Offer comparison advice:

Offer 1: 26Fixed + 6 Variable + 1 Annual Payoff ( India Sales, India Timing)

Offer 2: 22 Fixed + 8 Variable + 2 Fixed Night Shift Allowance ( US Sales Night shift)

Feel free to comment.

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1st one 👍

What's 1 annual payoff?



Offer 1, better to post company that’s what we are here for, anyway you r anonymous

Obviously 1st

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Anyone know the approx SC band at EY PAS Canada? Toronto office if that matters?


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I have received an offer in TCS accepted it and submitted the documents for BGC . The CTC i mentioned is 13L in iBegin portal and uploaded the same recent hike letter. But my current company held my offer of 13L and salary/payslip is with old offer and i have submitted documents with new offer letter which is 13L.
I am little concerned it might impact negative on my BGC..

Does they verify hike letter too ?


What's joining bonus? On what basis any company gives?

I m new for this term. Can anyone ans?


I have an interview with Cognizant for a Service Delivery Manager on Monday, and advice, recos, tips. I am well qualified and would be a remote with substantial pay jump.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.


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Hi Guys,
I am in Deloitte USI and wish to move to Deloitte UK / Canada remotely or onsite anything is fine. Someone please guide me.
YOE: 4.2
Tech Stack. Java, Python, PySpark, AWS


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Happiest minds VS Mouser electronics.
Happiest minds is paying slightly higher like 1 Lakh.

Which one should I join?

📚 Resource Thread

Drop your favorite books, videos, podcasts, courses, websites, mentors, etc below!

Help another user 🤝


Which of the companies will offer more "In-hand Salary" as per the below compensation? Please tell the estimate amount for both companies.

Would really appreciate your help!

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Hi fishes.... Actually I heard that CS doesn't provide laptops for new ENO joinees and tell to join from their personal lappy using CITRIX... Can u s confirm this rumour it's valid or not???

Hi all - Do any of you have steam radiator heating? My steam radiator has been horrible lately banging (so loud) every 30 min or so 24/7. I lived here the past 2 years and it was fine but this year it has been unbearable and waking me up every hour at night. I keep putting in work requests but nothing has been fixed. Any help would be appreciated I’m on the edge


Got a bit too drunk at a work happy hour. Nothing embarrassing happened but I definitely blacked out and could’ve said stuff that I wouldn’t have said sober. Everyone else was also drinking quite a bit, so it was fine but not ideal and I’ve just been ashamed. Lesson learned. This happen to anyone? How do you get over the shame/anxiety of “what happened?”


Don't join IBM guys, they haven't projects available.


Which FAANG is best for WLB? Forget comp for a second and vote


How long after HR discussions,does PWC release offer letter?It is for pwc Kolkata.


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi Sharks,

Experience : 4 years
Cctc : 8 LPA
Offers in Hand
Mindtree 14 LPA (DOJ : 14 November) HighRadius Technologies 16.5 LPA.
Which one to join ? Can I use HighRadius offer to renegotiate with Mindtree ?


During salary discussion, HR is asking me to share offer in hand without hiding company name. Should i share?
I have already shared offer hiding company details.


Hello Guys...
How is PWC for data Science Profile ?
Base Project Location - Kolkatta
Year of Exp - 8+
Relevent to Data Science - 3

How is WLB and Growth and Job security there

I will be having HR discussion on coming Monday or Tuesday..
How much salary I should ask ?
my Current CTC - 22 LPA
holding an offer of 23 LPA with 1 lakh joining bonus in happiest Mind and VOIS


i am .net dev with 3 yoe and got an offer with 15 lpa from one company. Its been just one year in my current company is negotiaing with me to retain should i stay one more year and try after one year again? or try and get more counter offers and switch?


LTI-LARSEN and Toubro Infotech is Looking for Java Developer,Fullstack and Springboot.
Experienced who can join in 30 Days will be Preferred
DM your EmailID with JobCode to Apply!!

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Hi I get selected for customer enablement engineer role in Adobe Noida. I have 4 years of experience. Any suggestions how much Fixed salary should I asked them.... Adobe Adobe Cafe & Bakery


Hi fishes , what would be the salary of the workday consultant as per market value now .yoe -4.5

Hi Guys, please suggest me between

Optum, Informatica, KPMG and Microland.

The CTC offered is almost same 30/40 k difference (give or take)

YOE - 4.9
Tech - Cloud DevOps

Thanks for your valuable suggestions!!!


Hello Guys
I am having below offers

1- from Vodafone(VOIS) with 22 LPA(8% Variable) witj 1 Lakh JB

2- From Happiest Mimd with 24 LPA(All fixed) with 1 Lakh JB

With respect to WLB, Career Growth, Annual hike, Job Security which one I should choose ?
Tech - Data Science
Total EXP - 8+ years
Relevent Exp - 3 years
Happiest Minds Technologies


I have an offer in hand from Ey india and kpmg ; both have same ctc 12lpa fixed.

YoE: 4.8

What should i do to negotiate: how much i should negotiate please advise

Hi,can someone tell me monthly income after all deductions?

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Please suggest on this.
I have one offer from Wipro. I had HR discussion with HCL and I submitted all documents, HCL yet to release offer letter. Meanwhile I got call for HR discussion from mphasis and Capgemini. I told about expecting offer from HCL to mphasis HR and he told me he will give me counter offer once HCL release offer letter. I did not mentioned about HCL or mphasis HR discussion with Capgemini HR. Capgemini paying less than HCL. What to do/how can I communicate to get atmos CTC?


hello Fishes,

I am leaving Accenture because of hectic work schedule and late night shift work. Because of this I was not able to give time to my 1 year old child.
However, I have few offers in hand as given but my priority are WFH and normal shift work:

Can you suggest, which organization would be good to join?
Thanks in advance.TietoEVRY IBM

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Which company is good to join for a 9yrs experienced professional in Performance Testing considering terms like wlb, learning track and perks. Package is moreover the same in the range of 22lpa to 24lpa.
1. Wipro
2. Citi
3. LogicMonitor


My package is 15 lacs... as salesforce much should I ask to infosys for SFMC with 6 yrs of experience


YOE 6.5 Years.
Tech stack Azure Data Engineer.

Tiger is saying the max they can offer is 20 lpa.
Tried to push for more,but didnt agree.

Is it expected as per the company?

How is the job security at Tiger Analytics?


Hi Fishes, Need some help and advice. I have 2 offers Autodesk 27 fixed + 10% AIP + 2 JB + 80K$ RSU Harman connected services 29 fixed + 10% variable + 1.5 JB Maersk: still to get an offer Which option is better in terms of WLB? Does Maersk provide RSU? Autodesk Maersk Harman