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Hello! This isn’t an answer to your question, but I wanted to ask what are the courses one needs to do to learn AWS and where should one start from?



What is your role, level and CTC offered at Amazon?

I also am in the interview phase . I gave two tech rounds last week no intimation yet. How much time did it take them to revert after the tech round .

Around 1 week


culture is same whether you are in aws team or any other team

If you talk about my exp, its very bad culture here in amazon, I have never seen in any other company this kind of culture.

Why would they hire to fire you? Nobody has that kind of time.

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I’m just over 1 year in a supervisory role. I have a team member who is moving on in her career. I would like to do something for her that I would be willing to do for any other employee in the future when they depart. I was thinking a card wishing her well, but also wanted to add something to it. Does anyone have ideas? Is there anything you do/have done? Or would appreciate? Bare in mind turnover is inevitable, so I something financial realistic that can be done time & time again.


Planning on applying round 2 this year - is 6 schools too many? Any suggestions for good, “safety” schools to consider? The bulk of the schools I’m looking at are M7


Hi Fishes,
My notice period is 3 months but companies do not call up again or further interview process after hearing this in my exp. Should I state the np as 2 months? Please advise.


EY India is hiring for FP&A, Commercial Pricing and PMO roles as per the below qualification and experience requirements. If anyone fits the criteria and is interested, pls DM will refer for the following roles

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YOE ~3 years
Currently working with TCS.

Role - QA automation tester along with experience of manual testing.

Business area - BFSI

Skills - Selenium, Java (Professional) SQL,HTML,CSS,TestMG, Eclipse IDE (Good) Python(learner) along with JIRA and Excel proficiency.

Open to referrals. Please DM.


I’m currently a project manager with 2 yoe looking to eventually pivot into the product management role. I want to take a certificate course. Would it be best to do a ux/ui course to understand product design more or just a product management certificate? My work is paying for it and I want to take advantage of it.


Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if I have not heard back from a law firm about a week for a job position. Is this a sign that I should move on?

Context: For the job position, I was originally interviewed for one role, but was later interviewed for a different after having my second interview with an attorney. And also, is this a good or bad thing?

Thank you so much in advance. I really appreciate it!


Hello fishes, Help needed in selecting the best company. I have three offers in hand:
1. Nagarro - 28.5
2. Hashedin by Delloite - 30.3
3. Globallogic - 35

Consider the CTC is almost same since the other companies can match. Need info for Work culture, quality of projects.

Nagarro Hashedin by deloitte GlobalLogic


I am having 4.2 LPA with 1.6 years of experience in my current organization and now I got offer letter of 6 LPA from TCS. Is 6LPA very less? As my friends are saying. Please let me know because I was the one who asked the expected salary only 6LPA and also I accepted the salary breakup.

If anyone looking for any TRICENTIS TOSCA/ETL/SELENIUM automation testing related role then I can refer in my company. There are few positions open. Feel free to DM!


I recently learned from 3 different employees that left (voluntarily) they were making 98-105k. They were outside candidates and were all hired within the last year and for the same position, and same regional territory. I have worked for the company 3+ years and went from a core position, to large loss. I was given a 10k raise putting me around 78k. Yes.... some of these individuals have Lardge Losss experience but does that really make a 20-25k difference? Any advise!?


GCP data Engineer positions open for experienced personals.

DM me for referral

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Any RBP companies in Philly or remote hiring?


Anyone working in Insurance Tax (Premium/State/Excise/SUT/etc.)? I’m feeling undervalued and burned out. I have been in my role for 5 years and I’m making 80k. I’m a top performer and on top of my defined role I also train new hires, manage the interns, and serve on several committees. Is this what I should be making as a Specialist? I generally enjoy what I do and the people I work with. Do I need to jump ship?


How is Maruti True Value Project?


Hi Fishes, I'm a Python developer now and I need to switch my role related to AI/ML for long term.
Currently I 've planned two options and I'm bit confused which road i've to take:
1) Do Masters degree in Canada, after that try to get Job in there or US.
2) Do any Master Programs in Here (India) and get a job.
Suggest some ways other than this also welcomed.

YOE : 1.5 years as Python developer

Skills : C, Python, Excel in writing SQL queries, Swagger, Microservices, Docker.


Hi everybody,

If you need referral in scaler academy.

Then ping me you will get 10k discount.

Ping fast!!!!!!

I just was in a 3 process interview, which included modern hire interview, interview with hiring manager and interview with senior director(Boss’s boss) for another company. The hiring manager liked me and the interview went well to progress, the next interview also went well. In this situation who would make the final decision to hire me? And what would be the reasons I could miss out on the job after having a 30 min final interview (FIT) with the senior director


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Whatsit like to work for moto hospitality


Does the firm care if in the current remote model you work for a McKinsey & Company US office but live physically outside of US for a couple of months? I know people move across states these days but what about outside of US to Canada or Mexico?


Hi All, Wanted to know how is hike in Cognizant?what is the annual increment percent offered?


People often get promoted and hired because people like them not necessarily because they have the skills. True or false?


Have been unemployed for 7 months- it’s been pretty hard, anyone know of opportunities? Mainly business strategy in tech. 10 yrs exp, 5 years post grad school, extensive startup experience (open loc)


I’m feeling just horrible today. The worst I’ve felt in a while. Anyone else get better and then, BAM, spiral into suicidal thoughts one random morning.


What are the best consulting companies in the US focused on Sustainability, either Strategy or Ops?


ADD or Burnout?

I'm having difficulty assessing whether my resistance to doing my job has to do with burnout or ADD. Is there a way to tell the difference ?


How do you get past losing sections and not just giving up? To come so close to being done and now having to start my CPA journey all over again, just gives me zero hope


Has anyone tried applying for a SIN online recently? I am a PR but do not have a permanent address yet, so wondering how to go about the proof of address requirement?


My team at sweetgreen has 2 Senior Technical Program Managers roles to fill in LA + OC. Base + bonus negotiable but could be high $100s to low $200s. Equity is on top of that. DM me for a referral!


Mid 30s 👩🏻 planning a 5 day solo trip to Portugal end of Feb. I’d like to do a day trip to Sintra. Spend two days each in Lisbon and Porto. Any recommendations? Thanks


Interesting Latin brunch spots? Here’s my starter list so far:
• Cosme


When you run into the intern at a circuit party 😳🤫😬


Community managers, how has the pandemic changed the work you do?


Hi All,

Climate science PhD looking to move into consulting -- but first need to get enough likes to participate on here. No pets- so here is a picture of a baby fur seal taking a snooze.

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Hello Autodeskers,
I wanted to understand how RSUs work in your favour? I mean if I am getting rsus amounting to 40% of my package, and another company is matching the package with all fixed, should I still choose Autodesk package? How about selling them and taxation? Is it really beneficial or risky?


Please lay out the path to wealth for me


Is equinox worth it? Looking to go 3x / week on avg…


I’ll sound lazy it’s so nice in industry not having to log your hours


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Hi Amazonians, Could anyone please tell me what are the shift timings of Cloud Support Associate in AWS.?Amazon Web Services AamazonAmazon India Accenture Larsen & Toubro Infotech Infosys Tata Consultancy Deloitte Newco


Hi Amazonians,

I got selected in Amazon for Business Analyst role. Can you help me on how much CTC I should expect for this role

YOE : 3.5 Years
CCTC :12.5LPA + 3L stocks


While filling the relocation request form of AMAZON , which option to select -
1) amazon assisted move OR
2) self managed move.

What is difference between the two ????

What benefits i will get if I select any of them.


What is the CTC for a L5 Program Manager (Non-Tech) at Amazon. Any guidelines, tips for negotiating at Amazon?


Anybody from Amazon Web Services - Open Search team? How is work culture?


Hi fishes

Need your expertise...can you please let me know the exact questions asked generally in behavioural rounds for business analyst and same for bar raiser

Do they also ask technical questions during these rounds

What can I expect as part of salary for yoe 3 as business analyst

Please help contribute....hope this helps other people seeking similar roles


Wjat questions should I expect for BIE role at Amazon ?

I have a phone interview scheduled tomorrow. Please help.




What would be L5 upper fixed range
(non technical program manager role)
Any thoughts would be really helpful.

Adios Amigo 🐠🐠


Can we change to different roles or teams just after 6 month in Amazon?


Hi Fellas, I will be joining Amazon as L5 Program Manager in CMT. Can anyone share insights on the ROAD TO LUXEMBOURG for this role and opportunities that Amazon provides in this regard.Amazon Amazon India Amazon Web Services


Hello Amazonians.I want to be Data Scientists. Can anyone tell me what is the basic step or in which profile do I need to work? Currently I am working in Compliance Operations.I need rough idea from where to where I should I move to be a Data Scientists. I am bit confused.Please help me.


Hey sharks
Iam naveen working at Amazon as transportation specialist L3 for almost a year.can I please get any suggestions moving to L4 or get better pay than this in any other roles.