Tech exit question

I have 7 YOE -> 4 YOE MBB, 1.5 YOE PE, 1.5 YOE PE value creation (same UMM PE firm)

Would I be an attractive candidate for FAANG strategy roles? What total comp could I expect?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

What did you do while at mbb?

If your work is relevant to us (industry and function) then you may get a call. By no means are you a sure bet though

Don't listen to estimates on your level. The people proving those estimates don't work here and are just inflating your expectations.


The people I have seen do the best focused on the tech industry.

I'd say....50/50 on whether you get a response

Can't even posit what will happen during the interview. Good luck though

They’ll love you. Get you L6 or L7 and cash in. When people look for teach careers I always recommend brushing up on SQL, R, and Tableau. You should be a fantastic candidate, I wish you the best 😆


I have roughly the same YOE. Google and FB couldn’t come close to my current comp (450).



Probably L5 at G at ~280 or potentially L6 at 350 stretch. Similar for Meta.

For Amazon high L6 at 250-300…maybe L7 but highly unlikely.


Was that English?

You will get about 210-22t base and bonus together
Then you will get equity.

400k is very unlikely.



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Those of you who are employed on contract - what do you have in liquid assets /savings to feel comfortable with the contract work environment? I’m in a contract to hire role and it makes me so nervous - I left a stable job to take this one because I was severely underpaid (50% increase), but I don’t know that 3 mo living expenses is enough when the risk is higher. Thoughts?


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Your suggestions please! 🔥
I have 6 years of experience in Higher Ed Recruitment (combo of running my own agency + in-house).
If I move into tech in-house recruitment now, how much salary I should be on? Location: Ireland (euro)


I have an offer and want to negotiate

1. London base salary but I have to absorb all the expenses (train + stay)
I am thinking to negotiate to

2. home base salary and have my expenses paid for

I know that's depends on the amount I have to travel (and potentially stay) but at the moment this is unknown. Past 8 months was just twice a month + 2 nights stay.

The only thing I know is it won't be every week, the return trian ticket is about £80-100, depends I could plan ahead.

Hello all recently applied for a position at Boeing. Application states it’s under consideration. Is this a good thing? What’s the general turn around time for a decision. How hard is it to usually get on? Boeing


Any good MBB roles in Boston?

Hi everyone, This is an Associate from ZS Associates with ~2 YOE What skills/courses does someone need to become financial analyst in JPMC, MG, Moody's, MBBs and so on ? Or Just to enter as analyst in these firms ? JPMorgan Chase Morgan Stanley Bain & Company Deloitte ZS Associates Moody's Corporation


Been in the stock market since September, and feel like I’ve gotten the hang of things since then.

Been looking for other avenues to explore investment opportunities (and ways to hedge against a correction) for when I get older (currently very early 20s)

Currently in crypto

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How is Xoriant Pune, have been offered for Test Engineer G2 role?


Not sure what the best bowl is for this request, but I'm interviewing for an Account Manager position in Business Management and I'll need to take a basic accounting test to gauge my knowledge. Does anyone here have a good resource to brush up on basics for tax accounting and any finance 101?

I've started watching videos on YouTube but if anyone else can recommend other resources, I'd appreciate that!


Line of Service: Advisory
Industry: Management Consulting
Designation: Senior Associate
I have second round of interview this week and have few queries as below-
1) I have current offer of 12 CTC from other company so now how much can I ask in pwc? My current experience is 5yrs.
I am on notice period and in present company I got recent hike and my salary is now 9.5ctc.
2) generally how many rounds of interview will be there?


Hello Everyone,

I have four years of experience in SAP Data Migration, looking for job change. Can you please help to check if there are any openings.

Thanks in advance.


I have 11+ yoe at 28 yo. I have some amazing worked for the past 6+ years. I currently work in a leadership position and make 25lpa. I have an offer for 50lpa. How much should I value myself at? Can I use the offer to negotiate or do I have to negotiate from my "current" CTC? I have held CIO/CTO positions for my last 5 roles, deployed massive products in cutthroat industries, and have managed teams as large as 45 people.


Hi fishes,
One of my friend is looking for a switch. He is looking for a data engineer role. He is currently serving notice period. Will u pls help to refer?

Brief about him.
He is having almost 2 years of experience apart from two internships .
He is looking for a data engineer or data scientist role. He has worked a lot in AWS and python.Also he is been handling a team and giving out multiple solution to a problem.


Hi all. The org i work for pays commissions quarterly, 2 months after the end of the Q. I am currently interviewing for a role that i like, but i am also having one of my best quarters and expect to close 500% of target. If I quit right after the Q ends but before the payday, I am worried I will not be paid fairly. I may be capped or something else. What do you think I need to do? I feel that I will need to reject an opportunity i like because of this paycheck.


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We spend hundreds of thousands on repeat, so-called "frequent flyer" patients each year. Why don't we give them social workers and home health aides? Ceratinly cheaper than status quo


When your manager insists on eating at a gas station restaurant and spends the next day sick at the hotel #nomidwestworkethic


posted in strategy but figured might as well toss it here too - does have experience with startups? did you like it? currently interviewing with a small but growing CPG brand to lead their brand marketing & creative. my background is in creative strategy & comms for a large CPG brand, so the autonomy is exciting - but I want to make sure it’s a good move. how was the experience? was valuable for future roles?


Is it bad that I chose my connect day even specifically because its in the hood?


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Never be ashamed of who you are or what you enjoy. Had 2 CDs kinda make fun of me for a side project & It really stuck with me...but you know what? If they don’t like it, it’s best i didn’t get hired.


Any vets here want to provide tips on minimizing fees? I just moved BTC from Coinbase to Binance to buy XRP and lost $40+ in fees on $250

Hi guys, I am looking for Software asset management opportunities in India. Relevant exp 11 yrs, YOE 12 yrs.

Suggestions please.


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Sophie is a Texas dog that doesn’t know what to think of her first real snow(it’s really snowing!)

Post Photo

Book recommendations for Experimentation (for a noob)


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Are there referrals for Associate level Product Management opportunities (in tech)? Can people do that? If so, I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

Has anyone provided advisory services on the side? Looking to use my “business skills” for an arts and media startup but I’m wondering if this is crossing any independence lines?


Any BCG ers open to practice casing to help a fellow fish out? A short Q&A call works as well. Interview coming up

Microsoft 🐠 - how should one best prepare for the hiring loop? Sounds nerve wrecking to do full/half day of interviews back to back. What should I expect? Any tips or tricks?


Do Facebook/LinkedIn/Adobe recruiting process require your MBA transcript? I know Google does for any degrees obtained within the last 36 months and wondering if it’s common practice across tech.


Any fish here working in growth equity? Curious to hear thoughts on if any benefits to working as an investor in an Associate role before jumping to the tech/startup world


Has anyone here switched into product management with a tech consulting background? Have almost 2 years of experience currently, and I’m open to non-FAANG companies.


My first call with FAANG. Have a phone screen with Netflix for their strategy and ops. What should I expect? Any tips on how to prepare?


Getting tired of constantly switching projects, building relationships with new people, dealing with different/tough personalities, learning new things again and again(deep l a ring curve, too stressful) considering moving to the tech industry (I have Engineering undergrad and tech grad degrees) tech consulting experience for 3 years ( not that technical), any suggestions? What are the possibilities/ roles?


Just found out I was promoted to SC. I have been in Consulting for 4 years and I’m looking to leave for industry as a Product Manager. What salary and signing bonus should I expect with relevant exp.

Are one page resumes a thing of the past? Feeling a bit under qualified if I can fit my career on a single page


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Initial screening with Google’s Public Sector soon. Looking at non-technical positions in the support area, biz ops, strategy, program management etc.

5 YOE total, 4 in consulting and 1 year in government with a high clearance level. Where do I even start with comp expectations? I was thinking L3 or L4?


My partner is in the military (Navy) as medical Corp student and will be deployed starting next year. He might be rotating location (domestic/international) every 3-6 months. What kind of companies/jobs would allow for full location flexibility regardless of country?