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Share an obscure fun fact about an industry you've worked in!

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More on the OJ:
One of my good friends was consulting for Maersk (and other similar companies) for several, and occasionally he would have to take a trip with the merchant navy fleet and do his audits and other work enroute to their next port. On one such trip between Johannesburg to Reykjavik, the sailors offered him a cup of OJ from their cargo bay. That small drink got him throwing up his guts and sick in bed for a week.

Later he visited the vat of OJ and found out that:
1. Those containers are massive and filled with juice year round so no one ever cleans them because time is money when traveling with perishable goods from port to port
2. The juice rots despite the amount of preservatives dumped inside and smells like piss from the floor of a public restroom that’s not been cleaned in months. This is because there’s always a little bit left behind when flushing out the old cargo and it mixes with the new cargo
3. The juice he drank from the vats has to be diluted with a 1000 parts of water and chemically treated before its barely fit for human consumption and can be packaged into everyone’s favorite “Pulpy Orange” containers 😂


Family has an orange grove in the states. We sell our crop to a major producer but back in the day we were more engaged in the harvest. This isn’t how I understood most packaging works. Perhaps in parts of the world farther from orange groves (CA, FL, Portugal, South America) but oranges are heavy and generally packaged in country/close to distribution.. also 😳🤢🥴


Slalom 3 ... grey beard who was one of developers of DECS ... you discuss LNIATA which is esoteric to everyone who hasn’t been in the nuts and bolts of the airlines. For you kids, LNIATA (sometimes pronounced “lin-eye-awta”) was the ancient forerunner of the IP addesss and is short for “Line Number Internal Address Teletype Address”. Each of those dot matrix printers mentioned elsewhere in this thread was originally a teletype printer (ask your parents) and each computer monitor at the gate was a massive CRT. To this day, each device still has a LNIATA. In a forerunner to IM or chat, airline agents could message other agents in the airline if they knew the LNIATA the gate or ticket counter.

Sabre is actually comprised of at least two systems ... RES and DECS that had a loose "interface”. Underneath all of the stuff that has been bolted on, RES is the reservation system.

Any of you kids know what DECS stands for? 🛫

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Apple stores place their laptop screens at a 70 degree angle. Based on the height of their tables it’s actually the worst viewing angle possible. They want you to adjust it because they did a study that showed you’re 20% more likely to purchase a product if you physically touch it.


Apple also uses their store designs for R&D - patents on all sorts of furniture and fixtures in an Apple store.


If you’re ever audited by the IRS the best move is to IMMEDIATELY fess up to some small ball shit (“oh yeah I sold my old car last year and forgot to declare it, my bad”). The IRS is very resource constrained, so the costliest things to them are false positives in the audit selection process and anything that takes up any time whatsoever. Therefore auditors are judged on exactly 2 metrics: 1. Did you find any kind of tax non-compliance? 2. How quickly did you close the case? If you can give the guy a win on both those dimensions, no matter how small, he has literally zero incentive to dig further.


M16 I’ve had to declare sale for tax purposes as I used the vehicle primarily for work as an independent contractor driving to client sites. I depreciated the value of the car based on tax guidelines, which is based on years since purchase (rate doesn’t really make sense if you buy a decent used car). Actual resale value was 2k more than I had depreciated it.
Not super common necessarily, but I bet there are other consultants here who this applies to.


I'll start... Groceries sometimes use special LED lights in their meat section to make the beef appear redder (and fresher)


This is true! Grew up on a cattle farm - so gross.


Waffle House has built their entire brand on their restaurants always being open, no matter what. They go so far as to position refrigerated trucks with food outside of expected hurricanes/tornados. The national weather service actually has a "Waffle House Index" for quantifying how disruptive a storm can be. Basically, if WaHo can't open, you know shit is real.


Building on that, the 2 highest-grossing WaHos are within 2 miles of each other:
1. Georgia Tech campus
2. Centennial Olympic Park


The federal government is about 10 years behind the industry technology adoption curve


Hell, I still have to carry a pager! It’s the only thing that works in locomm environments. It’s for work in case you wanted to know. I hate it with a passion.

This should be a book


I feel like this is a podcast in a way - freakanomics talks about a bunch of random shit like this


Many car dealers receive a cash bonus from the manufacturer if they hit a monthly quota. If you’re thinking about a new car it may be helpful to go the last week of a fall or winter month (notoriously slow sales months), because it’s not unheard of for a dealer to actually take a loss on a sale in order to hit the quota.


Can confirm. Long weekends, certain holidays (4th of July, Black Friday, etc.) can also do this. And of quarter and end of their fiscal year can also be good!)

As a side note, for most car companies, these months done actually land on the calendar month end, but usually the end of the closest weekend.


Food manufacturing: much of what is sold as calamari is actually pig anus (the circles not the tentacles), not squid.




This is my favorite thread in quite awhile!


The household penetration of toilet paper in the US is 94%... what the hell is going on in the other 6% of households?!?!


We exclusively buy Charmin at Costco so so most of our neighbors - silly BLS


Apples you buy at the grocery store are often up to a year old - immediately after harvesting they are sprayed with an ethylene blocking gas and then flash frozen. Then batches are periodically thawed and distributed nationally.


And treated with wax to keep them shiny. An untreated apple doesn't shine like that.


Do you see those fancy pharma company drug forecasts shared with the Wall Street? Yea those are just based on a bunch of assumptions made by one / two guys in the firm with some direction from the senior leadership. No one has any idea about what will really happen. So think before you invest in that stock.


It’s the media that ruins pharma and healthcare. Data modeling is hard and based on scenario analysis and simulations. Only smart people understand it and are not the best communicators. Media reporters are lazy and biased and don’t like math. When they hear “ 8 % of the population could be infected if a, b and c happen but not d, e or x and only half of y;” they multiply 10 Million people by 8 percent and say 800,000 will die!!! Or get interns to “run the numbers”. I have witnessed this.


Don't waste you money on free range chicken. To qualify as free range all the companies have to do is put a small door through which the chicken 'could' go outside.


Cage free and free range are total marketing BS. A Sq ft “pen” is still considered “cage free”. Best option is to eat pasture raised where the hens can roam free eating grub from the land. The Cornocopia Institute (Cornucopia.org) has a good score card on eggs brands. Fair warning, pasture-raised eggs are often $3-4 pricier than your normal variety.


No bank really understand their aggregated risk profile...


Those “flushable” wipes actually cause huge problems at your local wastewater treatment plant.


All fatty food waste down the sink ends up being fatbergs too.


Orange juice sits forever in vats. It’s grown once a year and sold as “fresh" year round...


Chick-Fil-a has the highest quality chicken of any fast food place in the USA. They have higher standards for no antibiotics than even the USDA has for chicken


Wait, wait, we need the receipts, C8.

Airlines are the biggest users of dot matrix printers


Sadly -- now might be a good time for airlines to upgrade their systems, if they have any working cap


Arby’s secret menu item is the Meat Mountain. It’s all of their meats in one sandwich. They hate when someone orders it


Worked at Arby’s in high school. A true nightmare


Additional Posts

In line at airport trying to change my flight, lady in front of me asking for flights to cities without airports, let alone routes.


How much of this business is about pure talent vs hard work? Don’t you feel like some people just have “it” and don’t have to put in the insane hours to get better at their craft?


Wtf bye money

First round with L.E.K. — what can I expect? Associate role. What should I be prepared to ask?

20k delta miles or $200 travel voucher?


I know I’m late on this... EY senior 1s.... did you defer your bonus???


What’s the best agency in Chicago?

Thoughts on The Martin Agency/Richmond VA? The good, the bad, and everything in between, please.


Has anyone thought of creating a digital course for consultants? What topics would you take a course on if you were beginning your career? Networking?


Anyone at D looking for an analyst on a project? Could really use the help - been a great performer but covid has made it hard to find a project and I’m really stressed.


Are any of you in a platonic marriage? What’s it like?


Are you willing to relocate out of the states now? If so, where and why? (Considering that it pays much more in the US)


Looking for some ~fabulous~ book recommendations! I love LOVE tv/movies and how immersive they can be, but my eyes reaaaalllly are starting to hate me for looking at some kind of screen 18hrs a day 😅😅😅


Me: hey excel, add a column here
Excel: sure, I’ll go ahead and clear the clipboard
Me: no, that’s not what I
Excel: lol


Has anyone left the silicon valley world to relocate to the country side and live a simple life, cuz that sounds pretty nice righ now?


As 3rd grade teachers do you spend more time on reading and because of a Reading Sufficient Act than other subject? Particularly math?


Thoughts on DXC Technology


What kind of projects does Accenture Tech Advisory do? Is the scope/responsibility much different/lesser/easier than Accenture Tech Strategy?
#consulting #accenture #techadvisory


Does BCG hire external hire project leaders without an MBA?

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