SAP CRM functional consultant/architect with 10+ years with Accenture. What kind of roles I can transition into Salesforce?

Worked on Sap cpq, BRIM, Sales and Marketing as well. Anyone who transitioned from SAP to Salesforce could you share your insights ?

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Pivot to something in demand and specialized that you can leverage your experience from SAP. One area would be to pivot to Salesforce CPQ leveraging your experience with SAP CPQ. Go through trailheads, superbadges, get your Salesforce admin and CPQ certs and look for opportunities from there.



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Hello fellow HR pros! I really need your opinions on HR certifications. I am deciding between PHR and SHRM-cp. I have read just about all there is online comparing the two and can not decide. My heart is telling me PHR, my mother in law (an HRBP) is telling me to go with SHRM, as it’s more widely recognized, more established and a larger network in general. I work for a 350~ company who is growing rapidly through M&A. Passions/interests are compliance, strategic vision, M&A, branding and culture


Would you accept a RMA position at Brown Brothers Harriman? Do you believe the job could open opportunities and be interesting?


I’d like to be a CSO one day. If you’re there, what helped you get there? If you’re climbing that organizational hierarchy what are you doing to prove you’re an asset?


Hi All, I’m thinking about getting certified in change management but not sure if I should go the Prosci route or CCMP route. CCMP is a lot cheaper compared to Prosci but would it measure up just the same?

I guess it would be similar to the discussion of the SHRM-SCP vs SPHR.


Senior Copywriters: want a promotion to Copy Supervisor?

Copy Supervisors: want a promotion to Group Copy Supervisor?

4 open spots, not low balling on salary, fun culture! DM me!


Hii Sharks,
I'm a year old in this corporate world and I'm working in a non tech field.
I heard the rumours that growth is not a function of time in this field. You wont be paid much as compared to the techies.

Should i switch to tech and start learning coding?

Please help...

My biggest mistake was accepting a promotion to manager, it made me realize that I'm not very good at managing people. Should I ask if I can go back to my old role?


Is moving jobs often a good idea to progress on the career ladder and get a better salary? The job market changed a lot lately. What do you think? 🪜


How long did it take you to land your dream job?


How is things for experienced hire in cognizant for Associate - project in Salesforce Vlocity?
I have very basic knowledge of Vlocity and have been offered position in Vlocity technology?
How is the growth and work culture for someone coming from other comapany as experienced?
How much is probation period , how good to join in need to consider job security as well in congnizat?


Hi all, looking for some advice and/or guidance. Anyone ever gone direct into a SM position? Have worked for various banks over the year but a little nervous about coming in at SM level with no experience working within the consultancy bubble.


What sorts of SQL questions are typically asked in interview questions for senior data analysis jobs? Like is knowing SQL from freecodecamp enough or should I look into taking a course online?

I’ve unfortunately not gotten the chance to use SQL in my current position so I don’t feel like I have enough experience in it, but have experience in everything else (Python, tableau, storytelling, etc)

My agency is all about booze and drugs.

I thought I was choosing a career path, not a nightclub.


Janhit mein jaari. Folks, while retaining, don't fall for onsite trap which they'll try to lure you with. One of our mates has learnt this the hard way. Go ahead with with your job switch, don't fall for this.

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What are my exit options out of DDV? I’m getting to the point where i am disgruntled and not satisfied with this subpar pay.


How is Azure Devops team in Microsoft?
How is the work culture and all?
Which are the best software teams in Microsoft for Hyderabad location in terms of learning and career growth?
If anyone know anything please share.



Any paralegals here who used their legal experience to pivot into other roles? What do you do now?


Last year I moved internally from a
Paralegal level 11 w/ 14 yrs exp at
$100k base + up to 8% bonus to my
current role as compliance manager
level 9 at $123k base + up to 35%
bonus. I was above cap in my prior
role and now my range is up to $138k
base. I'm being recruited to my old
team as a level 10
Manager with
same base/bonus as now but since it's
a lower level I will cap out within a
year. I always found the legal work
more interesting but limited in career
growth. Not sure what to do.

I'll switch to a startup as the only data engineer and will closely work with all the Head ofs + the CTO.

Any advice/books/... on stakeholder management at that level? Especially when things fail/discussing budgets/new hires etc.


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Hi All! I recently started my own Private Equity firm. Searching for any big do’s, dont’s, or hard lessons you learned along the way. Do any veteran entrepreneurs/PE partners or staff members have advice they would like to pass down? I know early on in my consulting career there are many things I wish I could go back and tell myself.

As always, thank you all! 🐟


Is it possible to make less than 200k at Google? If so, what positions?


Does FAAS role at EY will give more work satisfaction and CTC if I dont want to continue in Statutory Audit and don't see my career in audit due to lack of interest in that? Can someone helps in giving more insights on FAAS role? Will I enjoy it if i want to discontinue auditing?


I just spilled a bourbon on my iPad due to turbulence. How many points?

I have a few LPs to cover where my stories are not solid before my loop on Monday. Feeling a little demotivated because I felt I had more time to prepare. Don't plan on asking for extension.

How did you motivate yourself to study and prep for the LPs? Tips...advice on what worked, thanks!


Folks, What is the chance of getting Gandhinagar location for Gujarat candidates?

Working in India vs Working in Uae ?
Pros & Cons ?


Hi Fishers,

I am having 2 offers

Tata Consultancy : 16 LPA
Nagarro : 18 lpa (can stretch to 20 lpa)

YOE : 4.3
Tech Stack : Angular

Which to join for WLB, Job Security ?

Thanks in advance.


Is I join Accenture this month, can I expect any hike in December cycle? Accenture

I heard there will be a mandate to come to office 2 days a week from Jan 2023. Is it true? 😰


Who are the best recruiters for media in Toronto?

And is it better to go directly through HR or hiring managers for senior level gigs?


What is the proper way to negotiate pay rates? Been an LPN for almost 8 years and still feel like I’m getting lowballed, regardless of living in a rural area.


Anyone know of Tensile Capital? Tangentially - is compensation in the hedge fund world really that much higher than MBB?


Hi fishes,

I'm about to have an interview with McKinsey & Company for devops engineer role.
How's the interview process, any tips or anything...

Health check. Who thinks alcoholism is prevalent in consulting?


Are the T10 MBA programs Tuck, Haas, and Yale?


What if I inform my HR that I won't be able to join the Accenture 2 weeks before my joining date!!! Will I not be eligible for joining Accenture in future?



BSN, RN for 9 years. 5 years emergency trauma, 4 years Cardiac Surgery ICU. I am CCRN-CSC certified and I am looking to utilize my experience and love for Cardiac disease processes and interventional/surgical equipment (LVAD/Impella/Structural Heart/Valves/Pace Makers) as a gateway to explore career opportunities.
I love teaching but do not wish to go into education in a school. Any thoughts on where I could focus on and how much that market would offer? Any thoughts on working for pharma?


My DOJ at Optum is March 28th, I have received Only Annexure till now. How long Optum takes to release offer letter.


TDP and CDP any difference besides pay? I’m working with bunch of analysts in cdp and we all do the same work. What’s really the difference between the two programs besides salary?


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Anyone actively working on getting CTA? What drives you?

How much does Salesforce pay a CTA in a Program architect role?


Serious question….with all of the pressure on the tech sector, companies freezing hiring, stocks down, companies cutting costs, how are things over in salesforce services? There is a lot of momentum overall for the services side of here economy (relative basis) in the US but a services division of a tech product company may be another matter. I hear salesforce is already slashing spending, cutting travel, etc. would value any views especially from the inside.


What do you like about you firm's salesforce practice and why? For example, culture, people, projects, training etc

Anybody here from Publicis Sapient? Would love to connect and hear some thoughts/ get some advice!


What’s the @salesforce comp package for Sr Director level position?


Which companies does Salesforce’s consider as it’s true competitors?


Hiring a salesforce developer (5-6 YOE) in one of the top Private Equity firm in NYC. Message me if interested.


Left Accenture 14 months ago—unhappy and would like to come back to Salesforce practice. Are they still hiring for M/SM? Accenture


In CSG. Not loving it and finding it impossible to switch projects. I loved my previous team and had so much growth and it’s all come to a hault on my current team. I have also given it plenty of time to shape up.

Feels like my only option is to jump ☹️ I would love to switch to a smaller company. Any recs?


#SalesforceDeveloper Job opening 1-6 years.

Ping me for refferal.

Job description :

#SalesforceJobs #Hiring

Trailhead link
Experience total & salesforce
Current ctc & expected
Notice period/ expected joining date

Email :

And resume

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Oof. Salesforce falls 20 spots on Forbes best employers to 123. Can’t say I’m surprised 😏


How much should be the Salesforce developer salary for 3 years of experience in salesforce development and assuming programing skills are good.

Location: India


Any kpmg 🐠 willing to connect? Looking for some insight on the practice.

Best isv to work for?

Hello all. I’m looking at SF roles and I’m curious as to what I’d be best suited for. I have 3 YOE in software implementation at Big 4. And have been referred to an SE role. Is there anything else that I might be suited for? I’d be happy to give more relevant info if that helps. Thanks!


What does it mean when someone says is this user story an epic? What’s epic mean?


Which one should I join?
Accenture - 11.5 fixed + 21% var + 1.15 Lakh joining bonus or KPMG - 12 fixed + 20% var + 1 Lakh joining bonus.
YOE - 3.8
Skill - Salesforce


Anyone know the compensation of Salesforce SE or Senior SE?