“So, what’s your process?” has GOT to be the silliest interview question for a writer. Today I finally answered honestly that there’s no formula for this. You either have it or you don’t. Talent and some amount of fairy dust is what makes it happen.

(JK, I just put new oil in my Copy Machine)

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This is my process.

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P - think about stuff
R - rite it down
O - orate it to others
C - copywrite some words
E - develop the marketing campaign
S - send emails
S - sell products/services


Pthinking about stuff is crucial.


My process is voodoo. Anyone happen to have a pig intestine or young virgin I can sacrifice for my next big project?


My process is Google and copy and paste.


Read the brief. Boil water. Make spaghetti. Throw it at a wall until something sticks.


So you’re gonna wanna start with like, a baseline of personality, rhythmic command of language, and raw talent . The rest of it involves staring at the screen, in tears 🥲


I disagree. But if it feels like a dumb question then perhaps there’s another way to think of it—your answer is an opportunity to highlight your ability to respond to dumb questions on the fly, with smart, strategic-sounding answers that convince the people who ask them to agree with your perspective. That’s an incredibly important skill in advertising.

Do you get a brief and immediately write a bunch of one sentence thought-starters first? Use your answer to highlight that you’re a quick thinker. Do you leave the meeting and reread the brief first? Use your answer to highlight that you value strategy and making sure your ideas really answer the ask. Do your art director and you work individually first and then collaborate or do you like to brainstorm together right off the bat? Use your answer to highlight how you work with others, etc.


Yes, this exactly.

I sometimes ask this question in interviews, especially when it’s for a candidate who we’d like to bring on for a particularly involved project (like, a full brand redesign), a nuanced topic (like, wealth management), or a team that has to stay really close with each other (like, experience strat x copy).

Sure, “what’s your process” may be too high level (it’s helpful to contextualize the question, ex. “what’s been your process for working with a client-side product team to get to X?”), but agree with ACD1 about using your answer to highlight how you approach work, distill details, and work with teams.

At least for me, knowing that you can speak to your experience and use it to put a plan in place (even if that plan has to change), makes me feel a lot more confident in hiring you, because I know you’ll help make the project and the team’s life a lot easier.


I’ve seen plenty of young writers who didn’t know how to get started or how to figure their way out of a problem when they hit a block. This isn’t a question I’ve ever asked in an interview, but it’s not too crazy to want to know if you do more than Google, watch reels, or scour CA and awards annuals for your next big idea.


Advertising is like washing a pig: it’s easy.


I spin three times, shake it like nobody’s watchin’, and perform a ritual sacrifice to the gods above. Then I read the brief.


While I agree, I feel there are tricks of the trade younger writers haven’t developed yet prolonging their “process,” but love this lol

1. Find a deep insight in the brief. If it’s not in there, or if it’s not deep enough, dig for it myself.

2. Concept with my art-based creative partner. Never concept alone.

3. Rough ideas go into “buckets.” Buckets are kind of like those from the Deck of Brilliance. Example: Is there an idea before the product is used? How about after? Is there an idea in the product’s history? The product’s materials? Can I apply pop culture to it? How about the media placement? Etc. etc.

4. Always say “yes, and” to my partner.

5. To get to 3–5 good ideas, I probably throw around 300 idea nuggets with my partner, divvied up into about 15 buckets. It takes about a solid day. We eat lunch together.

This is how I get solid ideas consistently.


How about, “if I told you then you would no longer need me. Plus, since everyone would know—we’d all be out of a job.”

Not a silly question. There is always a process for consistently cracking briefs.

In terms of process, the only info that could matter is if you prefer working solo or with a partner. But the actual creative process to have the idea and writing is just silly to ask.

I’m retired now, but I always found the very best process was a food, fat blunt.

And very hard work (for me at least).

When a recruiter asks me this question it’s a sign they have no idea what they’re doing.

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