What are common exit oos for people in TAS OTS?

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Corp dev/M&A roles in industry, PE ops only if coming from OTS Value Creation


What sorts of questions were you all asked in interviews? And what’s the expected salary range for an experienced hire with 4 years of experience (combination of tech consulting at Accenture and valuation at Deloitte), masters in finance, and coming in at the same level as MBA hires (according to the recruiter I’ve been talking to)? Located in Houston. I’ve heard exit opportunities are mostly corporate ops or ops side of PE...not much clarity there


If you’re in core OTS - a lot of it is PMO - 50-80% depending on what you consider PMO...but OTS has several verticals that don’t do any PMO


Love that this has gone unanswered for 19 hours. I am interested in any responses received myself. Don't mind me.

Joining OTS from MBA campus recruiting in a few months. Don’t mind me either.

Yea let’s hear it

That's was my question during the interview process... Didn't get a great answer... But maybe pe ops give experience in the deal lifecycle...?

Thanks. How much of the OTS work is PMO?

Interesting. Thanks EY3. Any recommendations for how to best prepare for OTS? Burner below if you’d rather take it offline. I’m five weeks from start date and want to be purposeful with my time.


(I’d love to chat with anyone willing to spend a few minutes with me.)

AM1 - are you an MBA hire then?

Correct. MBA recruiting in fall ‘17. Coming in as a SC.

I would not join OTS there are better roles in market coming from other consulting firms

As in ^^^^

Just resigned from my role and will spend the next two weeks prepping. Thought I’d bump in case someone has recommendations on how to best prepare.

If you are in EY OTS you should jump ships not a good place to work — it’s glorified project management but they portray themselves as project management +subject matter expertise = M&A advisory the true fact is they have people who are fresh out of school not to be against anyone but providing advice.

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For those who have successfully made a career pivot into a new field, is it recommended to apply for the equivalent title in the new field (i.e. Senior to Senior) or is it more effective to apply for a title that is a step back from your current role (i.e. Senior to Junior)? I’ve heard arguments supporting either strategy but am interested in hearing about the personal successes that people have had.


Hi fishes, DM for referral.

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Hi fishes

Im expecting a offer for a trainer a role in poland ,my previous experience was a full time tech role .I'm in a dilemma whether to go for it cause am not that interested in strainer role will affect my future career growth but on the other side I'm looking as a abroad opportunity

Could you please suggest?


Can anyone provide a Nike referral for me?


I am a CPA in the process of trying to switch to tech sales. I was in the process of trying to schedule a second interview with a tech company and got ghosted. Is this happening alot because of the recession? Should I keep following up?


Are there any recommended resources to gain competency in technology transactions? Trainings, certifications, programs, books, etc.?


Hi — Would anyone be willing to give me a referral to a Walmart HQ role? Thank you! 🙂


Can anyone get me in contact with a Deloitte recruiter? Im someone who’s been trying to break into consulting and have tried every way to network but have been unsuccessful fir this company.


Hello All,

I have been working in Accenture as an ETL Admin from past 4 Years.
Is there any opening as such in Kolkata/Delhi location?

Thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,


AE position for healthcare in DC area; COLA from previous salary/location (AE role) says it should be $75k. Don't think that's realistic - any insights?


Anyone willing to make a referral? Primarily Medicare Advantage/TX Medicaid experience and post MBA. Can provide a burner to send my resume if interested. Have a great weekend 😀

Hi Sharks,

I am so much confused regarding my decision of joining SAP LABS.
Is there a slow growth in SAP LABS?
I am looking for good learning and hikes.
Would it be there?

I know it depends on the team but how is it overall?

How long do you typically stay in a role before getting promoted? (ie., as a jr, mid-level, & senior.) Getting nervous about being stuck in one position for too long after jumping around agencies making lateral moves.


Does anyone have leads for a recent MPH Epidemiology grad with 0-2 YOE to get into consultant roles in Healthcare/life sciences?

Second question: what sort of work experiences are companies like flatiron and komodo health looking for to work in RWE/heor? I'm not sure how to leverage Epidemiology to get into that space :(


Hi fishes,

I have offer from IBM & Accenture with same package 12lpa with 3+ yoe. And band/level are as below.

IBM - 6B
Accenture -10

Which is better to choose for SAP functional for better WLB and career growth.


Hey guys,
Hope you all are doing well
I'm writing this post to get a referral for company switch from TCS to MNC or any start up as a Python developer.
I'm well versed in Python, web development using django, AL and Data science.
I'm still improving my skills at my best.
Please do let me know if u have any opportunity suiting my profile.
Feel free to ping me.

Thanks in advance.


I’m stuck at a transitional point in my career where I can’t figure out a direction that I feel excited about. Does anyone have resources, books, career coaches, etc. that may help me find clarity?


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I know it was a short week but TGI freaking F!!


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What is minimum experience required for Associate role for laterals also what is the salary range for the role.


Can someone refer me to Google analyst position


what questions do you ask when first meeting the executor of an estate?


Infosys has many job opportunities do anyone need referal ping me happy to support.


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audit manager salary in charlotte, nc?


What’s been your favorite holiday activity to do around the city? I’m feeling the vibes.


I ate a pound of honey mustard pretzel sticks in 4 days 🫠


What will be my take home?

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Recs for stores that sell mangoes from India in Chicago/suburbs?


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Anyone able to give me a referral for a senior BA role at capital one? Thanks!


Friend from early college (had a few classes together but not very close) happens to be the recruiter for a PM role that I am interested in at FAANG, he offered to send my resume to the hiring manager but also have a chat with him about his experience at the company, what are good questions to ask?


How many years of experience do you need for a director level role? Associate VP? vP?


Anyone know anything about Affirm? Fintech lending company. They’re looking for some business analysts for growth strategy team & I was invited to interview.


Does anyone know the base compensation for principal operations strategy at Discover Financial Services (position asks for 6 yoe).

I received an email from hr to provide base salary expectations and didn't find much help on levels or glass door.


Why I love being in industry:

I presented a deck and I misspelled "EBITDA" in the exec summary while presenting to the exec team.

No one noticed. No one called me out. No one gave me a nasty glance. No one sent a "pls call my mobile" text after.

No email with some stuff about "not meeting expectations" or "how could you let this happen in your role".

After the wave of panic, I remembered that I'm in industry now. I make more money, work less hours, work with great people, I'm happy.


I have noticed a major increase in remote roles for various companies. What is driving this change?

Best font for resume? Most applying tech and other finop roles? Currently a neat Times new Roman, but not sure if it’s too stuffy.


Have offers from AWS and Google professional services. Setting aside TC, what’s your pick considering growth opportunities, internal movement, wlb, culture, exit opps etc.


Anyone know of stories where ppl exited to the fashion industry, in particular luxury fashion? Ie a corporate dev role or financial analyst role at LVMH, etc. wondering if this is sth consulting exit ops offer, or should I aim to go to business schools that target these companies (HEC, ESSEC etc)? Currently a college senior and wondering which path to take