Range of salary for senior consultant in HSBC?
Tech stack-java, springboot, cloud.

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Hi.. I am working in TCS as a BA (Third party payroll) , recently my team has started the process of bringing me on-board TCS permanently ?
Is there going to be an interview for the onboarding ??

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Which company pays more for Data Engineers in Bangalore, India. Amazon or Google

What would be the salary range for 6YoE

Which would be better place to work if both companies give similar CTC!

Hi, I have FE technical interview with @IBM this Friday. Can anyone please suggest how to prepare? YOE 4


EY 1- talks a lot but nobody is listening.
DB 1 - Barclays 1’s little brother
JPM 1 - goldman 1 less attractive friend
Managing Director - is probably an associate at best
McKinsey 1 - wears tight colored maroon pants
Pwc 1 - made it to UBC video interview and got extremely nervous


Anyone willing to give referrals to B4/T2/MBB strategy? Currently a strategy consultant at a financial services consultancy in the US, trying to get out of being pigeonholed into financial services and honestly get to market comp - our levels are kind of pathetic with inflation.


I have two offers in hand L&T and Quess Corp (Client Tavant) which one is better to join

What is the approx salary band for a Senior Consultant with 5 Years of Experience in @PWC AC Kolkata?

Tech Skills: Guidewire, Selenium,Cypress,Java

Thanks in advance.


Hi All,
How is mphasis sbi project in Mumbai location?
3 years experience (they are providing 9.5 lpa with 70000 vp)
Present organisation Infosys and Bhubaneswar location
Any Lead should be appreciated


would you make a switch from a big 4 to Simplus? expecting to get an offer from them and any info about them would be appreciated. I've seen a bunch of reviews on Glassdoor etc. - pretty decent


I heard about the EYDGS office in Kalyani Nagar and the fact that its a small shared office space with limited capacity.. Also there are new about EYGDS opening up a new bigger office in PUNE location.. For the benefit of the new joiners who are arranging the accommodations on a long term basis Can anyone please share some insights about the new location...


I'm an audit manager. Curious what kind of offers folks here would expect specifically from public tech companies in the Bay Area. Is it reasonable to expect a meaningful bump (>20%) in base salary, in addition to RSU and bonus? What is "normal" in terms of a four year RSU grant?


Can someone tell me monthly and quarterly how much will I be getting? As performance bonus is high, seems like monthly in hand will be less

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Welcome to the Salaries in STEM bowl! Please use this space to ask any questions you have - anonymously or not - about salary and compensation in the STEM industries.


Negotiating for a Director role at Visa. What is the avg base and what can i negotiate for outside of base?

Extra stock options? RSU? Sign on bonus? Extra PTO lol?


Does barclays provide any diwali bonus ?


If you had the opportunity to leave consulting and work in industry doing the same work (which you like!) minus the billable hours, sales goals, and terrible wlb but you would be in a location that is less than desirable to you, would you take the job? Assuming you are satisfied with the pay.


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Do other big 4 have Executive Assistants? KPMG is saying they are doing what other big 4 models are using. Do the partners and MDs do their on admin work?


I am currently overseeing the Americas/Layan real estate portfolio of a big consulting firm, based in New York City. Aiming to move as I have been here for a long time and learning curve is fairly flat. Any ideas of comps with other corporates? Have 15+ year experience in real estate


If you haven’t done so yet then you should check out Class Pass. Way better than going to some crappy globogym.


Could someone suggest a really good attorney for a contested divorce case in SF Bay Area ? Thanks

Are there any chill circuit court clerkships? I am just wrapping up a super intense/busy district court clerkship and am not looking for something that intense for my next clerkship, assuming I clerk again at all. I would still like the experience though given that I hear the skills gained from each are quite different.



I worked in a company for 15 days and resigned officially. I got Form-16 from the company and salary which I got is half of what is in the Form-16. When I discussed with the company, they mentioned we reserved the difference amount considering 7 days as notice period.

Am I eligible to fight and get the full amount???

Please share your experiences/thoughts about it.

Thank you.


Boxty and Rashers (Irish Potato Pancakes topped with Sour Cream and Chives served with Bacon) - A Traditional Irish Breakfast

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Hi anyone work on the technical SAP side at Deloitte? I have an offer there in SAP Basis administration and it sounds really good. But I’m curious what the work culture is like.


Looking for brand strategist positions in NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Austin


Does anybody else think that the Wharton Slack & Discord groups are kinda quiet/inactive compared to admit groups from other schools?


It's that time...🦃

What's one thing you're grateful for in your life or career at the moment?

Drop it below! 👇


Should I launch as an independent sponsor or do a search fund, or try to enter PE as an associate or somewhere in the ranks (if I can even land a role).

I have no pure play PE experience, but 15 YOE in aerospace, 5 YOE in corp dev, and a top tier MBA. I've been CEO of two startups and MD of a joint venture.

Independent sponsor role and economics:
-CEO of acquired company
-$250k TC
-20% carried interest

What's the consensus?


Does anybody have a basic DTC Facebook Ad testing framework they use? (And be willing to share)


Hi All, Can anyone suggest which offer is better for a BA payments role? Finastra : Senior Product Owner HSBC Technologies : Senior Business Analyst YOE : 10 yrs and package is same for both.. But I want to know from the perspective of learning and growth?

AST Science. IPO after 2 funding rounds without a properly defined product. They’ve reached out to me via an outsourced recruiting firm (Pandion Research). Offer consists of stock options potentially worth “millions” in 3-4 years. What’s your take?


Anyone have any experience with Mission Cloud Services? Primarily looking at their managed NOC and DevOps services


I just LOVE my new colored wine glasses (from glasshauseco.com)!! Going to pair these with some rosé - What are your favorite rosés?

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Is anyone else offended that our veterans don’t get the day off?



How many times you get a call on weekend?

Why i have to pickup call on my personal phone when i am available on teams and email?

Getting a call after my work hours after completing 9hrs a at why should i pick up?

Does this happen only in Indian IT companies?


Additional Posts in HSBC-India

What are the Designation level at HSBC GSC for Hyderabad location. What is the band for Assistant Manager

Could someone please tell me the salary range for AVP in HSBC Decision Science division

Hi HSBC sharks, my CCTC is 17.4LPA (Fixed). I have been offered a position at HSBC for Senior Analyst position. They are not offering a single rupee more than 30% i.e., 22.6LPA. What can I do to ask for more? Or it is their maximum at this position? Please help


How much time did hsbc will take to release offer letter after 2 rounds of technical discussion?


Hi All,

Please confirm HSBC salary deduction it only shows basic salary+flexi + pf+ gratuity but no other things like professional tax etc are mentioned in offer letter...will it be revised while joining or just the same

Anyone who have this knowledge please confirm


Hi Folks,
Need suggestion,
I have given an interview on HSBC, When I got first call from HR I discussed expected CTC 30 LPA and HR agreed to it but during final round with project hiring manager they said maximum they can provide is 27 LPA.
Should I accept the offer?
What is Annual Bonus and Increment?

Exp: 9 years
Position: Senior Avaloq Developer

Hi HSBC guys, I need a referral in HSBC. Can anyone please help me

I have an offer for Consultant Specialist GCB5. Not sure what the role is..is it a team lead role or is it a junior role? I have 10 yoe .. is it apt? Pls help Thanks

Hi All. Just wanted to know what are the components of Flexible Allowance Package for GCB 6. And how much can be claimed under which component. Offer letter showing 12 lakhs as FAP.


I have an offer from HSBC EDP Pune. Joining in Dec. Which hotel accommodation does HSBC give ? Anything you can share that will be helpful for my shifting from Hyd ? Appreciate your help in advance.



Hi fishes,
Wanted to know if we have medical insurance and if so the limit and the dependents list.. I'm joining soon and am not sure of this


hi fishes

I had applied for the role of business analyst and have cleared one on-line assessment WHT could be the next stages any idea

Hi , is there someone who can refer me for an open position?


Hi Sharks,

Need a suggestion : 

How many members does HSBC India HSBC allow to be enrolled to be part of the Medical Insurance policy ? Does it allow Parents and Parent-in-laws both ?


Anyone from digital business services team?


Does HSBC support certifications like CFA, FRM? Do they reimburse it?

How many days does it take to receive the offer letter after accepting the salary offered/ salary negotiation??

Hi, what technology is used in HSBC for text Analytics?