React.JS Developers -3+yrs experience,in depth knowledge in JavaScript,CSS,HTML,and front end languages.Company : Accubits Accubits Technologies,We provide permanent Work from home option.Interested can share their profile to

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Hi folks,
I hold an experience of 4+ years in Sales as wealth Manager, and right now working with the Fintech company.
I’m looking for new opportunities which has remote location for sales or business development profile.
Please let me know if there’s any referrals and I can share the resume for the same


I need a side gig. I have been looking for a part time work from home kind of thing but no luck at all. I work full time and am a mom 2 kids under 10. My ft job is not cutting it. I’m barely making it. It’s hard finding a work from home job to work evenings or weekends in the NY or CT area…any advice or suggestions??


Is anyone else's firm resorting back to work from home?

Covid cases are rising and I'm getting nervous about that


Would like to get a flexible schedule wfh and only M-R to take care of a family member. Any idea how the firm would go about it?


Does A&M hire people in cities without a FDD practice now things are remote? Or would you be required to move?


I received an offer Friday for a new role that my mentor referred me to & she’s the director of the team. Its more in line with my career trajectory, fully remote, and the culture seems great. They offered 80k and told me the range is 70-80k and they were excited to offer the top of the budget. It’s a little amount but I was hoping for a min of 80, but really like 82k thinking about the role. Do I bother asking since they gave the disclaimer top of budget or ask bc there’s prob room?


How’s wlb in exl… for Bangalore location do they provide wfh option.. how’s office culture? For 10 years exp they are offering me Manager position… is if good and what shall be the package. Please help.


I’m thinking of applying to UnitedHealth Group as a senior accountant. The position is fully remote. Does any know what it’s like working for them? Also, does anyone know what the compensation looks like for this position in Arizona? Thank you.


Hello! I’m new here and looking for positions in talent management specifically as a Talent Business Partner or HR Business Partner. Open to relocating but more interested in remote positions or local in Washington DC or Northern Virginia. I have a master’s degree in I/O psychology, SHRM-CP and 7+ years of talent management experience. If anyone is hiring, please let me know!

I'm a MERN stack developer with 7 years of experience . I wonder if i can get a job based on my skills. I wanna permanently WFH & will give my best to the company.

Can anyone refer?

I am looking for permanently remote position that is no tied to US time zone or is subjected to European time zones(flexible hours).

Any recommendations of companies hiring for data analyst or junior data analyst positions?

My work place is and has been quite toxic and lately micro managing "everyone". My health can't take it anymore.

Companies hiring remote data analyst.


Accidentally fell asleep on camera during a dept meeting just for a moment. I wasnt feeling well. No one said anything. My boss emailed me right after to shame me for it and asked me to apologize to everyone for being "disruptive".

My boss is often passive aggressive but only with me. She also micro-manages everyone. I suspect she resents that i am the only fully remote employee (I am ill). I apologized to avoid issues.

Am I wrong to think she is over-reacting and singling me out?


Is it common to work from your home office for months. Joined 9 months ago and been doing short term projects from the office for the last 6 months. Am I missing out on the experience of being onsite?


Welcome everyone!

This is going to be an amazing community of professionals who strive to continuously improve themselves and upskill as per their career choices.

We are professionals who find opportunities cross borders. We are not limited by physical boundaries.

There are various remote-first companies chiding remote workers. We are professionals who want to stand out and work with companies abroad.

We are professionals seeking global opportunities and exposure to various cultures.


Is PWC india Kolkata providing wfh?
Advisory LOS
Data and analytics


Need Referral🙏

Just a week left to find a new job.🥲🥲
I was asked by my previous employer to look for a new opportunity in just 3 months after joining due to no projects. I was given 28 days to look for a job in which i tried my best, only got 2 interview calls but both HR ghosted me after clearing 1st round.

Skills - Data Science/ML, DL, NLP, Python,SQL, Aws and snowflake.
Yoe -2.5

Request anyone with relevant opportunities to please DM me.

Prefered location - Remote, Pune, Banglore.


Hey everyone,
Software engineer with 2.5 YOE here. I applied to the Software Engineer with
Amazon Music position and got through the first automatic filter and now have to take the coding challenge, work simulation and work style survey. Does anyone have any tips?

Also, how is the WLB and the team at Amazon Music? It is remote since it’s a virtual position I am assuming.


Hey fishes ,
I wanted to know about the hybrid system of work, like how many days a week WFH and how many days for WFO .
Will be joining next month, so just wanted to know about this.


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Anyone want to case this week/weekend?


Hi all, anyone willing to be DM-ed to share typical projects/culture/wlb in SEAA region, PEPI practice? Planning to make a switch!


Components of Total Cost to Company

Rs. (Per Annum)

Basic (@40% of Total Fixed Pay)


HRA (@70% of Basic Pay)


Bonus/Statutory Bonus


Employer's contribution to Provident Fund (@12% of Basic Pay)


Flexible Components of TFP ^


Total Fixed Pay (Per Annum)


Total Variable Pay (TVP) (Per Annum) (*)

What is the expected CTC for a +7 year experience in .Net + React in the current job market?

Anyone find that early in your consulting career ADD was an advantage... new projects, new colleagues new clients, etc. In brainstorming sessions everyone would come up with 5 ideas and i [CONT]


Anyone to refer in Wipro. Will share the job id


I have a degrees in biological science and public health, but I have mainly worked as a recruiter. I have always wanted to work for big Pharma companies or Biotechnology companies as a scientist. Any tips on entering the industry? Any companies hiring?


New to all this. Does it matter with who you open a ira or Roth IRA with? Was thinking of using Chase since I have a bank account with them already. Any benefits to using someone else?


Hi Fishes,

I have 6 years exp and i have 5 offers having ibm , fis global, Fujitsu, Accenture and Hitachi energy all having almost the same salary .

Could you please suggest to me where i have to join.


What's the easiest way to crack into tech coming from consulting? Do I need inside connections? Can my background translate? FWIW I do have tech experience


Any one following the narrative or risk story about how the next generation (us) is primarily buying the market through etfs / passive vehicles. Something like the majority of marginal dollars into the market is via passive and the risk it creates as discretionary liquidity disappears? If passive investors sell, or flows stop going into 401ks/TDFs, could trigger massive vol?


My package is 15 lacs... as salesforce much should I ask to infosys for SFMC with 6 yrs of experience


I just don’t know you guys. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? The logical side of me says just do it. But there’s something that’s stopped me and continues to stop me… not sure what.


Have you ever backed out of a job offer after already accepting it because you got a better counter offer?


Are basically all firms going to require mandatory vaccinations? Our firm has flirted with the idea but unsure if they will follow through. Curious to see if others have experienced this?


10/30 Thread (General):


Any idea when hike letters will be rolled out? Also how much percentage of hike at persistent one can expect?

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Weekend Drive(Virtual) 17-18 Sept for Below Technologies in LTI-Larsen and Toubro Infotech.
*For Registration, Dm your Email with JobName*

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Requesting you all to provide 11 likes


#LTIMINDTREE Weekend Drive for BA and SAP-17th Dec 2022.

Interested Candidates Share Your EmailId along with JobCode.

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Hi Everyone, I am seeking an opportunity in the Digital Marketing domain. I have been working in this domain for about 3 years now. During this stint, I have worked both on a freelance basis and full-time to get as much hands-on experience as I could. I have good experience in SEM as well as paid socials ads. Along with this I have also worked on SEO side on a few websites. Let me know if anyone here can help with something relevant, will really appreciate it.


Hi fishes

Having 5 years of .NET fullstack development experience. Looking for job switch. Please let me know if any referrals or openings...


Hi Fishes, i am currently looking for a job change. My current role and responsibilities are as follows:
Role : Technology analyst
Technology : Tableau desktop, Tableau server, Tableau prep, Advance SQL, Python
Development methodologies: Agile, waterfall
Certification: SQL intermediate and advance (hackerrank), python basic and intermediate ( hackerrank), currently preparing for alteryx and tableau data analyst certifications
Work experience : 5 Years
Any referrals will be highly appreciated.


Hi All,
I have 4 years of experience in automobile sector and I am looking to work in IT industry to start fresh towards my passion. I have basic knowledge of manual testing and would like to reboot my career in IT. If possible I am also looking forward for SAP- software testing opportunity where I can apply my 4 years automobile field experience clubbing it towards IT field.

Can anyone help me Or give a piece of mind. I am willing to learn and work.


Hi Team

My organization is hiring for multiple roles. I can share the referral if anyone is interested.

Business analyst (4 open positions, job location: Bangalore)

2. Customer Success Manager(2 open positions, job location: Bangalore)

3. Sr. Customer Success Manager (1 open position, job location: Bangalore)

4. Customer Success Manager - Singapore (1 open position, job location: anywhere in Singapore)

5. Associate HR Manager (1 open position, job location: Bangalore)


Hi all, I'm looking for a job in Novartis. Please let me know if any of you could refer me.


Hello Everyone.

Tata Motors is hiring for various roles in Design, Program Management, Quality, Operation, and Sourcing functions.

Feel free to connect if anyone is interested.@TataMotors


Dm me for referral

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Product Sales Manager professional,having 6 years of experience in managing exporters & Importers portfolio (Trade Asset & Forex) in Banking industry and 2years of experience in Capital Market as an Assistant Manager Professional in broking Industry.Looking for better opportunity.


Hi Fishies, Im a application suport engineer with 7 years of experience. Java and dotnet, sql application. Please refer me for opening with immediate joiner


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Happy Diwali to all..😊😊💥💥💥


SAP Mega Drive on 12th Nov in LTI- Larsen and Toubro Infotech.
DM your Emailid along with Jobcode to Apply!!
All LTI Locations!!
#SAP #HIRING #Opportunity #Opening

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Immediate Joiner
Experience - 6.5 years
Skills - Functional testing, Manual Testing,Agile/Scrum
Domain - Cards and payments.
Location - Bangalore
Looking actively for new opportunities