Need an acl + meniscus repair surgery for my knee. Can not delay any longer.
Anyone with experience knows how long I would need to be away from work realistically?

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I couldn’t walk for two weeks when I had my ACL surgery (but no meniscus issues) and that third week walking and going out and about was exhausting. Would wait a bit longer before traveling, the cabin pressure is bad for swelling (I had a different ortho surgery three months ago and still swell if I fly). Per the working remotely in less than a week point, that may not be a good idea with the painkillers (and I really don’t recommend tapering off painkillers that early, it was exceptionally painful)


C1 - it's probably wise to have someone around for a couple days post op especially if you're on painkillers and can't bear weight well.

I'd try to get a short local or remote project and take one week PTO in the beginning. There are a lot of physical therapy appointments and flying will be tough for a few weeks. I was 18 when I had mine but I vividly remember the doctor telling me that the titanium screw they put in would make my knee "feel" changes in pressure (in flight or even from weather)'s not painful or anything just interesting that I still feel something in my knee when pressure changes haha


Hey I’ve had 4 surgeries now. The reality is it depends. The pain is manageable, but if they repair the meniscus as opposed to taking it out you’re looking at a long recovery 2-4 weeks before you can travel


Meniscus is the tough part, you will likely be non-weight-bearing for a month or more. Mine was about 15 years ago, so things may have changed since. For only the ACL, I was limping around that afternoon. No work travel for 2 weeks, then back to normal.

During undergrad I had my ACL repaired on a Wednesday and went back to class on a Monday. Having to get on a plane would be harder and I would give it maybe 2-3 more weeks. You could def be back to working remotely in less than a week. I was in a pretty serious brace for six weeks. Not sure if meniscus repair would dramatically impact this timing.

Thank you people, I am worried meniscus will complicate things. I was hoping to be off 2 weeks but seems a realistic timeframe is 1 month

And what about needing help from others. Can I live alone after the surgery (Uber to physiotherapist etc) or do I get some family help

^Agree on having people around right after surgery, but in general you should be fine living alone. I was on crutches 7 weeks this spring and living alone without help for 6 of those weeks - uber/grocery delivery/food delivery are your friends

Mck1 were you off for 6 weeks or doing some non travel work?

Non-travel, and still am because of PT

I had a meniscus repair and was recovering for maybe 5 days and then back to work. They numb you up really well inside the knee such that (when only having the meniscus repair) you must walk out the front door to car.

I had a cane but went to a movie and dinner the first night while still numb. This was a bad choice as the irritation came back like a bitch the next day as the numbing started to wear of.

Surgery was Friday. I recovered over weekend and was on a train Monday. Moving slowly but very much under my own power.

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Hi fishes,

I have two offers with LTI and HCL

LTI 17.32 lpa .Working in insurance domain .Technology informatica pc

HCL 19.9 lpa .Working in ing account .Technology  power bi,congnos and informatica pc

Which one to join as per work life balance and future growth
Thanks in adavance


Folks, i have got an offer from KPMG as a Manager for Advisory profile, currently with EY working on APAC Market, would it be advisable to join KP SG?
Any idea on Projects and WLB?
This is for Tech consulting


Hi Folks,
Any idea/feedback about STG infotech Chennai in below aspects :
Job security,
They said work timings will be UK shift so mostly 2-10/11. And have to work from client location.
PS- It's not payroll and full time job.


Are FAANG companies really the place to be for SWE’s? I want to work for one but I’m worried about culture & work/life balance.


Parents: What did you do for infant care after maternity/paternity leave is over and both parents want to go back to work? Work part time, nanny, daycare, combo?


The people I worked with in Paytm payments was worst.

To people who are joining this organisation.

Please don't join there is no work life balance.
They don't care about employees they want only work.

My manager , senior tech lead, tech lead everyone left.

Many are on paper and lot of work pressure


What’s is like working for Morgan & Morgan. Compensation and work life balance. New York area.


So I am working as a UI UX designer since Jan22. I started with a really good project (everything from the scratch) with research, knowing the user etc. The project went really well. It was my first project that I handled individually. I got another project it also went well. Then I was told to work directly with a client, it's been 2 months already we work late hours and also on weekend (asked by the client). It feels like my personal life is gone. Do you think I should change job?


Hey fishes, let's do a poll!
What would you prefer between these two?
1. Great wlb, decent if not so good pay
2. Great pay, poor wlb

Edit: you are welcome to include a one liner reason supporting your choice.
I am trying to understand how people prioritise life & work.
Thanks in advance.


Six figure salary earners, how many hours do you work a week on average?


Life is way too short to work 16 hour days. How do you convince yourselves that working all these hours is worth it? I'm having such an internal struggle.


Hello fishes, I'm confused about which company to choose.
1. CTS - Senior Associate (23 LPA)
2. EY GDS - Technical Lead (23 LPA + 10% VP)
3. L&T Infotech(LTI) - Specialist cloud (29 LPA)

Primary concern is WLB & Job Security.
Tech stack : .NET + Azure I'm thinking of joining LTI.

Can someone throw some suggestions? #cognizant #lti #ey Cognizant Larsen & Toubro Infotech EY

Hi all,

Have an offer from PWC for 22l (fixed). Yoe-7
For senior product manager role in S&P global Market Intelligence, how much can I ask for with current offer in hand? Does S&P provide entire fixed or there is a variable component?

Also will help, if you can share details about WLB, average yearly appraisals etc..this will help me decide!
Thanks in advance !!


How do I say to my boss "I constantly drift off in meetings and when you're talking so could you please be more engaging or send this in an email?" without losing my job? Sometimes I'm in a meeting and when I leave I genuinely couldn't tell you what was discussed. Is there a scientific explanation for the brain fog I get with ADHD? Because it sucks.


I have an offer from
Naggaro - - 27 lpa
Delloite usi - - 29 lpa
Hitachi ventara - - 31 lpa
Which one is better in term of growth and WLB.
Please suggest I have 2 days to decide


Have offers from both Wells Fargo and Citibank. Need your views on deciding between the two. Here are the numbers
Citi: fixed-33 lpa variable-3 Lpa.
Wells Fargo: fixed 30 Ipa variable: 3
Ipa + 1 |pa joining bonus.
Yoe-6.2 years
How are these companies in terms of future growth, wlb, brand value.


How is the work culture at Rapyuta Robotics, Bangalore? How is the job security?

Any advice for asking to work from home?
I started my job just over a month ago and the one day a week I work from home I absolutely love. I have an hour commute to the office all other days and I'd love to even just get one more day at home. My manager is not aware of my adhd and I have crippling fear and shame around it so I'd rather not tell him. The office environment I'm in is honestly any neuroduvergent's nightmare. I know it's probably wrong to not tell him but I don't want any judgement.

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YOE : 4

Techstack Development Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes.



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Hey guys. Hope you are doing great. I'm looking for a non tech opportunity in domains like program management, operations, strategy etc. I'm a 2021 grad from tier 1 and worked with EY as an associate management consultant for 1.3 yrs and now have been working with Urban Company as a manager-2 in central category, handling strategy and operations but not liking the culture and the role here much.

Would request you to kindly refer if you have any relevant opportunities in your company. Thanks.


Hi Fishes, I got offer from IBM but the notice period during probation is mentioned as 90 days?
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can anyone tell me work culture of Ameriprise Financial LLP??

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Any idea about how the work culture etc is at the Herjavec group


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what boston firm has the best WLB?


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39F, gym member seeking fitness advice

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