Sat-sun is off in nagarro or PPL forced to work?

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Depends on project to project basis, some are idle, some are quite hectic but if you have any other option to join, stay away. It's not a worth company to join, brighter on outer sides only, quite robotic culture exists.

Joined Nagarro few months back at almost 100% hike. Started managing AI based product starting day 2.

Worked in Infosys, Accenture and PWC in the past and can confidently say that nagarro culture/emerging tech orientation/ tech talks/ flexibility to make own decisions.. etc makes it a much better company as compared to big IT service based or big 4 companies around the world.

For more details pls DM


Better stay at Infosys. That is great for you. Don't join any other organisations.

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+1. Till now I have heard that it depends on project deadline. Still someone from nagarro can better explain


No I am expecting I should go to ceo mansion and hug him....


You might be asked to work on weekends. But the funny thing is there is no proper comp off.

You have to work for two weekend days to get one comp off. (If you are from support background don't join)


Yes they will ask you to work on weekends if project demands it. And in most of the project there are no compoff. You might receive appreciation email 😅😅😅😅

This company Nagarro is then not up to standards. I must think twice of joining

Ok being an insider of the company can you tell me you what project se locate to the employees are there their own products of European or abroad clients or they hire you for a a project of another service based company

What is concept of project mapping in nagarro? What is client interview.....I don't understand. In tcs, Infy etc all clients are abroad company/business, for which Indian employees in a team work as project. So what is sense of client interview? It's like saying if Nagarro contract with client Honeywell , then Honeywell employees will take interview of Nagarro joiners?😀

What is all this concept

I don't understand ,what is actually confusing you. And what do you mean by what concept is this ?

This is the same concept which every other service oriented company follow
.. you are from infosys.. that too is service oriented company and as an ex infosys person I can say it's same there as here.

How much exp you have man ? Why do I feel like you are just a college passout or may be have couple year of experience but don't have any knowledge of how IT works ?

I think what you are looking for is product kind of companies ... Nagarro do have some project for product development also but most of them are mostly client serving based project on various techs.


I mean they have agreement contract with clients for support or dev project, just as tcs Wipro etc....or they are staffing company?

They directly deal with client

Not clear.....tcs Wipro, etc also directly deal with abroad business client, what's the special point of Nagarro?

Hmmm... Special points 🧐🧐🧐🧐

I think they are paying you more compared to tcs and infy... Otherwise all are service oriented companies... What are you expecting? ... Ceo should come and hug you every day ?


Oh really thaanx fraand

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Hello Everyone,

I am in search of a Project Manager role. I have about 4 + years experience managing projects and in consulting.

I am about concluding the google certificate in project management, and one unique think I bring into any team is my strategic thinking and ability to solve problems in record time.

I am based in Canada and a remote role will be great.

I anticipate your responses and recommendations thank you very much.


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Hi, I have 11 years if experience in Monitoring tools( BMC, Dynatrace, Splunk, ServiceNow AIOps etc.) in different roles(Tool admin, SME, Operations Lead, Consultant and Solution Architect).
Executed multiple implementation of tools at Customer place, performed many assessments and proposed service improvements.

Experienced in working at client places like Netherlands,Norway etc.

Currently I am lookin for an opportunity in Europe, please let me know if any.

Current salary in India: 30Lakhs


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Anyone in tiger working with pepsiCo client?
Please dm me.

Calling all Epic EMR System people out there! Interested in hearing of opportunities and what others do/make to learn about remote opportunities.

I am 25 years old with ~4 years as an analyst with 4 in IT while in college and as an intern. My certs/teams are Ambulatory, Community Connect, Care Link, and Care Everywhere. I am tier 2/3 support, mentor to others, write documentation, build new functionality, primary project resource, and work with technical teams on issues and cert renewals.


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Everyday feels like a Sunday evening while working here...Really feeling lost on how to get out.


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Hello fishes,

I am having 5+ years of experience as a front end developer .
Keyskills: React js,Redux,Es6, Javascript

Immediate joiner.
Please let me know if there is any opportunity.

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Hi Frndz..

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Additional Posts in Nagarro

What do Nagarro mean by "Work from Anywhere"?
Do they mean you can work from home as well or u can work from any of their offices?

I asked for wfh to be mentioned in offer letter they said they dnt give wfh but wfa


Does Nagarro provide joining bonus?

If yes , how much?



Hey folks,
Can anyone please tell me, what is the "executive allowance" in CTC structure provided by Nagarro. Is it based on some performance, project allocation or any other parameter ?? Thankyou in advance


Hi All, I got an offer from Nagarro for Staff engineer position, CTC : 24, Profile: Mulesoft.
Can anyone help, Is this good amount to join or should I negotiate further with nagarro.


How long does it normally take to know the technical interview result?


Current CTC: 32.
Exp : 7 years
It has been almost 1 year into Nagarro , I am planning to switch.
Which companies can give a package of 45 lpa .
This will be 4th switch in 7 years


If anyone worked on the project earlier here at nagarro and after that he/she is o n bench. Could anyone please tell me that it will affect in the appraisal or not?