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Does anyone have insights into the current culture/wlb/career development at kearney in SEA?

Approached for an associate role but have only heard bad things (2years back). Does anyone know if things have improved?


Is there anyone who can someone refer me to a associate product management position. I hold a 1 year 7 months of experience.

Reason of switch:
Major reason for getting a product role- it has always been a dream to me, this profile suits me, hence I've applied, other reasons, My life has led me to be a creative thinker, being always curious and need of constant learning. The first reason for change is I'm not getting challenged in a way I want to, where I could be creative and innovation.


Currently interviewing with Visa for a Program Manager position. After a panel interview, what is the "normal" wait time to hear back? How quickly does Visa move? Thanks!


*****Urgent Hiring*****

Searching for referral?? DM me!!

Hello Guys,
I hope you all doing well, But if you want to do excellent and want growth in your career then join Easyrewardz software services, Gurgaon.

Doesn't matter if you are from technical or non technical, company hiring for given roles!!

*****DM for the referral*****

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I've done so well in this new role within the company that they are hiring another person to assist with what I do. I've voiced to my boss that I'd like to manage this department and they indicated that this is the thought for the future. Now they are asking me to train this person while I have my plate full. Is it wrong for me to expect either a promotion or to be paid to train this person?


Anybody hiring for data analytics positions? I just need a first round interview. I am a decent candidate, my last 5 interviews were EY, McK, EY, McK and GS (last round, 1st round, last round, 2nd round, 1st round). I have 10 months of experience and graduated with majors in cs and bus. I interned once at a big 4 acc firm and once as a software engineer.
1 caveat: I am an F1 student on OPT.

Hi Guys,
I got a opportunity from Nagarro and i had 6 round 3 machine and 3 face to face after clearing them all they are saying the vacancy they are hiring for (javascript FullStack) is closed they will get back to me. Will they offer me ?


I am seeing multiple openings for SQL DBA profile in EY for multiple locations like 8-10 location in india

Anyone from EY who is part of the DB team is available to refer me

I have 8.7 Years of experience.


I'm close to getting an amazing offer I can't reject. At the same time, I've been given a lot of new projects in my current role. Any advice on resigning without feeling like a huge jerk for leaving?


Quitting before finalizing offers?

I’m at post onsite and negotiation stage at a couple places but it may take another month or 2 due to either hiring freezes or general slow processes.

I want to quit now to go on vacations that I held off during prep. Does it make much difference when I negotiate offers? Like if my upcoming unvested RSU would be (partially) matched, and they find out I quit somehow, is it no longer matched? Other potential snags?

Already burned most of my PTO interviewing.


Hi any one from Twitter willing to do a referral/coffee chat??👀 Twitter

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Curious what’s a fair salary in MA? Was just told that there is likely not going to be a chance for a raise during my upcoming performance review due to my salary already being “above average for the industry” based on my employer’s questionable research. I’ve been with the company 8.5 years & am the only one in my role, which they can’t operate without. I execute tasks from two investment advisors and two financial planners - they make the decisions of what should happen & I make it happen.


Hello! Can anyone please provide insight into the interview process for the Senior Strategy Consultant Role? Thanks!

Hi current nooglers! I’m currently a cpa working at EY in the tax line of service. I’m very interested in taking on a role at Google that is on the business side (generic but want to try something new) or in the ESG space, but not necessarily tax related. I have a friend who works at G and put in a referral, I got shot down for 3 roles. 2 finance and one operational. Would love to try and get a shot at an interview. Any insights for roles to apply for and try? G business role interview tips? Thx @


Looking for engagement managers or senior managers to do HC / operating model work, Pittsburgh based. Competitive comp and relocation. DM me. Internal consulting, team of ex consultants.

Anyone working in JPMorgan Chase ?
Need referral for an opening.


Hello - I am team sales manager. I have been in my role for over 2 1/2 years. I currently make around 52k base with 19k at risk for a total of 72k or more. I recently applied to a position with the same title, however I would go from an in office worker to a virtual worker. Since I started I have finished my bachelors and completed my MBA. I would be doing the same job virtually in a different org. Would it be acceptable to ask for a sizable base increase if offered based on education attained?


Hi everyone

I'm in a business development role based in Asia. May I get your thoughts/pointers on the CAIA?

I'm aware that the CAIA is not as popular in Asia compared to the CFA. From my knowledge, there are no CAIA holders in my current firm within the Asian region, despite dealing with alternative investments.

Would be happy to hear your thoughts regarding the CAIA, and study tips if you have any!


How is innovation planner role in capgemini india


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I really like the seamaster professional 300 on a rubber strap. Is it worth getting? Or is speedmaster the better choice?


How long BGV takes here ? @bankofamerica


Hi Friends, Am having 15 yoe in Product Testing
Skills : ETL , Telecom Billing Products , Analytics
Worked in Various domains such as Retail, Telecom,BFSI. Would be of great help if you can refer me. Please DM me as am not able to message as options are not coming up.


Leaving MBB was the best decision I ever made. I know many view it as a professional pinnacle, but it's not the end-all, be-all it's hyped up to be.

If you haven't been able to make it, try again if you'd like, but don't let MBB define your career. It's not worth it. Plenty of other amazing firms out there.


Any tips on studying for BCPS without residency, just several years of hospital experience?


Picked up this 6-speed 2021 Camaro LT1 this week. Smiles per gallon > miles per gallon. Life is too short to drive boring cars!

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B*tch can you read??

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Please help here. I am having one offer from Nagarro and second one is from atos, both offers are same in term of compensation. but regarding projects please check below. Nagarro : Zs associates account +wfh/wfo is not decided yet. Position in nagarro : staff engineer Position in atos : consultant gcm4 Atos :cdphp health insurance+PWFH I heard about zs associate company wlb is worst. Not sure about cdphp health client. Please suggest which one I should join . Nagarro Accenture Tata Consultancy


Anyone work in FIDS/ forensic accounting? What is the work/pay like?


Welcome to Google Cloud Platform discussions. Feel free to post anything related to GCP. Let's help eachother. Thank you.


Can any Production Designers share what their day-to-day looks like?


Hi all ,

I had 3 tech round for frontend development but did not receive any feedback . When i called the HR she said she got mixed feeling about my profile and team is still discussing about my profile its been 5 days since i had my last round ... is there any possibility that I will be selected for further round of discussion?


Waiting for BBBY to blow its top again 🚀


Has anyone ever won CRED jackpot 😭😭😭?


Moms - when did you feel like you got your health back post baby? I'm nearly 3 years past baby

I lost the baby weight, but my skin, hair and over all health are not like before. I'm always feeling a pain here or there, some rash or skin issue and I'm very aware of every little thing within my body,just as I was during pregnancy.

Is this just me? I can't even think about another baby, I feel like I'm not back to normal yet. Help!


Any thoughts on RSMs FIDS practice?

Any book crits coming up? how can i find out about more?

Hi Fishes,

I got email from LTI "Thank you for applying to LTIMindtree and going through our complete selection process" on 27 Sept but after 1 week I follow up on offer letter she said my approval got rejected due high expectation (35% hike ). We re-negotiate at 6 Sept (30% hike). Now they will release offer letter or not ?

How long did it take for your hiring manager at Salesforce to reach out about a position after completing the final interview? It’s the second going on 3rd week now and I am wondering if I have been forgotten?


401K open and contribute with Employer..hows roth 401k works? Do we need open with Brokerage account? I understand there is Roth ira and traditional ira with Brokerage account


Additional Posts in IT job referral india

Hi, fishes I am open to providing referral in TCS as a Java Developer. YOE: 1-3 Like this post so I may help.


Hi All

What will be the Future of Hadoop Application Support Engineer.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Sharks, Need suggestions. I have the below job offers. Which will be better to join in terms of career growth & work life balance. Infosys - 10 lpa
IBM - 14.7 lpa
Genpact - 16.5 lpa + 1.2l JB
7 years experience
Oracle ERP
Please suggest i have 15 days left to join Thanks in advance!!!


Hi, sharks, I hope you are all good. I am looking to get referred to Accenture . YOE: 1 Tech stack - Python, MySQL, MS office. . . . . @Accenture


Hello friend,

Can you please help me for selection for company.

01. EY - 13.5L fixed
02. Xoriant - 14L fixed
03. LTI - 12L fixed + 50k veriable.

year of experience : 3.4
Technology : Java + Angular.


Hi fishes,

What are the roles and responsibilities of Manager in
Morgan Stanley

I have 2.5YOE and I have been offered this role.
Also can someone tell me the salary range for Manager in Morgan Stanley


Hello fishes,
Societe Generale is hiring for the following roles. Anyone interested with the matching requirements please dm.

If you don't have dm enabled, leave a comment, I'll connect via dm.

Société Générale

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How is atos company why share price going down is it good for joining


Anyone can refer me please comment down.. Iam currently on notice period 81days to go... Looking for the opportunities
Exp - 1.6yoe
Tech stack - Java spring boot microservices, aws
Current CTC - 3.68lpa


Hi Folks,

I am java developer with 2 years experience and looking for job change.

Can someone refer me, thanks in advance.

Primary Skills: Java, Spring, HIBERNATE, Spring Boot
Secondary skills: Html, CSS, JavaScript, Sql, AWS, Blockchain, Solidity.


Pls DM if interested

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Hello Fishes, Need a job change and looking for Ops head/Senior manager/Delivery Manager into technical/Customer Service domain at NCR Location. Could someone help me or refer me, Please.


Hope everyone is doing well.
Currently I am looking for a job change.
Kindly provide reference for any openings in Bangalore for
Information Security Consultant profile. Exp 1.5 yrs
Work exp-
Web application Penetration testing (grey, white & black box)
Network Architecture Review
Digital Forensics Readiness Assessment
System Configuration Review
Secure Code Review


Need 2 MIM experienced resources
Notice Period: Immediate to 2 weeks Max
Experience: Not exceeding 8 Years
Organization: TCS
Kindly Share:-
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Total Exp:
Relevant Exp:
Hands on ITSM Practices:
Notice period:
Already have an offer in hand? I urge you to ignore this post
Ping me only if you qualify the above requirement


AMERICAN EXPRESS India is hiring for Golang Engineer role.
Title: Golang Engineer (Microservices, Kubernetes) - 21009039
Experience: 3+ years

JD screenshot is attached.

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Can you please explain me the breakup in detail - Monthly
Senior Consultant

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Lowe's Hi People, Looking for referral for Product Manager Lowe's. Please help me on the same. Thanks in advance


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