{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "This will be weird, but serious question. My three year old girl does this thing where she gets in child’s pose, balls up her blanket between her legs and then appears to be humping it. Will do it especially when she getting tired / close to nap time. But it is weird, like she is rubbing herself there. We plan to mention it to the pediatrician next time we go. Anyone else had a kid do this? Is that super weird or is it just random strange little kid stuff?", "post_id": "5fbffb7b22f39b0022ce9cc2", "reply_count": 10, "vote_count": 1, "bowl_id": "58f81646ae9f610010f869be", "bowl_name": "Consulting Moms", "feed_type": "bowl" }

This will be weird, but serious question. My three year old girl does this thing where she gets in child’s pose, balls up her blanket between her legs and then appears to be humping it. Will do it especially when she getting tired / close to nap time. But it is weird, like she is rubbing herself there. We plan to mention it to the pediatrician next time we go. Anyone else had a kid do this? Is that super weird or is it just random strange little kid stuff?

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Probably random strange little kid stuff. Definitely raise it to the pediatrician. My almost 2 year old daughter loves to grab her vagina every diaper change and bath. My now 11 year old son, used to do the same to his penis at the same age and had a brief humping phase. It passed when we paid no attention to him doing it.


I worked at a daycare in college and had a few girls that did this. Also, my own daughter has done this while she is falling asleep at times. I spoke to her pediatrician and she said it was normal. She did give a tip, saying if her underwear is tight at all, it will apply pressure, bringing her attention to it more often. So I upped her size of undies (even though they didn't appear to be small) and it stopped almost immediately.


I don’t think kids realizing sensations is weird.


None of my kids have done this, but I have friends who have kids who do it. More girls than boys and not abnormal. You can talk to the ped, but I’m guessing they’ll say it’s totally normal.

I babysat once for a two year old that did this frequently. My friend is a teacher and said during story time she would have girls who would sit on their shoes and rub back and forth. I think normal. I’m sure pediatrician will have good advice on how to handle.

Totally normal! My son was a stomach sleeper and appeared to hump the bed while falling asleep around 1 year old. It only happened when he was trying to fall asleep and it was also a very brief phase. Lasted no more than 3 months. I never even mentioned it to my ped because a quick google showed me this is very common, so fear not!

There’s nothing sexual about it, so don’t let your mind go there :)

It’s normal, it’s her version of self-soothing. My boy bounces in child pose too when he goes down for a nap. Could be rubbing but could also be bouncing - I saw it as trying to replicate when I would bounce him as a baby to go to sleep.

Totally normal. In fact when my daughter was in pre-school most of the kids (boys and girls) were all doing it during nap time. All the parents were called in for a talk with “Miss Debbie”. She made us sit in the small chairs while she discussed this with us . Frankly being talked to by a little older woman on the natural acts of self pleasure was far weirder than my daughter humping her blanket.

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