Those of you on Adderall IR, what is your dose, and what are your side effects? What other drugs have you tried?

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I'm on 1x 30mg, 1x per day, which I take in the morning. Then I have a 10mg prescription and take 2x 10mg or 1x 10mg on the weekends, so that way if I wake up later in the morning on a Sunday, I can take the lower dose and not be up late into that night — plus it helps to lower my dose instead of going cold turkey when I go on vacations or take a break from the Adderall.

I found a lot of success mitigating side effects by taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C at night before bed. Many people aren't aware that vitamin C essentially wipes their system clean of Adderall, so it's best to avoid vitamin C in the morning and during the day. On the other hand, it's great to take at night because it lowers the toxicity on your organs, which helps with the come down. Also, if you ever accidentally take more Adderall than you intend, it's good to have some vitamin C on hand to stop the worst effects of an overdose.

I also take an all natural sleep capsule called "super snooze" that's great for falling asleep without any issues, and waking up ready to take on the next day. Here's a link if you're interested:

My biggest issue is weight loss. I'm M 24, 6'2, and over the summer I dropped from 176 to 166 lbs without intending to lose any weight, and not exactly eating the best either. My issue is that I regularly work through my meals and mild hunger, rather than prioritizing myself. I feel like everyone kind of does this, but recently I was eating one small dinner per day (skipping all other meals and snacks), without going to bed hungry or having an image issue. So rather than seeing this as a reason to switch up my medicine, which is Band-Aid solution, I am now exercising and making a concerted effort to eat better and more consistently. I wasn't hungry because I was working at my desk all day, and now that I'm running 5 days/week 4-8 miles on a technical alpine trail, I'm plenty hungry (even on the Adderall) and find myself reaching for healthy options that will build muscle weight over time.

So I guess the TLDR is that you may experience some side effects, but you have to consider them in the context of the benefits you're getting, and also look for opportunities to balance them out by improving other aspects of your lifestyle.


When I first started taking 10 mg i had some dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, irritation coming down, etc
So I started taking 5 mg 2x and increased it to 10 and now my side effects are pretty minimal


I was diagnosed this summer and started with 10mg of the generic adderrall once a day and am now up to 25mg. I encountered the following negative side effects: dry mouth, a severely reduced appetite, hyper focusing on the wrong things that do not require my immediate attention, and occasionally, exhaustion and irritability once the medication wears off. I found the best way for me to combat those issues is to be intentional about what I do before taking the meds and when I take them. Working out does wonders for ADHDers so I try to workout 30mins-1hr each morning (work out classes or a walking buddy creates a form of accountability helps me a lot). I follow that up with a large breakfast which helps me maintain a portion of my appetite through out the day - if I don’t eat before my meds then I won’t be able to eat until it wears off around 5-6pm. Then I will take my meds right as I open my laptop and am actively engaged in something (a meeting, going through emails, a task, etc) this helps me focus on work once the meds kick in (about mins after taking them). The negative effects I have encountered have been fairly easy to work around but it effect everyone differently - especially since ADHD is often associated with comorbid conditions. Overall, the medication has been life changing for me - I am able to focus, initiate tasks in a reasonable time without so frequent procrastination, and my anxiety has decreased. Outside of the medication, simply learning about ADHD and how to work with it instead of against it has been huge.


I used to be on Adderall but similar to Capital One 1, I had a problem with weight loss. For me, it was a big enough problem that I needed to stop it. I'm now on Strattera and I've handled it much better


I started out on 10mg IR 2x/day as needed. Since then my doc readjusted to 20mg XR x1 and an additional 10mg IR x1 (if needed) daily. This is my first ADHD medication so I don't have experience with others, but I can say it has significantly helped me.

- Able to focus on one task without getting pulled into distractions
- More productive -- get more work done.
- Emotions are more regulated (can keep those frustrated outbursts in check)
- More assertive / communicative, especially helpful with co-workers.
- Regulated my big appetite (I've lost a healthy amount of weight since starting!)
- More motivated to take care of stuff in general (especially self-care).

Side-effects / disadvantages:
- No caffeine allowed :'( I tried even 1 cup and it just gave me anxiety.
- Dry mouth
- higher bp,
- Appetite is too low sometimes
- Get too focused sometimes and I still need to choose what to focus on or else I could get lost in the wrong thing sometimes.
- The comedown effect can make you really lethargic, especially if you like to take a day off per week as I do.


Lmao these threads are subtly hilarious because everyone's on Adderall so all of our comments are 11 paragraphs longer than they need to be 😂

There are 15 comments on this thread, but if you scroll from top to bottom you'd think there were at least 60 comments... And this little bottom section of my comment isn't even necessary itself.


I’ll start. I’m on 10mg 2x daily. No noticeable side effects (maybe because of smaller dose?), though I keep reading about people having a loss of appetite or strong come downs.

I hear alot about people having lose of appetite as well. Everyone I know who has taken it lost 10-15 pound because they just weren't eating.

Do you feel like you get the positive effects needed with your low dosage?

I'm staying on a low dosage as well and find it's much better


I currently take Ritalin. I don't really like it and wish my doc would put me back on Adderall. RItalin makes me have a really bad crash.

20 mg twice a day. I get bad dry mouth and am constantly dehydrated but I’m terrible about my water intake anyways. I had more side effects when I was first medicated but it’s balanced out now

Anyone getting these insane sugar cravings when meds wear off? I usually can put the clock on 6hrs after taking my meds…

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How do you redirect hyper-fixation? I’m trying to studying for a certificate. Instead I’ve found myself going down Reddit rabbit holes. I’ve already deleted social media/games/distractions off of my phone. I’ve already taken my medication for the day. It seems that I can get into a groove with just about anything but studying now a days.


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Can the fact I’m pretty bad with spelling (considering my education level) be related to my ADD?...or I just need to shut up and go read more often?

Just got prescribed 10mg of adderall..not sure if its the dosage for me yet but I already noticed changes and feel accomplished at the end of the day. My partner say they also notice positive changes. Excited to see what happens! :)


Hey all,
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Happy Halloween 🎃 my fellow ADHD 🐠!Pros and cons for those of you who take adderall regularly? Just got diagnosed and will start the prescription today.


Does anyone ever struggle with when you take a little too much of your adderall (or similar med) & it finally does kick in all at once, your brain starts to overanalyze everything & you get so detailed that it becomes counterproductive? I’m either avoidant & unfocused or hyperfocused & too detailed, it’s equally as unproductive.


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On the blog idea I posted - can you let me know any areas you would want stories or info on, stuff you wish you’d known, stuff you’re still figuring out, or anything you’d be willing to write about? Could be anon or not. Just sussing out all the parts! For example, I know people who were diagnosed younger have had to battle with not feeling like they need meds to work effectively vs those getting access and diagnosis later having to trial and error while learning about it all fresh.


So medication has been revolutionary for me. The last few months I have felt so much better / confident in doing my job. The last few days / last week I’ve felt like I haven’t taken my meds (I have lol) in that I haven’t been able to concentrate and the self-doubt has flown back. Any advice?


Has anyone tried Peter Shankman’s ADHD coaching? Thoughts, experience?


First-gen and new hire in my first job. Vyvanse was typically covered under my parents’ insurance but now I’m looking to sign up for (my first) health insurance plan with my employer. I’m worried if Vyvanse will be fully covered or not. Anything I should look out for?


I have sooo much work to do but im in bed stressing about all the work I need to do, not doing the work 🙄


Just started Strattera a couple days ago and am absolutely exhausted and very sleepy by 2 pm every day. I hope this goes away!

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How do you know when to up the dose on your meds? Currently on 40 mg Vyvanse. I usually get the peak euphoria feeling (super alert) about 1 hour after i take my meds and it lasts for a couple of hours. I work late but have noticed that i spend too much time staring at the screen and keep jumping between tasks. Would upping the dose help me concentrate on one task at a time? If not how do you manage this? What tips would you have to prevent the constant back and forth between tasks? TIA


Adhd + crippling RSD + low self esteem + BPD here, struggling to deal with nitpicking, negative annual review that was based on one project after a previous ptsd-inducing project that erased my confidence.
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