So, how about folks on the engineering side, management in particular. TOC, YOE?

I've posted before:
DIr. of Architecture and Engineering
20 YOE as of this year
180k TC (160 base + bonus)

Work in a private software house in the GTA.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

EM at a US based company 7 YEO, $180k base, ~300k RSU over 4 years but company is pre-IPO.


I'd love to know how you managed to find work for a U.S. company and remain based in Canada. Any advice on how to find such opportunities? Thanks!

Wife joined as a director of US based tech company 12 YOE
Base 200k Bonus 40k and sign in bonus 20k


Starting new role this week.
Director of Product Portfolio/Senior Advisor
8.5 YOE
200 TC (175 base + bonus)
One of Fortune 50 IT Companies


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What is A1 comp. situation in an elite boutiques in London? Thanksn

Mid-level here. Has anyone gotten their firm to approve their doing work at a deep discount and, if so, what strategies did you use? A potential client approached me directly about a small matter (~20 to 30 hr amicus brief). The potential client (gov’t) pays a standard rate ~40% lower than mine, but I want to take on the project because it would be a good professional opportunity (e.g., high profile case & client) and of course the lower rate won’t affect my comp directly. 🤷‍♀️ All advice welcome!


Anyone willing to give referrals to B4/T2/MBB strategy? Currently a strategy consultant at a financial services consultancy in the US, trying to get out of being pigeonholed into financial services and honestly get to market comp - our levels are kind of pathetic with inflation.


Hello Everyone 🙏,

I have 7 years 3 months of experience as a full stack developer front end react backend go Lang,
My Current CTC is 25 offer of 37 and i have cleared the all rounds of Nokia i will have salary discussion might be tomorrow,
How much should I ask to Nokia.
I am planning to ask for 45 but not sure they will be able to match my expectation.
Can you please help me what will be good CTC that i should ask.
I have 28 days of notice period left
Thanks 🙂

Good day all!

I am interviewing for a FP&A Manager position in Proserv UK. Could you please disclose the initial salary that I could ask for?

Thank you in advance!


Hi, I got an offer letter from oracle as software engineer. Offered package was 17.91LPA including pf (17 fixed )

My YOE: 3.6.

CCTC: 10.5

Tech Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Microservices.

I already have an offer of 19LPA(16 fixed + pf + 2.4 variable + 2 JB).

Can i show this to oracle to revise my compensation?? will they consider it??


I got offer of 17 LPA fixed CTC from Accenture for level 9. I need to design the compensation plan myself. May I know how to do that? Any examples?


Which one to join GSK(X+3 bonus + 1 JB) as Data Engineer or Fujitsu consulting (x+3) fixed as System Architect??

What’s latest market salary range for Senior PM/PgM in digital consulting companies based in Chicago companies like Adobe etc ?


Do Oracle India provide any bonus to employees like yearly bonus or statutory bonus?


Hi guys :) Glad to join fishbowl and this community. Guys I have an offer of 14.41 ctc from a big 4 (11 is fixed).
Technology-Microsoft Dynamics 365(I am a functional consultant in SCM and HR; Relevant exp: 3 yrs & Total exp: 4 yrs).
My interviews in IBM are done and I am waiting for the salary discussion with HR.
What is the likely offer that I am going to get? Any idea? (My expectation is 16.5 lpa ctc). I will adjust my expectations as per replies here.
Any response is highly appreciated :)

Salary survey:

Number of attorneys:
Yearly billable requirements:

A recruiter told me the opening had a salary of 100k with annual commissions of $ 80-96k. What are your thoughts on this? I asked how this was derived and she couldn’t explain. It’s hard to trust recruiters when they can’t back up their comments.


Hello pals!

What is the maximum CTC offered to an executive(Role Band A)?



I got an offer, in email, for a job I want but the initial compensation is too low for what I want. How do you counteroffer? Should I send them an email or speak with them on the phone?


I'm a Business Analyst with 8.2 YOE in Insurance COTS product implementation, current CTC - 16.5 (Includes 10% Variable), qualification - BE + MBA. I have cleared all the technical rounds of discussion with PWC SDC Bangalore.

How much CTC should I expect from PWC SDC? Note: I have joined current organization 7 months back with 30% increment.


6 yrs of experience in core operations with good Power BI and excel skills. Also six Sigma green belt certified and preparing for PMP. What I could expect according to market standards?


I have a total of 12 months of experience as an IP paralegal. The first 6 months were with a global law firm and the second 6 months were with a famous retail company. I am currently working with an agency that would like to assign me to a company that is in need of an IP paralegal for a total of 6 months. My current salary with the agency is £35k (based on my current experience) but I would like to ask for more money before I accept this new role. Please advise how much money I should ask for.


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Any work from home or freelance opportunity for Business Analyst profile?

Thanks in advance!!!


I applied with Double. My resume fit what they were looking for and I got to the skills assessment where they told me no. I asked for some feedback but they don’t give individual feedback. I thought my responses were great. Has anyone else taken the skills assessment and passed it? I’m just trying to figure out how to adjust while I apply at other companies.


How/where did you develop your community management skillset? Any recommendations for courses to sign up for?


34/M here. Had an uncontested dissolution in October, shortly after began dating someone I’d met a couple months earlier. She’s 35/F - I think she’s absolutely fantastic and we’re a wonderful fit. Asked her to move into my apartment with me last week - she’s in agreement but others have told me to “take it slow.” What do you think, am I moving too fast?


Can’t sleep. Any ladies want to chat? 👩🏽


Does anyone know the difference in London/ regional weighting at D for C/SC level (consulting)?


anyone a part of their local dsa chapter? what's it like? I've been curious about joining

No good accounting memes this week, so hopefully this will amuse you.

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If you have stock prior to joining big 4 that is proscribed, are you required to sell? Does anyone really check for senior level?


I just spoke with a software architect that went back to school to learn software engineering after law school because it was more lucrative and had less hours. He’s worked his way up and has the skills and authority to work 6:30am-10am and gets to work remotely. We discussed that results/outputs is better than billable time like in law and public accounting. Yet, his parents and others would view him as “lazy” but he does his job and makes a fantastic living. Time>Money and Results>Hours


What is the job security for 7B band in ibm?


What are your personal laptop preferences? I know most offices provide Lenovo and the like, but what do you all use for yourselves? I’ve been a Mac person forever but they’re just so expensive these days.


Hi fishes,
I’ve got offer from
Publicis Sapient 14 fixed ) and FIS ( 12.7 fixed + 1.3 performance pay )
Which one to choose my Years of experience is 3yrs

Hi fishes,
I am 3.6 years experience
I have offer from Invesco and EY offering 15 LPA .

Can you suggest what to choose
Based on WLB


Does KPMG India have annual shutdown period? For eg. During year end?KPMG India


Can anyone suggest a civil litigation lawyer based in San Francisco? (Preferably Canadian - if not, It’s fine too)

Best/worst for strategy in Van?

Not sure how I feel about this

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Best Christmas gifts for other advisors?

How much more do people typically make after earning their MBA? I’m about to start my first semester and make 123K now. Also when is it appropriate to start that discussion?

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Any clue how much Associates make working for the Brattle Group?

Hello! Does anyone have any insight on the job market for accounting/finance professionals in Newfoundland right now? I’m specifically looking to move to the St. John’s area. Thanks!


Have a 115,000 point AmEx Platinum referral offer. Let me know if you’re interested

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Northern Credit Union


What should the compensation be for a client onboarding manager in a big financial company?


Is there anyone here who works for the City of Mississauga? I have a question regarding their pre-interview assessment. Thank you.


What is a typical AVP salary + bonus structure at CitiGroup? In Mississauga, Ontario.


Is it possible to get a Sr. Project Manager role or delivery lead at one of the big consulting agencies without having to travel an absurd amount and get paid 150k plus in total compensation?

Hi, I had two job offers for AP Accountant / Senior Specialist post offering 85k - 87k. Could you please advise if this is a good package? My current employer is offering a much lower amount. Thanks!


What is the expected salary of front-end web developer? 7 YOE in Quebec. I feel like I am being underpaid


Anybody here working at BCIT?

Senior leader (director level). Person or color, female, 15 YoE in digital transformation. Base comp $160k, TC $200k+.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in this salary band for the last 5 years. In my interviewing experience, Canadian companies aren’t willing to pay more for full-time employees. Where do I go from here? What companies should I be applying to? I’d consider an MBA or masters if I could guarantee an ROI in earning potential.


Anyone knows how to convert a t4 contractor rate to a permanent equivalent?


What’s Deloitte pay in Canada for a product manager with 9 YOE? Deloitte Deloitte Digital


13 years experience HR professional, Learning and Development. Whats the market rate of annual compensation in Vancouver area ?


Hello everyone! I feel like I'm on the lower spectrum for YOE. Could anyone help validate?
YOE - 9
Base - 105K
Bonus - 15K.


Looking for negotiation advice between these two offers for a Program Manager. Currently a Sr Project Manager in tech w/ 16 YOE, with PMP and CSM and SAFe certifications. First offer: contractor, USD $85/hour. Second offer: Full time CAD employment, $165k salary w/ a decent health benefits package and 4 weeks vacation. Which would you choose, or how would you negotiate between these two offers?


a very specific question to all Canadians.

Current situation , i need to refund signing bonus which was paid along with 3 days of work at the company, taxes are withheld obviously
When you refund a signing bonus do you
1- refund ALL of it even taxes Withheld ?
2- refund only the amount that was deposited in your account
3- mix between 1 and 2 refund more than was deposited but less than the whole amount ( taxes should be refunded to me next year)

My contract says 2 and they want to do 3 Help