Quitting before finalizing offers?

I’m at post onsite and negotiation stage at a couple places but it may take another month or 2 due to either hiring freezes or general slow processes.

I want to quit now to go on vacations that I held off during prep. Does it make much difference when I negotiate offers? Like if my upcoming unvested RSU would be (partially) matched, and they find out I quit somehow, is it no longer matched? Other potential snags?

Already burned most of my PTO interviewing.

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Sign an offer and lock in a start date before quitting. End of story. Not the other way.


And typically people allocate their monthly income/paychecks on rent, utilities, groceries/food, etc so if you quit now and don't have another job officially lined up, then you'll need to figure all that stuff out. Job gaps are also annoying to deal with in the case you're not able to land a job right away.

Having a current job while trying to get an official offer from other companies is a big safety net.

I did that. Don’t sweat it homie, I got like 3 offers with no start date. Took a vacay and one job dropped me but the other two had start dates ready

It was a gov contract and the company that was going to hiring me, lost the contract to the gov agency.

During negotiations mention you're joining next month but you need to sign contract to leave your company. And you need 1 month gap for reset. This worked for me many times.
I never took more to than 3 weeks gap. It worked like a charm. As it was less than 1 month, I never had a visible gap in the resume.

Evil Knievel would!!!

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I found so many job postings for various positions in sales at Amazon I have applied to them on LinkedIn. But Amazon never responds to any of my applications. I have 6+ yoe worked with big companies like Nestle, Reckitt and now at Allergan. I am a well seasoned Sales professional. Can someone help me out with the hiring process ?Amazon Amazon India


Hi Friends,
I am currently working as Audit senior assistant at deloitte USI and my promotion is due in upcoming June month in deloitte. I Got an offer from KGS australian region as senior 2 position and hike is 25% from current package. I heard that worklife balance is good at KGS normally it is 8-9 hrs max job in a regular day but quality of work is not at par with deloitte USI really confused about whether should i make a switch or stay back in deloitte and wait for promotion?

Hello fishes,

Can anyone refer me for Visionplus role?


Any lawyers in Los Angeles work at firms that are hiring? I’m a 6th year defense lawyer and am interested in changing things up. Open to different practice areas, not particularly interested in big law, and want to work somewhere with a hybrid WFH option.


If anyone know BA openings, please let me inform.
BA in Cards/Swift Payments
Serving Notice period in TCS


YOE : 4

CTC : 22 LPA fixed

Role: SDE 2 (IC4)

It's been a year working at Oracle now. Should I switch or stay for a year more. The technologies seem outdated. Instead of Java, I'm mostly editing xml files. Most development is UI based using JDeveloper. I feel like I'm not learning enough(not learning tech that'll be useful elsewhere).@oracle

I work on-site in a manufacturing facility. I'm leading a project where I'm the expert. I want to transition into a more flexible/ hybrid role (not necessarily with the company). How do I bring this up to my manager?


Current MBB EM/PL, 6 YOE, with offer for a BizOps IC role at Brex/Marqeta/Plaid/Stripe/Square. Base+bonus of $200k. Should I be negotiating for more pay or higher position?


Experience letter with technology you have worked on and duration is one of the requirements , tcs mentioned in their ibegin portal for offer acceptance. Could someone recently joined Tata Consultancy, let me know whatever normal experience certificate which we received from company i.e. duration, current position, that is sufficent for them?


Hi Fishes, how much do the post-graduation college matter while applying for Bain & Co.? when one has the relevant experience, skills, and certifications mentioned in JD. Also, any leads on referrals would help.


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Have a Program Manager interview with Google this week. Any tips or useful resources for preparation?

Hi everyone. Me and my girlfriend just moved to Brussels and we are looking for a referral for her.
She was working at
Deloitte until last month. Previously, she did her internship at McKinsey & Company, but for various reasons we had to leave Belgium (and McKinsey).
She is in the HR (recruiting) and she prefers to work again for a big company (even at Deloitte BE, but not necessarily MBB or Big 4). She would also consider smaller companies for mid/senior roles.
Any help would be appreciated!


I had a Strange conversation today with a recruiting manager: 'Recommended you for a M1 role, based on your interview and the position we're looking to fill, but the HR said there are constraints in processing your profile since your YOE is lesser than EY Benchmarks'

EY & EY-Parthenon

My YOE - 5.5

Post MBA Work Ex- 2.8 (Will be completing 3 in May)
Tier - 1 MBA

What is the minimum YOE needed for a early Managers in EY ?


How much fractal analytics pays for grade 8 I meant consultant position in India Thanking you in anticipation


I have been offered a position in-house at a $500M-$1B company, mid-sized city LCOL, 10 YOE in private practice. They offered me $120k, w opp for undefined discretionary bonus. No paid parental leave or 401(k) match & only 1 week PTO in first year (but claim they have discretion for more). Is there any way to salvage this? Salary guides suggest TC should be around $200-215k. I want to get my foot in the door but this seems crazy low.


Hi all,
I was recently asked by a fellow recruiter how soon they could leave a role they didn't like. My gut reaction was to say "stick it out for at least a year."
One, to avoid the perception of job hopping and second to truly give the company a chance to prove / fulfill promises made.

But, given the current market I'm questioning the 1 yr mark. Interested in hearing thoughts on when you feel its appropriate to call it quits and why.


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16 lakh per annum at Capgemini or 12 lakh per annum at EY?
For SAP WM consultant with 4 year experience.

Please pitch and respond.
I need clarity on opportunity and exposure.


What are some things you guys outsource to save time and/or money? Lately I've been thinking it would be nice to find someone to make medical chronologies for me. I didn't even realize it was an option until my friend who does PI told me his firm hires nurses to make theirs. Makes me wonder what else I might be missing out on.

Hannity declared Trump the winner guys! Go home election's over


I’ve seen a copywriter posting at periscope and would love to learn more. Anyone work on the creative side there and know about the role? Thanks

It aint much but the least I could do

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Does anyone know if you failed to submit the last test let and the exams ends, does that test let go through? I had my exam today and by the time I would submit I exam ended, now concerned, help!

Best book YOU read in high school (for me that's a shocking amount of years ago) and why it was the best! Go!


Has anyone made the move from NYC to Colorado or Salt Lake City? I’m generally curious if I should pursue it.


What is difference between EY technology consulting and Business Consulting. Can anyone help?EY

Referral campaign in CTS.

If anyone is interested and suits for the below mentioned skillsets. Kindly DM me

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Hi Folks,

I got an offer from Accenture in SAP domain for 32 LPA ( including VP) plus a joining bonus. I was previously working @ 18 LPA. My YOE is 8 years.

I have cleared many interviews( Deloitte, TCS etc) but no one is ready to match the offer of Accenture.. or maybe they are waiting till my DOJ.

Please help me with your suggestions on whether or not my offer is sufficient as per current market standards and also what more can I try to get a more suitable options.


How long will UST usually takes to release the experience letter and salary after last working day??
my lwd was on 20th


Any recommendations for an Ob-gyn in the Hoboken/ JC area? My wife prefers female doctor. TIA.

Got a UTI and tend to get them after sex a few times a year. Anyone have the same issue? What have you found helpful?


Any downside to leasing to a corporate company? I have never done it before but they said they would handle any turnover needs like cleaning. It seems like they are the middle company for providing short term leases for business needs.


I’m in TAS and I have 1 YOE with my current company and 2 YOE in RPO. I’m only making about 48k. I feel this is really underpaid! I’m in Columbus, OH


This guy helped me today finding a bus stop and then thanked me for talking to him. He mentioned people aren’t as social in downtown. I was in a rush and forgot to tell him that I’d be happy to be friends with him. How do I find him now 😩😩


Wat is the comp range for IC4 amd IC5 at Apple Austin ? TIA


What is the title for rank 42 ? Scon3 or associate manager?

Legit question: now that 90% of you all don’t have an expense account or travel, why are you doing consulting? Wlb and pay are shit, professional dev opps are good but can be developed in 2-3 years - so why not leave after


Additional Posts in Software Engineering

I’m a CS student ready to start a company.
I have the idea, the skills to make it, and a couple good clients lined up.

I don’t know anything about the business side or how to structure the company.

I would really appreciate advice or resources!

PS: I know this question fits better in other bowls, but this is the only one I have access to. If you know how to unlock other ones lmk :)


Hi Everyone
Anyone here from Adobe? I need a refferral. I am having Job Id with me.


I’ve been working as a data analyst for about 5 years, and I’m wanting to switch careers into SE. I recently finished a python course, and I’m unsure of my next steps. I’ve seen some posts about pros and cons of boot camps or learning additional languages but with my current experience, would either of these be a realistic path to get a job? Or would I need something like an additional degree to get my foot in the door? Any advice is welcome!


Has anyone heard about scaler academy? Would anyone recommend?


Atlassian vs mcKinsey digital, which one should I accept?
TC:- "almost same" ,
stocks:- atlassian has stocks, mckinsey:- no


Can I find employment at Deloitte with very little knowledge of C++?


Which company pays the best for someone with 8+ years of Cloud Computing experience?


So you fell down the wrong rabbit hole…what to do next? Did two years of app development loved it, pay was bad at the company I was at, transferred to a cyber gig 2 years ago. Not enjoying Cyber at all or learning any skills applicable to other things. Feel like applying out is iffy because I havent done it in two years and wont land well. Is side project to prove worth the only way out?

Anyone working in Palantir Technologies could you help me understand how to prepare for the Production Engineer interview rounds?


How different are software salaries across the globe.

State your role and seniority, salary in dollar value and lastly in what currency you receive your salary in.

Medior frontend, $73k in euro 💶


My husband is going through the interview process at Vanguard for an entry level software engineering role. He just graduated bootcamp but had been self studying for years as well. He's definitely junior level. What kinds of questions should he expect in his technical interview?


Today I got a bug report from our customer support team. Our system can technically bill people in increments of a fraction of a cent. When it actually bills, it'll round to the nearest cent.

Today, someone complained that they were charged $x.44, but the system determined that $x.441 worth of services were rendered. They were confused why our system didn't round up to $x.45 and insisted on a fix.

This got through a customer and 2 levels of support before it got me. It was rounded correctly.


Any referral for java profile.

Experience- 2.7 years .

Skills- java , spring boot , mysql.


Wrapping up the interview process at Microsoft for a senior software engineer position. What salary, bonus, stock options should I ask for? 7 years experience. 4 leading teams.


I’m starting a job as a Computer scientist for the Air Force, civilian side, next month. I rarely touched code since I graduated in 2020 but I still know the basics and can still read code just fine. Is there anyone else who works as a computer scientist/ SWE with the Air Force who can give me any tips or any insight into what working federal is like?


Looking to transition to a new career, possibly to SWE. I have a physical science background with some student loan debt. Before I dive into more student loans, I wanted to check out some Software Engineering boot camps....

Any recommendations? What's your personal experience? Are they worth paying, or is college the way?


Lead Engineer vs Staff Engineer - what is the difference between these titles? Is one better than the other?


Hi, I have been interviewed for the Vice President - Engineering position at JPMorgan Chase . The first interview result was conveyed within 3 days. Regarding second interview, I am still waiting for the result. It's been more than 3 weeks now and have not received any response about it. The job application status shows "you are under consideration for an interview". Can someone let me know the general timeframe to receive a response, should I keep hope in getting the opportunity?JPMorgan Chase


First post, not sure if this is the best bowl to use but here goes. I’m wondering if anyone can share a bit about their experience working at MongoDB. I have seen they are hiring for many roles and am curious to hear about their experience. In particular, I would like to hear about software engineer roles. Currently I work on database engine C++ code and have seen some roles that indicate continuing down this stream would be possible with my skillset.


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