{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Overheard couple on first date last night - all was going well until he told her he voted for Trump. She told him she was marching today, went to the bathroom and never came back 🙉🙈", "post_id": "5883647ffb167d00161ee6e5", "reply_count": 130, "vote_count": 316, "bowl_id": "552d1d24dc1c586b09d2d051", "bowl_name": "Consulting", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Overheard couple on first date last night - all was going well until he told her he voted for Trump. She told him she was marching today, went to the bathroom and never came back 🙉🙈

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You absolutely talked about NYC and bans in the same sentences around functionality though you didn't define what you meant by functionality. Having lived there and hunted in the state, I owned guns there, I spoke to that specific instance.

Yes overall violence is down but again, that doesn't change the fact that the US has more gun violence and gun crime than any other country in the industrialized world.

Guns are far more lethal than knives or blunt objects and can kill faster and more effectively. You are cherry picking numbers and not looking at them in the context of overall global trends. We have had an increase in the frequency of mass shootings in that time period.

Lets look at countries with higher rates of gun ownership like Canada that have less violence. Lets look at the reduction in gun violence in Australia.

The goal is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. If we can't track the chain of custody, how else do you propose we do that?

Tracking the chain of custody has resulted in a reduction in diversion and improved safety in pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive, nuclear and other industries so it is a proven concept.

It is the same reason I would be in favor of voter ID. It enables the implementation and tracking of a registration mechanism and can enable monitoring and measurement. This is a control to prevent fraud.

Whether it warrants the solution is up for debate but it has proven an effective control mechanism for identification, like traceability and registration has to monitor and prevent diversion.

Increasing police typically increases reported crime. This happens in the same way that we find more doctors in places with sick people.

The 80's saw an increase in crime. Into the 90's, NYC saw a decrease in crime that Giuliani got credit for with increased spend on policing. The reality was that crime fell across the country regardless of spend for an assortment of reasons. The reality is that more police don't necessarily decrease crime and we have stats to back that up. Chicago could hire thousands more and I doubt it would solve the problem.

The drug war is a mistake and should end. It creates the market that drives much of the violent crime.

We already have mandatory minimums and that hasn't really changed much as it isn't a direct incentive for a criminal who regularly faces risk of death.

We can look at other countries but until we can run an effective US pilot it is hard to provide US proof. Chicago's strict laws are meaningless because Indiana is a short drive away.

There is a ready supply of guns to meet demand.

Do we really need this many guns in the country? Inevitably with that kind of supply there is leakage like in every other market. Guns and crime aren't that different, they are driven by supply, demand and incentives.

You have to do things to reduce the demand for illegal arms like ending the drug war. But if you reduce the available supply of guns, you increase the cost and reduce the demand.

You can't get to proof in the US market because you can't isolate the other factors you mention and you can't control market supply like a city, with so many adjacent nearby markets that can meet the supply need. We can only look to other countries for %'s related to education, GDP, etc. - and the availability and access to guns is a major differentiating factor.

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Marched right the fuck out of there.


Lol, that's one p he won't get to grab.


SA1, I know you must feel so offended, but most educated, intelligent women I know would have marched right out too!!

Guys, please do us a favor and tell us who you voted for on your tinder/bumble/CMB profile. Thx in advance.


Good for him, really dodged a bullet there.


Omg this is so ridiculous. Why do we constantly have to believe the closest people to us have to think the same as us? @OP married for 15 years - he is Jewish I am Christian - we believe diff politics (he was trump I was Hilary) if anything diversity in a team (in family life and corporate life may make for some@uncomfortable situations but it has been proven over and over that the most effective, innovative, and high performing teams are ones the with people who are different. The team members would say it was uncomfortable environment at times etc but the results say those teams perform the sharpest


^totally agree shouldn't be a deal breaker who you voted for, however,this woman was passionate about women's rights and hating trump, and he stood his ground and defended his vote. They started arguing, couldn't agree to disagree. We actually ordered another glass after the check to watch how it all played out. Highly entertaining.


K1 - Thinking differently is one thing. Having fundamentally conflicting values is another.

From your comment I get the impression that you don't have enough successful dating experience to know the difference.


I love how not supporting trump means you're close-minded lol. The irony.


Agree with OP. It's one thing if I'm already married to him, but just meeting or getting to know him? No thanks. I'm not willing to have a guy who doesn't care about my rights.


@manager 1, nice humble brag and thinly veiled insult to anyone that doesn't think like you. I know women from Ivies and prestige that voted Trump. And if we need to put who we voted for on dating apps, then you girls need to put how many guys you've slept with and how many guys phones/emails you've hacked into. Guessing from your post, #s are probably both high.


>"Definitely would have walked out."
>"...haven't met a single woman from my schools who voted Trump."
Is it possible that you've created a bubble around yourself by actively avoiding those with opposing viewpoints?


The reality is that Trump won 53% of white women.

He won for multiple reasons and more often people looked past his crass statements because he represented radical change. He was low campaign spend and hardly Republican.

He was a populist that spoke to people in between the coasts, plainly, that HRC had forgotten.

I watched Samantha Bee and Maher and as I watch them, I see more clearly why Trump won.

Liberals are speaking down to those that don't share their exact beliefs and perspectives. They push away, they don't reach out to connect. Caring about climate change as the most critical issue is a luxury to those trying to pay their mortgage, medical bills or send their kids to college.

People care about the lives in front of them first and when you have job loss, wage stagnation and an opioid/ heroin addiction in middle America, that is what is pressing.

Can you imagine HRC or Nancy Pelosi at a fish fry?

I don't at all share most any of Trump's or the Republicans social values either but I can see and listen objectively.


Definitely would have walked out. My husband didn't vote but he's more of a trump supporter than a trump hater and I am much more on the other end of the spectrum. We had so many fights during the campaign for this election. While it's good to hear differing viewpoints, I can say that the only reason we are past those fights is that my husband still believes in facts and can be reasoned with. When it turned out some of the info he heard was from alt right conspiracy blog sites w 0 credibility, he knew to step down. Can't say the same for all trump supporters (eg some of his friends who sent him those links).


Showing your vote is like displaying your private parts. Keep tucked in!


Exactly M1. Also, it would have been a little bit different if it were any other Republican or Independent. I get that people can have great relationships with differing political views. However Trump is a grade A slimeball as a human being. I would have walked out too.


slut shaming K1? wow. i feel sorry for whoever you end up marrying. i suppose you expect her to stay barefoot and in the kitchen too 🤦🏽‍♂️


Yea, your rights are going to be completely eliminated, you won't be able to vote or work in 2020... come on women, grow up, be less dramatic, and concentrate on what's important


K1, I'm from Ivy League. Didn't mention before because I DON'T like to humble brag like you suggested. I haven't met a single woman from my schools who voted Trump. Women from ANY party. I've only met one woman that complained her husband made her change her vote, and another that is trying to blend in with her newly married family. Both situations are sad AF, and I would no longer call them intelligent. They don't see that they are burying themselves into a hellhole of a marriage and this is just one symptom. And in both situations, ironically, it's like they have no rights.

So again, I wholeheartedly agree that any educated, intelligent (should I add, brave?) woman would not vote for Trump.


Stand up for your beliefs. She had every right to leave or stay. Her decision.


Glad I could be of service. 😘


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To each his own or her😉

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