Pros and cons of: PwC’s P&O vs. Accenture’s T&O

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Worked in both practices. Overall very similar cultures - many people at PwC have worked at ACN and vice versa. Since PwC is private, we have a lot more perks (like getting a corporate phone, booking business class tickets at M+ if you fly 75k/year, etc..). Both are historically industry driven and both have moved away from that recently. ACN has a regional model, which I feel really limits opportunities. Bonuses at PwC are significantly higher if you are a high performer but the cohort model can limit base comp. I found ACN’s base pay to be fairly in line with PwC’s but heard they are working to be more competitive. Total comp at PwC tends to be higher based on my 5+ years working at both. I do miss the employee stock program at ACN though. Can be quite lucrative


I really like our leadership

PwC 1 y’all hiring

Yes, but only in pockets - we are going through a reorganization right now so it’s pretty need based. Things may open up a bit in the fall depending on demand


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Hi fishes pega systems vs Telstra for java developer
Both offering same pckg.
Which one will be good with respect to work life balance and future growth


Which is better company to work with PWC or CITI Corp. BOth are giving the same salary


Please help me. I am joining Accenture as Application Development Senior Analyst next week. Please tell me how is the company? Does it have work life balance? Do they have short term projects(6-8months )or long term projects(1- 3 years)? As a Accenture employee, do you recommend me to join it? Accenture


Hi fishes,
I interviewed with
Siemens Energy for SAP ABAP position on 21st Jan. The interview went on for about an hour and in the end, the interviewer asked my expected ctc and wanted assurance if I won't negotiate on Siemens offer with some other company as i am currently serving notice period and join Siemens if provided an offer.
Till now , the HR team has not reached out to me for salary discussions and my LWD is 7th Feb. Can i expect a call or i got rejected ?Siemens

How do you negotiate when you go through a 3rd party recruiter?

I just got an offer from Magna, one of their locations in Michigan. Base is $95k and 10% bonus. Although it's higher than my current salary ($74k), this position is higher and I will be supervising 4 people as Assistant Financial Controller. I went through a third party recruiter and I don't have much experience working with them. The company is sending all correspondence through the recruiter so how do I negotiate?


Hi, Will there be onsite opportunities in EY India??


Hi, can anyone help me with the work culture of icici bank- for Business Analyst Profile.
Location- Hyderabad
YOE- 8 yrs

Hi fishers,

I am having infosys offer 16.60 lpa with 15% variable as technology lead, and epam system is in process and they are providing software engineer designation with 20 lpa.

Which one to join as per growth, culture and future.


Hello fishes, need some help. I work for a
company which pays me 10|pa. But I also
have a client who pays me 28 Ipa. This is
my side gig and I want to keep helping
my client but I need to put in 4hrs at least
But now I have 2 offers
Walmart: 25.5 fix + 4.8 var + 3.5
rsu(vested 4 yr)
Zomato: 30 fix + 7.5 ESOP(vested
4 yoe in iOS
What to do?


Hi Fishes,

Is there any SQL Server DBA / Oracle Application Support position in LTI??


Hi All!

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer(Backend) with 4 YOE. My current CTC is 21LPA (All Fixed) with additional Yearly bonus. I got a call from
Google (Pune/Bangalore/ Remote) for Software Engineer - Backend. I have the following doubts but any insights are welcome -

1. Does the lower designation offered make any difference?
2. Kinda ambiguous, but what kind of hike or ballpark pay can I expect?
3. Any similar interviews experiences or focus areas I should prepare for?


Hi guys
I have offer from PwC for 12.5 fixed and Accenture is 15.24 including variable.

When should I counter PwC?

I still have 75 days for LWD.

Plus my LWD and joining date in PwC is same.
Will it cause any issue?


Hi Fishes , I never gave interview with Accenture because every time tthe position would get closed. Now I am left with 15Days NP. How can I get refferal? Because accenture syStem says profile already exists.Accenture
Accenture India


Unify Technologies Hyderabad based.

What should I expect from Unify if i join them ..?
Role : Sdet
Is it permanent remote?

Please helUnify


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If anyone wants me to send their resume to a hiring manager at AB, I’ll be happy to refer you.


Vacant room in a fully-furnished 3BHK flat in Sector 30, Gurgaon. Price: ₹11.3k. Interested women can DM me. 👍


Anybody else have trouble sleeping in new hotels? Would rather go to same client site for a long time, inconsistency kills me


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Dear friends,
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please help 🙏

open for all the locations in India

current location: gurugram

I will be thankful to you all🙏


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Roast my terrible financial progress but appreciate I’m getting there. I’m 30, $130k base, no debt. Below is my financial layout. Your thoughts:

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2. $3,800 into VFIAX adding $125 every Monday
3. Roth 401k $35k. $10k OUNZ, $5k gbtc, $20k VFIAX
4. Roth IRA $25k $10k OUNZ, $10k VFIAX $115 a week auto every Monday, $5k GBTC
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What makes a successful intern application video? The bane of my existence. Wanting to v/o or show my face in it the whole time.

Has anyone been a Salesforce administrator or know someone who is? Seriously thinking about making the switch even though know it pays less for the remote lifestyle.

Any books / movies about life and career of partners of professional service firms?


Hi Folks,

Did anybody in CTS land in Canada with a work permit raised from the project ?

I want to buy a new home and then sell my current home after we are moved out. Current home is a VA loan, is there any way to buy the second house on a VA loan?


Anyone work here or have any insight into salary?

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Can I get off of a litigation I don’t really want to work on? I am assigned to litigations A, B, and C. I am currently at capacity with work from litigations A and B. I want to get off of A, keep B, and that way I will have capacity to work on C. I like C way better. The work and the people on the team. How do I get off of A?!


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PAS team at EY: any insight on project pipeline, team culture, and pay?

Mainly interested in salary range for Staff and Senior in Workforce Advisory (Chicago)

Thanks in advance!


Has anyone taken the SHRM-SCP? Any study suggestions and impressions of the test?


I’m in Deloitte human capital and want to eventually (but sooner rather than later) move to industry doing internal talent/people stuff. My coach recommended getting SPHR or equivalent. Thoughts?

Hello Friends

I am looking for someone in the C-level or at a very high position in the marketing, tech or HR/Talent space for a critique of some materials.

Somewhat urgent and I would be eternally greatful.

Happy Holidays!


I saw a posting at Deloitte that says range is $78-144k and that “at Deloitte it is not typical to be hired at or near the top of the range “; any idea on where they typically hire at for this role? I’d need to be at $125-130k and no idea if that’s reasonable.

Curious about what sort of projects are available in the OCM space at Deloitte. Ready to take on a new role soon and seeing whats out there.

Experience in tech implementations (Salesforce/Workday)
Also worked in automotive, wireless and finserv industries


Thoughts on Prosci or SHRM-SCP certification? Which would be considered more valuable or highly regarded? Currently focused on Change Management but have a HR background (industry experience / area of study in college).


Is the SPHR or PHR license necessary to pivot into human capital? I have a MBA from a Top 15 school. Any thoughts?

Any recommendation for online courses or certifications that might boost my knowledge and CV on Org Development/design topics?


Just had an interview with PwC OWT/DDV. Can someone tell me more about what it is like working in this group? Types of projects, culture, WLB, exit opportunities? Thank you!


Posting on my wife’s behalf - We recently moved to the US and she is currently looking for a good role in HR consulting. She has previously worked with KPMG, McKinsey, Korn Ferry and WTW in Talent and Org. consulting practices in India for about 12 years. She also recently cleared her SPHR certification. It will be a great help if anyone can refer or aware of any job openings in NYC area. Thanks!


Can anyone here provide insights on PWC P&O projects / work and comp for an experienced associate?


What is the scope for HR Consulting in Canada , I recently moved from India and currently working with EY as a senior in their PAS practice and just want to understand the scope of hr consulting and salary in Canada


Do different companies have a methodology dedicated to technology change? Like tech implementation? Or is it specific to the product? Or high level to org change?

HR M&A, does anybody know what type of work this role entails? Within it there's a Strategy, DD, and Integration team. Thanks!


Is it easy to get a nonconsulting role in Social Impact, Corporate Social Responsibility, Purpose & People? MSHR and SHRM-SCP with 10+ years of experience in compliance, global mobility, people development, workforce strategy and disability advocacy.


Hi All, I’m thinking about getting certified in change management but not sure if I should go the Prosci route or CCMP route. CCMP is a lot cheaper compared to Prosci but would it measure up just the same?

I guess it would be similar to the discussion of the SHRM-SCP vs SPHR.


Any folks know what it's like working at one of exec search firms?