings?


What is H+K NYC like right now?
How would you describe the culture, WLB, expectations, etc? Would you recommend to a friend?


Is there a way to include 80G donations as a part of tax declaration on EY portal


Hi I have first tech interview with square for a data scientist position. Can someone here please elaborate on what kind of sql and python questions one can get?


Bain & Company Are base salaries being adjusted up at Bain & Company for 2022? I heard McK was adjusting so wondering if all MBB is doing this.


I am going to join Publicis Sapient in few days .
One question I got either I will get desktop or laptop??

What are your routines for cleaning up after indoor recess?? My class gets so energized and loud during this time, and as they come to the carpet they are still having lots of sillies 🤪

Lexus LC500 fully spec’d (~$105k) vs Porsche 911 base (~$130k, spec’d how I like it)?

Genuinely stuck as I can see myself driving both for a long time. 30M


Considering a move to Canada from US... what are the salaries like in tech? Toronto or Vancouver?


Having 6+ years of experience in IT field. If I learn SAP PP, can I switch company and make it as a career.


Hey guys, what are some of the good options for PG in Bangalore? And what are some of the good areas for the PG?

Budget- 20-25 per month including rent, food


Looking for advice on the below.
We are thinking of selling our current condo and purchasing a new one. He’s the details.

Current condo value: $550,000
Mortgage: $375,000
Closing costs: $25,000
Cash received: $150,000
2 bed 2 bath 1000sf
Rate: 3.75%
Housing costs $3.2k

New condo price: $675,000
Closing costs: $25,000
Renovation: $100,000
New condo value: $900,000
Mortgage: $560,000
Equity in new condo: $340,000
2 bed 2 bath 1900sf but a lower level for an office
Rate: 6%
Housing costs: $5k


Additional Posts in Referral and Opportunities

Hi, Anybody from Uber, Swiggy and Hotstar willing to provide a referral ? Uber Swiggy Hotstar


Please suggest.

Both giving permanent WFH.
Senior Software QA engineer profile.

1. US Product Based company from Bangalore (not a big name) offering 20 LPA fixed. Work related to QA and Ruby Capybara

2. FWC providing deputation to customer Emerson (Mohali loc) offering 24.5 LPA fixed. Work related to UFT.

Please provide your valuable suggestions based on your experience. I am currently working in Product Based company. Not sure if I should join a contract job or a service based company.


can anyone throw some light on work culture at infosys(Bangalore). is it hybrid or wfh?

Hi Fishes,

Will it affect the BGV, if someone leaves the company without serving Notice Period after working for 3 months, because of unfavorable working atmosphere?


In how many days, post the technical round Cognizant will send mail for document upload.


Hey sharks, I need some help with your thoughts

Product owner role
Airbus vs VMware
Fixed is same in both, Airbus is paying higher variable pay amount and hence higher ctc.

I am also in the middle of interviews with some other firms but for now I have these 2 offers. Which do you think would be right considering WLB, opportunities and hike/growth. If someone from VMware can mention what's happening within the firm with respect to Broadcom acquisition, that will be helpful


12.5 LPA with 4% variable in Deutsche Bank as Technology Service Analyst
14.5 LPA with 10% variable in HCL as Associate Manager - PMO

HCL Technologies HCL Technology Deutsche Bank

Need POV on HR negotiation:

How to start the conversation with the HR on a counter offer. They said they will match the counter offer.
1. Should I give them the complete offer letter or just the pay structure?
2. Should I mention the name of the company?

How to handle these conversations and what should one ask/take care of?


Hi All,
There are various interesting opportunities in .NET/Azure and Power BI space at KPMG Global Services along with multiple other roles at multiple locations. DM for referral


I have an HR round from Udaan for a business analyst role.
How much salary should I ask for?
My total YOE: 4
current CTC: 9 LPA


Hi All,

I've total 3.6 YoE in "Automation Testing" & I'm looking for job change.
I'm serving notice period and my "last working day is 8 November 2021"
I'm looking for Product based company to join, please refer me if any opportunities are there. Thanks!😊


Hi fishes,

I have cleared 2 technical rounds in Iris Software and tomorrow is Manager round.

If anyone could help me with some questions that I may face in manager round


I have joined Capgemini before 1 month but I don't like the work and I have put my paper And I am on probation period And they are saying that still need to serve the 3 months of notice period this is very big organization I really don't want to work here


Need 11 likes for opening dm..please help me


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hello Fishers, I have below job offers, please suggest the best one to join.
Location - Bengaluru
Tech Stack- Java, Scala , spark, hadoop

HCL 16.8 LPA
TCS 15.25 LPA

Tata Consultancy
Larsen & Toubro Infotech
HCL Technologies


Hello everyone
I switched to data science 1.8 years back as data analyst earlier to that i have 2.5 years of experience as lecturer.
I am passout of BIT mesra in mechanical and from NIT Jamshedpur in 2017.

Right now my company promoted me as lead data analyst and giving me 15 lpa fixed.

Can anyone tell me is i am underpaid overall.