Seeking UX CD with global systems design experience!

Hi all,

I’m a GCD (not a recruiter) trying to build an elite team for what I consider a very interesting, complex, and challenging project.

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works at
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I got lost at componentry


I can best describe it as a global .com redesign of a large, respected brand with a huge amount of intricacy such as:

Responsive templates and componentry for 80 markets
Varying verticals and products
Ecommerce / retail design and functionality
Inputs from brand, product owners, c-levels, data & analytics
Balance of brand, content, and commerce
Consideration and integration of broader ecosystem (media, social, CRM, etc)

I am looking for a UX Creative director with experience leading teams in this type of global scale system design. UX/UI experience developing artifacts such as taxonomy, IA, flows, journeys, templates and components and detailed design are a mandatory.
Practices of atomic design, frameworks and designing with/within AEM is a plus.
Side skills such as visual design, research, front end, strategy are always welcomed.

This role starts in the new year, I know its the end of the year and many are leaving for holiday, however the search must begin!

Does this sound like you? Let’s talk! Shoot me an email at

This is interesting

What city?

NYC (whoops!)

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Hi everyone! I am interviewing for the Client Success role based in Florida or Texas. I have a second round interview tomorrow.

Anyone else in this role? If so, could you give me some insights?

Thanks in advance!


Looking for a Supervisor to join our team here at Rain! Gig is 100% remote, flexible hours, really great team that ACTUALLY focuses on work life balance, working on some really cool large scale client across industries! 3-5 years experience managing people & within platforms, YouTube is a plus!

This project has shattered my confidence. I feel like such a moron.


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They're asked me to send them a list of .y project experience to add to my 'company resume'..
I'm not sure excatly what they are asking for...

Like this...
"Project Myers"- HVAC renovations to surgical lab.
Project Coordinator

Idk what information I'm suppoused to supplying?

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Dear Fishbowl PPCers I need your help!

A client is insisting we used Adobe bod manager for their campaigns, and neither me nor my team have experience with it.

We're also not on a timeline where we can really get up to speed on it ahead of a couple deadlines.

I've also argued for budget for external consulting hours and that's been disapproved.

I'm on my own. Or am I?

Hoping some kind soul with experience managing Google Ads through Adobe can help me out.


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Hi All,

I'm actively looking for a job switch as an AS400 developer. Please do refer or share openings if any.
Experience: 5years (Infosys)

Thanks in Advance!


What's the deal with all these layoffs in big 4? Is this common? (Coming from a non big 4 guy, considering moving to big 4, but not all that excited after seeing the layoffs)


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Small (10 ppl) CPG branding and packaging firm in Lakewood NJ looking for designers with experience in CPG design and or print design.

If ur interested please drop ur portfolio in the comments and we will reach out to you.


Calling ACD creatives with heavy retail/production experience for full-time in Chicago!

Senior copywriter looking for freelance contract work. Have plenty of time at the moment and would love more work. DM for my book or any openings!


copywriter jobs in Toronto?? so unhappy at my current agency.

Any strategy roles in NYC? I’m on the hunt.


Looking for an AD position in NYC. I come with a heavy design background and ready for a challenge.

Good recruiters in Chicago?


Looking for a Sr. Account Executive or really experienced AE or early Account Supervisor! DM me.

I filled out two job applications this week which required entering dates I went to school. How can they ask that if they’re not supposed to ask for age? Isn’t this age discrimination? I’m guessing


Job opps for an art director?
Mid / senior level.


Do I seriously need to comp my work into smartphone screens to appear digital/social to recruiters? Please tell me no.


A friend of mine at Production Company/Creative Agency Creative Blood is looking for a Social Media Editor on a retainer basis.

They are in LA but role can be anywhere!

Dm if interested.


Anyone with a in at Mullen LA, willing to get my reel to the right person (Integrated Producer).

It would mean a lot to me and I’ll be in debt to you

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Anyone have opinion or info re: working in advertising around coastal South Carolina?

Just got to LA - any suggestions of places to hit up esp in Santa Monica area ?