Should you ever accept a promotion without receiving a raise? I feel like this a a scam that is happening lately where companies offer you an arbitrary title change. You get more responsibility but no compensation for it.

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If you’re already planning on leaving I would take it. A higher level title never hurts on the ole resume.


Take the promotion (looks great on your resume) then leave. The higher title opens better doors.


No. I would never.


It depends on what responsibility that is. You may already be doing it anyway.


Ruuuuuuuun !

I wouldn't. That just seems like them getting you to do more work for free. You need to be compensated for it.

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Hello all!

I am a 33 y/o single female that works in Louisiana for the state health dept. I really enjoy my job and the autonomy I have but am only making $55K/yr—however, I do not want to leave this job anytime soon due to being in the PSLF program. Negotiating pay with state government really isn’t a thing.

With all of this free time I have outside of my job that doesn’t bring much stress, I need help navigating a side hustle or remote job. (Continued in comments)


Hi All, Any reviews on HSBC-EDPI (Electronic Data Processing India)? Job security, hike and growth?

Hello Sharks,
I have citicorp interview tomorrow on ETL and SQL developer role. Can I get some idea on the CTC and Designation that will suit my current profile
YOE - 3
CCTC - 7.15
thanks :)


Fixed ctc 2435000 Lpa with gratuity 3.5k pm and pf including both employer and employee 16k pm. Any estimated what will be take home pm post tax?


What would be the in-hand salary per month after TDS deduction?
I am an IT BA with an overall exp of 6.10 Yrs in the IT industry? Is the CTC at par with the current market standards?

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Asking for opinions: got an offer from ZS,
associate consultant in digital health
strategy group, $130k base + $10k sign on
bonus + 10% end of year bonus. Currently
a newly promoted consultant in industry x
group at $119k base and got a 3.7%
bonus. Enjoy my project work and
Accenture overall but this seems like a
good opportunity. Would you leave or
stay? Or how can I leverage this offer to
bump up my Accenture comp?


Think this fed rate hike is the market turnaround? Did we just hit the bottom?


Looking at exit ops... anyone know the salary range for a senior manager at an industry association? Online ranges are low confidence and it’s a new industry for me so just looking for a ballpark figure


ACD salary range in Seattle?

How much will be in hand monthly salary for below offer?

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My company ranks performance evals as poor, low solid, solid, high solid, excellent w/ excellent rarely being granted. If you have experience with a similar scale what % raise was tied to high solid?


Got offer for MCOL M&A Tax S1 position 103k base. they make it sound none negotiable. Am I being lowballed?


Hello fishes,
What’s the compensation range for below roles at Bain & company U.K.?
1. Manager
2. Associate Partner

Bain & Company


Interested to see some perspectives - currently working at a Payroll & Benefits Specialist at a fast growing company and recently passed my PHR! I just started this role only a few months ago but am already feeling like I can take on more, but not as much as a HR manager. I’m struggling to understand where exactly it is I can go from here. I’m 25, have 3 years of experience, and get paid $59k/year.

Where does one go from here? Thanks in advance for any and all answers!


What's the salary range for qliksense/qlikview developer for 6 yoe?


I have joined TCS in March 2022 as IT Analyst C2 with 6.7Lpa and 5 years total Experience now. When can I expect my promotion to C3 or above if my performance is average and above? What is the criteria of promotion.

Got first bonus ever and bought an away luggage. So excited about it for some reason..that’s all! 😀😀😀


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Looking for opinion on this lead generation process

Thinking about the current lead gen process and wanted to get your take on it here.

We’re a health tech company and we offer a semi-luxury service D2C at a $1k - $3k price point. Brand recognition is somewhat there, and we run Facebook and Instagram campaigns to generate leads.

Once the information is inputted, leads are redirected to our website, which is optimized for self-service and conversion.

After a day, the rest of the leads which


Thoughts on potentially going for the USC MBV program instead of a MBA?

Fishes from Natwest group National westminster bank plc , i heard that going once or twice a week in office is mandatory in almost all projects, want to know how are they monitoring? Is it through access card or is it something else?

Natwest group National westminster bank plc


I'm looking to apply to a few tech roles at @The Hartford. Is there anyone who can offer me a referral?


Hi all,
Any idea of what the salary is at PwC AC Kolkata for SA2?


Does the PwC Boston office have an LGBT group? I'm trying to connect with gay people at work

Asking for a Fishbowless friend: salary range for a head of art in NY at a big network agency? Lots of experience, awards and all that jazz.

Hi everyone, I work in healthcare as a medical social worker in Houston. I get paid 59k for managing 120 patients. Am I getting paid fairly?


I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on moving up (particularly within biglaw) with the goal of being a star litigator. I’m very interested in becoming the person whose added value is my litigation skills, but when I look at partners it seems as though most of them are valued more for their ability to market and pull clients in. Is marketing the only way up in the biglaw model?


Does any other black guys get the feeling they’re coming off like an Uncle Tom ?


Going to England next month. How do I get my returns for tax since I’m not a citizen? Take my receipts to the airport? Pls help. Thanks!


Has anyone ever had to train for more than 3 days to be a server ? ESP with over 10 years experience


Anyone here working in corporate sustainability? I think ‘sustainability’ is often conflated with climate change but it’s so much more. I’m focused on the ES&G elements from a corporate wide perspective (ie not from a purely investment analysis angle). Im interested to hear from those with experiences of getting people from across the org to feed in to sustainability metrics and reporting. Say for example HR feeding in with DE&I metrics.


Regarding CapGemini Trichy Location.

I am working as a Java SpringBoot Developer and have 6+ YOE with 12 LPA..
Do i get any opportunity in CapGemini for my tech stack to work from TRICHY CapGemini office, Tamilnadu?


Is it possible to change joining location in BofA?


Hi Consultants with Adobe ,

What % of the annual variable pay defined is generally paid out?

Let's say 10% of salary (suppose 20LPA) is the variable pay = 2 LPA would be the variable
Would someone get 2LPA whole, more or less in general?

Is “disruptive” the new “proactive”?

I recently switched to a developer role in a product based company from a support engineer for past 4 years in a service based company. I got a good hike as well.

Since I did it I think anyone can do it. Let me know if my experience can be of your any help.
Happy to help!


6+ years of consulting experience + MBA, currently SC - which one is more realistic - Managing Consultant vs Associate Managing Consultant at Mastercard Advisors ? Also what are the TC for both roles?


Really curious to know if you gain a different amount of knowledge depending on if you work for a union or private. Does anyone have any input?


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Currently a Supply Chain Planner making 80K with a 15% bonus conditional on company performance in the beverage industry based in NYC. Any other supply chain planners care to share if you think this is on the lower end and how much you make? Also curious to hear from any Supply Chain Managers how much you are making in NYC as I might have a promotion coming soon.


I have an upcoming interview for a principal project manager position with my company. How can I ensure I get a huge raise?


I have an offer from MakeMyTrip and Compass. MMT is offering 3LPA more than Compass, i am not sure what to choose. It would be great if someone can let me knwo of work culture and hikes in respective organizations


What should I do if I find out someone gets paid more than me? We work at the same company as contingent workers. We are both on a 6 month contract through two different contracting firms. I negotiated my salary and he did not, but he still makes 20% more than me. We were hired on the same day in the same position. I have a Masters and he has a Bachelors. I have more experience and responsibilities. Is the pay discrepancy from the company or our contracting firms? What should I do?


They are going to offer me a temporary job (CDD, France) where I am an intern now: it's in the cultural field, it is based in Paris and my colleague (same age, with one year more of experience) is earning 2200€ net. My boss told me the salary is going to be a little bit lower since I have less experience: how much "a little bit lower" is in your opinion? How much can I try to negotiate for?


What’s the highest level hands-on design position within an agency?


I have just received an offer letter from Protiviti mentioning I am an "at-will" meaning they can terminate me at any time for no given reason.

Is this standard??? This is now making me reconsider accepting. I have just never heard of offer letter verbiage being this explicit before..


Hey guys,
I’m looking at the Bank Of America Market Financial Center Manager role. Trying to figure out the salary range for this role and online research is giving me a wide range for this role. I have my MBA (non-Target school) with 3+ years in management (2 plus years in management in the banking/finance industry). What salary range should I be expecting? Thank you in advance.


So I was required to submit my annual review form back in February. We have yet to discuss it and I'm becoming frustrated with the wait.
I was hired to manage an acct in Chicago, but in October picked up another plant thats a 3hr commute. I only go 1 time a week but still. I did this because they had to let go of the full-time person with the plant down so much.
With high inflation, as well as expansion of responsibility, I feel as though a LARGE raise is due. Any suggestions on how to handle?


Can I renegotiate my salary after starting a new job? It’s only been a month and 3 weeks or so but with bills and the cost of living I feel as though I should have required the max payout of what they were offering for the role… I technically shorted myself 3k. What should I do?

I just started a new position at a company in a talent acquisition specialist role. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone who works in this type of role or hires for it, and what the salary range/ranges that you typically see/or were offered? I’m located in North Texas if that helps!


Management consulting OR Product management?
- Career growth
- Pay


Approached by 4x recruiters in the last 2 weeks.

Offers are:
180, same role, SME tech sector
200, same role, big MNC (300k employees)
225, senior role, NYC fintech startup
225, different role, Cybersec vendor

Currently 125 with pretty poor benies.

How can I leverage those offers into more comp where I’m at?


What is a reasonable base salary range for a Third Party - Risk and Compliance Analyst that works within the IT/Governance department? Thank you.

I’ve been at my current agency for shy of 4 years & in my current position for over a year. During yearly reviews, I was told my my raise was going to be 17%. Being high bc 4% was for my merit increase & the rest was to put me at “market value.” Before signing any paperwork, I found I out my company had been underpaying me, not even paying me NYS exempt threshold & they owed me back pay. I went to my back to manager & asked for a 27% raise. Should I have asked for more?


Can anyone tell me what a client experience specialist (role closely aligns with a customer success manager) in Nashville TN should be making?


Hello everyne! Looking for some guidance on PMO/Program manager roles in Europe. I have been now part of global S4 program for one year. Current role Program Coordinator in PMO, but doing all the work that PMO Lead does + Chief of Scrum duties. Anyone know any European salaries & salary ranges for PMO Leads in big global S4 programs or similar? Thank you in advance!