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I just got an offer for a senior software developer role at $150k starting. It is a small start up with 28 people in the team and AI driven. My recent salary was $118 so it is quite a jump for me and I really liked the VP I spoke to. Very somber and smart guy.
However, I have several other interviews coming up ranging from big corporate to app companies. Shall I decline the current offer to explore more or accept it but push my start day to later so I could stillbdo the other interviews?


How to earn extra money in Deloitte other than your salary ? I mean can we do something other than working in our assigned project to earn some extra bucks?


I’m currently working at a starting salary of 72k in Tampa Florida as an automation tester. Do you think that’s a fair salary? Especially with the current high cost of living and inflation. TIA

Frustrated with work as we all are. Single mom insurance defense litigation for mid sized NYC based firm. Base salary is 136k nominal bonuses. Struggling to meet work demands (deadlines, billable hours) and then also struggling financially. Just curious if what I am making is going rate, am of counsel after taking 6 years off of practice 10+ years practicing. Thanks!


How to change the salary account in Deloitte USI?


Just made senior, would you leave for the same role not as senior, but would make it the following year, for a 55% pay increase? I don’t think my senior comp here would reach this increase in pay, so was curious on your thoughts.


Recently promoted from Analyst to Consultant at a boutique HC firm in Chicago. Review was great, ranked as a top performer. Salary only moved from 71k to 79k (11% bump). Negotiate or jump ship?


Hi All, could you please share your views on capgemini invent on below ground: 1. Projects, 2. Salary hikes, 3. Work culture, 4. Onshore opportunity

My first post in this Bowl. :)

I'm trying to understand what the SE compensation looks like, this days. 7 years ago (with solid +8yrs experience), I was at 90K base + 30K cap. Today I'm at 165k + 40k non-cap. Can you share where you were +5 years ago and now? #SharingIsCaring

Is it ok if company says thet joining bonus will be given after completing 3 months???

Do PEs offer singing bonus or relocation fee?


American Express Director salary range for treasury/capital markets @ roles in NYC? American Express


Anyone joined EY India after 15th or 18th last month? Did you receive the July 2022 salary yet as part of mid month salary cycle?

Hi Guys,

I got selected in Tiger Analytics? My DOJ is 01st Aug 22

1. Are they reimburse work from home setup expenses like Wifi, Table, Chair?

2. What will be expected to hike in each year or half yearly?

3. I have received a 1LPA joining bonus. Can I increase it to 2LPA?

If I am missing any question. Please share your views.


Thoughts on MD vs Partner route at EY?
- higher comp
- first class citizen
- pension
- tied to firm
- higher sales targets
- less wlb

- lower comp (30-50%?)
- second class citizen
- lower sales targets
- easier to bail if you hate it (?)
- delivery focus
- slightly better but probably still terrible wlb

Am I missing anything?


Anyone working/worked at Eisai? Looking at applying for their Product Safety Specialist role there. Any info (salary/compensation, work life balance, culture, etc) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


How much tax will be deducted on 18lpa fixed salary (1746800 in hand after epf deduction)? Even after investing 1.5 lacs in 80c.


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How do I change line style@back to default on excel? Accidentally click on one, and now it wants to use that style every time. I just want to be able to use the ones in the typical drop down


What do wish existed to help with romantic relationships, resume building? If you could start a business what would it be?

Has anyone here had to do a data science assessment for work? If so, what exam was it?


what’s your side hustle or passion? do you actively work on it or is it a vision for the future? is it close or far from what you do now?


My head feels like it's about to implode. #fml


Hello, I’m looking for accountability partners to help quit smoking hookah. I was clean for about 3 yrs, and have relapsed recently and finding it hard to quit smoking it.


I got into CL-9 position for business unit CLOUD FIRST

How is it from career growth perspective?


Sounds about right to me.

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Anyone moved from AP at MBB role to mid-senior partner role at Big4?
Any thoughts?


Thoughts on new Insurance policy. Which slab you think is best


Finally reached my weight loss goal! 33 pounds down since late April. If I can do it you all can!


When you invest into a index fund, how is that capital distributed to companies on the index?


So long Big4, it’s been real but now I’m living the dream :)
Could not be happier right now!!!!!!!!


Don't you just hate it when you're Platinum Medallion and 1/13on upgrade list then 2 mins before boarding you're 14/32?! #FML How can there be so many Diamonds on my plane??


Hi hi! I changed jobs and have 10k from an ex employer pension and I’m wondering what I should do with it now? I have an employee 401k and a Roth IRA, wondering if I should put it in an index fund? I wanted to do something for my kid, what are the best options here ? Appreciate any insight!


What's up with people farming for key personnel resumes? Can you set up compensation for this? I don't understand why anyone would just give a bunch of companies their resume for bids and get literally nothing out of it. Why waste my time helping some random company win a bid?

like is hiring a ton and has some awesome comp packages. If you have the DS skills and okay with a long interview process hit me up. Made the switch not to long ago and honestly great product/team. DM if interested and I’ll connect you.


What business practice at Deloitte is the equivalent of Harvard Extension School? Since those two entities are apples to apples.


Hello everyone! Can anyone from the big four accounting firm refer me please? I’m a senior consultant at EY Philippines. TIA!

Additional Posts in Big 4 Discussions!

Opportunities available for freshers and experienced CA/CPA/ACCA /MBA/B.Com/M.Com/BBA/BMS in EY GDS.

Experience requirements across levels: 0 till 20 years. If interested send your CV at -

Location: Multiple locations across India

Like, comment, share and spread the word to those in need !

#cafreshers #experienced #cpajobs #accajobs #statutoryaudit #panindia #graduatejobs #mbajobs #assurance


I want to work as a Pega Developer in HSBC
Can anyone help me with the referral.
Thanks in advance HSBC


How much recently promoted managers pocketing in Deloitte USI this year considering hike was good?


Urgent: Wanted to understand key differences between EY India and EY GDS. I know generic differences but which is better along the lines of:
1. Financial growth opportunities (hikes/bonus)
2. Duration to stay in the same role (example would I have to stick to same client for multiple years or when can I switch client)
3. Senior Management
4. WLB
5. Is it easier to move from India to GDS or vice versa?
Getting Tech Consultant Senior 1 in GDS vs Data Science Senior in EY India. 5YOE/Data Science


How long does EY take to release technical interview results?


Folks, one question. I definitely want to leave KGS after Nov 25th due to horrible projects.
I just got increment in October of about 25% already. If say I switch in Jan-Feb, will I get 25-30% increment on my current hike?
If the new organization asks that you already received a hike, what shall I say to hr during salary negotiation round


Do we have any provision to opt for Sodexo / food coupons at EY GDS
Service line: Consulting


Hi fishes.. I new and I need 11 like to start dm plz like this


Please help me out with any java dev related opportunities if possible. yoe 2. Thanks for your kind attention.


Where do u stand?

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Hi Fishes!!!

Require very urgent feedback:

What are the current salaries in MBBs at a Consultant level for lateral hire with 5 years work exp. (Tier 2 college, Non-IIM)

Thanks! In advance


Hi All,


Can anyone please help me referring for Azure Data Engineer Role, YOE 3 years.

Reason: I am activity looking for a change as done with Firm Intiatives of Deloitte USI even they are not compulsory now.

Please drop your email ids in comment box (if comfortable) so i can share my profile with you.

Thanks in advance!


HI Fishes, can any one tell me about the onsite experience ? We will be stuck there? what will happen if we cant deliver as per their expectation ?


Hi fishes,

Did anyone had interviewed with PWC India recently ??


Does variable pay depends on ROLE.!? 🤔
Is there difference in variable pay of Analyst and Associate consultant in EY (Big4s)


KPMG global services is actively hiring for below role, DM me if the skill set matches and you are looking out for a change

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