Recently got an offer from Oracle for IC4: YOE: 8 yrs Salary offered: 35 LPA + 30% variable My entire experience has been on AWS cloud(rich data experience), is it worth learning Oracle cloud? Any idea about the chances of Oracle cloud in future? Oracle Oracle India

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Ossi gives only fixed component

like a days they give 30% variable components atleast in North America consulting org

Why they are offering you variable? Were you having any counter offer?

No counter offer. I was told in OSSI, there 70/30% concept. 70 fixed and 30 variable.

Is 35 fixed or total ctc offered?

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Hi Fishes,
Please help me in selecting company considering Good wlb, job security and career growth.

Concentrix Catalyst- 24 lpa wfh
2.Societe general- 24 lpa banglore hybrid
3.neudesic-18 lpa wfh

Techstack - .net fullstack. Yoe- 4.9 years

Concentrix Catalyst Société Générale Neudesic LLC Concentrix Globant



I am a recent grad and new joiner at ACN but I definitely want to switch to an MBB at some point. How long should I wait before starting to network and make the switch?


I’m in the running for a role that is more junior but has a crazy growth opportunity (and let’s be honest, it’ll be easier / better balance). I’m fine with a pay cut but I want the higher range (cont)

Hello! I am yet to have my HR conversation with Telstra Any idea what I can expect for Neo4J Java Springboot YOE - 5 Current fixed - 13.5 Expecting - 24 Please let me know what everyone thinks since Neo4J is niche.


Hi Fishes,

I cleared 2nd round of interview with state street and HR round is still pending for Senior Billing Associate. YOE 4.5 yrs
I asked for 12LPA and was asked to wait.
What are the chances that they would get back or negotiate?
Kindly help


Do Backend Engineers get more compensation as compared to Front End Engineers, having same years of experience?


Anyone here who started from cloud devops role and transitioned to data science. Is it hard?


How to pivot into consulting with corporate operations experience?


Good morning everyone, I’ve recently downloaded the app and really dig the user interface. Currently I’m looking to “pivot” into Interior Design and I’m curious, is there any advice someone may give from their own journey? I know not “one path” may exist but I do believe there could be intersections.


Is anyone here an analytics engineer? If so what do you do, and what are the main differences between your job and a data engineer?


Hi, does anyone know the salary of a manager in IT Audit (or regular audit) in the big 4 in Singapore? Also, do you know what the working hours are like in normal and busy season. Thanks in advance



Was reached out for the “financial due diligence experienced associate” position. What experiences will be appreciated for this position? Had previous experiences in tax, financial projections, and investment research.

Thank you!


Which one is better- Zscaler or Mcafee?(profile - Security researcher)
Zscaler- offering 15.5 CTC (location- Mohali)
Mcafee- Cleared all the rounds & Hr round in on Monday ….might get an offer from them as well.(location- Bangalore).
Current - 8.5 lpa ( 2yrs YOE)


How rigid are practice & office alignment at EY? Considering an offer in FSO Digital Strategy on the west coast, but want to understand how difficult it is to switch if I later determine there’s another practice more interesting to me, or if I’d want to move office locations. TIA!


Advise: I’m in cyber management consulting and doing really good career wise but now I got an offer to take on a small niche bank as CISO. Should I take it or try to get that partner offer 🤷‍♂️


I am a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer(TME) with 13 years of experience, all in
HPE, India. Am I underpaid with 31 lacs per annum? I do have the following perks:

- permanent work from home since 2017.
- work in a worldwide team with manager in Germany
- no micromanagement
- 1 week travels 3 times a year to Europe/US.

Other details:
- reside in Mumbai
- experience in SAP, Analytics, cloud, storage and data protection domains.

How much are TMEs and Tech PMs being paid currently?


What is a payscale for a scrum master with 2 yrs of experience

Looking for inputs and insights into developing Executive Presence as an immigrant female. Any books, tutorials, live classes etc. that has helped anyone and willing to share? Also looking to hear what in your experience has been the reason that impedes the exec presence someone could potentially bring in a senior leadership setting. How does that differ for a M vs. F candidate?


Comp range for Director of Strategy and Ops in CPG industry?


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Any PMs from JPMorgan NYC in here? I have a product day next Wednesday and curious what to expect. I know there’s a product case and want to know how to best prepare for it.


Anyone been ghosted by Apple? I’m seven interviews in and heard zero from my recruiter. I’ve followed up a few times. Their response ‘you’re in the mix, please be patient’ I don’t feel I can follow up again but deeply frustrating after so much time and effort


Good place to work with?

While working an “average” amount, do you find that your are generally able to shut down and not work on the weekend? Are you generally able to avoid traveling on Friday’s and Sunday nights?

What is consulting like? What’s your day to day? I hear good and bad things


Is anyone working in Morgan Stanley as a contractor of Hays ?

How does the conversion happen? Does it even happen. I got selected and the offer is yet to come post successful completion of Background verification.


Thoughts on COVID having long term impact on company WFH policies/preferences?


Barclays Tenured employees...
Does anyone received goodies like Backsack , T shirt and Cap ??
What is process to get it?


Hi Fishes
After how many days does Hexaware will release offer letter after the final selection and documents.
Please provide suggestion .

Sleeping is the most enjoyable. 🤣🤣🤣

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Looking for referrals for Support Manager role. I have total of 11 years out which 4 years of experience in managing a team of 10 engineers.


My friend is from sales domain with over 3 years of exp, worked previously in sbi cards and is out job now. please help with referrals


Is it possible to transition to a financial analyst position from a risk consultant with an economics background ?


What kind of health plan, a PPO or HDHP, would you recommend to someone that goes to an out of network provider?

Went under contract with a buyer for my condo last Saturday (6 days ago). Inspection has already been done, no issues and buyers aren’t asking for any repairs or price adjustment. Last night my realtor emails saying they’re switching lenders to US Bank. The rate stated is the same as their original lender, so unsure why they’re switching as terms are the same. Their realtor claims it won’t impact our closing timeline, but could there be something shady going on?


Happy 245th Birthday you glorious bastards!!!

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Thinking about switching hospitals in the next year or 2 but I am nervous I will be payed less/have less bonuses. How do I figure out if it’s worth leaving my current hospital?


Advice for mentally and physically regrouping to work and bill full steam ahead after falling off the wagon for a few days? Had a very busy March with pretty high billables and April has just been out of sorts and I need to keep going strong.


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I have joined ofss around a month ago. I have been asked to watch few videos and they have given work to me. I am not able to understand many things and have lot of questions, there's no one to answer. How can I tackle this situation?


What kind of devices do developers at oracle OCI teams use? Macbooks or windows/linux machines?


Hiring started or still there is freeze period going on?pending offers?


Hi fishes, in urgent need of your suggestions.

One of my friend is having offer from
Oracle Pune for software developer role in Oracle store team. but he does not have clear idea of the role whether it will be operations, support or development work.

Does anyone know what kind of work is there in store team. Also, is it possible to change the project once we get inside?

Urgent suggestions required...


Need suggestion, Which one is a better option regards below offer

Pwc Sdc : 20LPA fixed and 2 L joining bonus
Oracle : 18LPA fixed and no joining bonus

Regards to WLB, onsite opportunities and future hikes which to select


When the hikes get updated in HCM portal?


Any work from home setup allowance/benefits being given by Oracle?


Hello Fishes,
Does salary credited ? Usually what time it gets credited?



Looks like no hike this year? Still no news about it.

Hi, I got an offer letter from oracle as software engineer. Offered package was 17.91LPA including pf (17 fixed )

My YOE: 3.6.

CCTC: 10.5

Tech Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Microservices.

I already have an offer of 19LPA(16 fixed + pf + 2.4 variable + 2 JB).

Can i show this to oracle to revise my compensation?? will they consider it??


Oracle job status : screening means?

Can anyone help me to advise is super annuation fund jn Oracle worth taking or not?
If i left oracle after 1 year then will i get the invested amount back?


What are the roles and responsibilities of Principle consultant for Flexcube product at Oracle?
What are the work hours?


Does oracle have yearly hikes in India?


Hey Guys,

Can someone explain me about appraisal cycle in Ofss as I will be completing 2 yr in Jan 2023 but yet I have not received anything...

THANKS IN Advance...