[UK] Currently working at a boutique life sciences consultancy who mainly focus on commercial strategy. Im wanting to move to a life sciences consultancy with wider offerings/new challenges and (maybe) a bigger name but I’d like to keep a decent salary and ok WLB…. What firms should I be looking at? I’ve heard such bad things about Guidehouse and EY recently which really put me off them… I am currently on £80k base (+15-20%) with a PhD and ~4.5yoe. WFH most days but can expense trips to office

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@ZS1 Which practice area / role? Thank you!

What about prescient healthcare group? Hear they have a good UK office.

Hadn’t considered - will take a look. Thanks



How is WLB? what are the main projects?

FTI consulting

Check out Putnam

You can ask for SC and see how it goes, whatever you ask for depends on interview


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Anyone here familiar with the hiring process of KPMG consulting in Van? Had a partner interview on Nov 21, thought the feedback was positive but haven't heard back yet (no rejection/offer). Is it something normal or the interview just didn't go as well as I thought?

It's an experienced hire for an SC role. I saw the posting is still open atm, and my guess is that the recruiting team is comparing candidates since competition is higher due to recent layoffs.

Thanks in advance!


Hello FishBowl community,

I am a Talent Acquisition Partner with
leadership and management experience,
and my previous role was a Talent
Acquisition Specialist. I have a bachelor
degree in Business Management, and I'm
looking for a remote role.

Any TA referrals or job opportunities
would be greatly appreciated! :)


Is 52k low for a Commercial Underwriter?


Hey guys! I graduated from a tech SDR program in March & have been struggling to land a fully remote SDR position within the salary range I need. I was able to land a part time SDR position but hardly any compensation for me to quit my side job. Anybody recommend any tech companies actively hiring right now? I’d love to connect if you currently work at a tech company & hear your experiences


AFR updated their consulting salary article a couple of days back. Anyone with a subscription care to post the updated data image?


How is National Insurance Company account in Cognizant?

What’s the M6 grade in LTI ? How’s the work culture ?

Had a first round interview with Putnam ~3 weeks ago that a 3rd party recruiter setup. Thought it went really well and was told i’d hear back on next steps within the week.

I’ve followed up with the recruiter twice but still getting radio silence. Is Putnam a lost cause? Any advice? Was really interested in the firm so was surprised to get ghosted like this.


Anyone have some insight into Zumper, culture , wlb, future. Any info is appreciated.


In process for Accenture. YoE - 11 yr.
As CTC comprise of huge (24 to 27%) variable amount, can someone help with queries:

1. What is appraisal cycle at Accenture ?
2. As they also have 6 months probation, are lateral hires considered for appraisal & variable(prorated) during first year?
3. Any date in year before which candidate must join to be eligible for appraisal & variable of ongoing cycle.
4. Does Joining Bonus come with any return clause, if yes whats condition ?


Anyone looking to do case prep? I have 1st round for McKinsey Engagement Manager lateral hire role in 2 weeks.


Anyone know the salary range for an office manager in houston, texas.
Company manufacturers and sells restaurant equipment to dealers all over the US.


Hi fishes,

Could some one Please help with in-hand salary with this E2 band structure ?

Post Photo

McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Trying to benchmark consulting firms on their RRSP contributions in Canada. Anyone willing to share how much (%) of their base salary is contributed by their employer, if it’s done on a matching basis or pure contribution, your firm and your level?

McKinsey & Company Boston Consulting Group Bain & Company Deloitte PwC KPMG EY Kearney Accenture Slalom


How much time it takes for salary discussion in optum after previous salary and other documents submission?

Hello Guys,

IBM India not giving onboarding. Waiting since last year.

Nov 2021:-

• Applied for IBM GBS (Off-Campus) on their brassring portal.

17 Nov 2021:-Gave Assessment.

30 Nov 2021:- Gave Interview.

7 Feb 2022:-  I got my Expression of Interest 

My Questions :-

Why are they taking so much time?
Am I a backup candidate? Or is it because of recession?

Any further insights would be highly appreciated!

Its been 1 year I have got selected.I have completed my Graduation too.

I'm 2022 batch.


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6 shot, 1 dead in Columbia Heights. Just another night in DC. Can’t wait to leave this overpriced dump of a city.


What’s the quickest turnaround time for an offer you’ve ever had for an associate level role?


Spouse is retired O5 and retiring GS with 20+ years logistics, contracts and program management. What is his best path to transition to private sector?


How much do y’all give for wedding gifts (cash) for a friend or close friend?


At what income (if any) should you consider switching from a Roth to Traditional for the immediate tax savings?

I'm on pace for a 230k yearly income and I'd literally rather set my money on fire than send it to the Federal government. I'm not sure I'll feel the same in retirement and I imagine I'd be pulling out less than 230k/yr., so I'm wondering if it's time to go Traditional.



Hello all.

Is, Faking experience common in IT industry when we want to switch to a completely different Technology Stack?

Currently I am working as a SAP HANA Consultant with 4 YOE, but wish to switch to a Data Science profile. I already have knowledge on different skills required for a role of Data Scientist.


Anyone know of a moving company to move my furniture and home stuff from San Francisco to Toronto? Any reference would be helpful. Thank you.


Hello I am a Computer Systems Technology major at ISU and currently have been working with OfficeDepot since may. Recently I have gone from an associate to a supervisor position. I graduate in December from ISU. Any advice on a direction I should take after I graduate?

Ghosting is the worst. Isn’t it better to just say you’re not interested any more? Why do people do this. I can’t even get over it since he might just be busy.


Hi There,

I am confused whether should look for a change now or not. Seeing the Recession coming.
Expertise - Functional / Manual Testing with 7 Years experience.
Would like to hear suggestion or advices please.

Have the NYT bad press and new books affected McKinsey revenue?


What kind of behavior systems do you use in your classroom? I teach 1st grade. I’m tired of using the folder/calendar system with 🙂/🙁 and a prize box. Any ideas?

Hi All,

Pine labs is hiring for following positions. Location is Open/remote
Any one interested kindly DM me.
Java developer
C++ developer
Architect C++/Java
Engineering Manager
Product Manager


Nagarro delivered dell latitude 5420 core i5...i was expecting lenono thinkpad..is there any procedure to get it changedNagarro Nagarro ES

Does having a CVA (certified valuation analyst) useful? have heard mixed reviews


When the people at the client are laughing all the time / playing cards at lunch/ leaving at 4 daily ...and then you look at the income statement #biggestlossincompamyhistory #whatdoyalldo


How easy or difficult is it to move across clouds in Publicis Sapient? Looking to understand if I am not enjoying one to move to another. Such as moving from the aws practice to azure practice.


Just wanted to shout out you guys and this app for helping to guide people whether that's salaries, tips, referrals, etc. Helped give me direction on my next step. Looking forward to starting in Saas after the new year. You guys rock

Also, if you have any books, podcasts, youtube, etc. I could learn from in the few weeks that would be great.


Just signed a specialist offer at Mck for November start at 165, but seeing that in 2022 the associate salaries jump to 175. Anyone know if this will be adjusted for me or am I screwed?


How many leaves can we take during the notice period?


Additional Posts in Healthcare Consultants

Have an offer to join LEK as a Manager, lateral move from current manager role. Would love to know whether you would make the move in this situation and the drivers.

Specific details:
- ZS: WLB manageable, 55 h a week, strong Principal advocates, kind clients, lower TC, autonomy to manage own team and portfolio of work, perhaps too much responsibility for the TC IMO
- LEK: TC 50-70% higher, would need to learn new types of work that’s more strategic, WLB sounds less flexible, hours at 60h-70h


Going to grad school to transition into healthcare operations consulting: stick with MBA (top 20, not top 10) concentrated on Healthcare or double major with MS in corporate innovation?


Briefly connected to a recruiter for the life sciences commercial strategy senior consultant positions at Deloitte. I would like to talk to someone in that practice, if possible. Is that part of Monitor Deloitte?


What should I expect during the Deloitte revenue cycle transformation Senior consultant case?


Has any one researched/recommended Tracelinks solution for DSCSA and serilization Compliance?
What are your thoughts on product Strengths/weaknesses?
What is their short term/long term viability

Are there non tech jobs at Deloitte? If so, what are the titles?


Anyone have good contacts for Healthcare SCM roles for entry level in the NYM area? Family member is finishing up school and wants to get into supply chain work.


Looking at professional development for the rest of the year - has anyone been to HLTH, and if so, did you find it valuable? Feeling very done with HIMSS and looking for something more meaningful


Can anyone tell me a little more about PwC’s Clinical R&D Experienced Associate position? Any other background like salary, day in the life would be helpful. thanks for your time and you’re welcome to DM me.


Anyone knows anything about Avia Healthcare innovation in Chicago? How’s the culture and pay? Reached out by the recruiter and any insights are appreciated!


Best consulting firms for healthcare providers?

Recently moved from insurance to healthcare domain. I am reading about healthcare and particularly interested in understanding the health care value chain. Looking for any flowcharts, process flow,etc


Talks that Wallie is buying H