What are the different bands at FIS with salary ranges for each? "Senior Lead Engineer- Development " Designation falls into which band and what is the salary range for it?

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P4 Band…20-27 LPA I guess

What is band and salary range for Principal Engineer - Development?

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Newbie advice?? I recently accepted a payroll specialist job for $23/ hour starting, ability to increase after 90 days. I have little recruiting experience, no school/certs and reside in San Diego area. Is this fair? I want to go back to at least get my bachelors is HR management, and I have an HR internship lined up. Should I go for a masters degree? Or one of the HR certs- and which cert is better? Just trying to figure out the best path for someone aiming to break 100k in the future.


So what is the comp for S1’s at EY in HCOL after the adjustments? I heard SF/SJ are at $130k. What about NYC and LA?

For the people who work at AWS/Amazon, do you all get yearly bonuses on top of RSUs? Also curious to see what kind of exit ops you have been seeing after Amazon?


What salary range should I give for S1 in audit at EY? Currently interviewing. Thank you for your inputs!


What will be In hand salary in HCL for 18 lakh CTC . How much percentage we expect for performance bonus.


Hi all,

What can be a expected CTC of a peson with 9 years of experience and working as a senior technical consultant with both development, client handling ( requirement gathering and engagement manager) exposure.

Service portal
Performance analytics
Virtual agent
Integrations ( custom and using integrationHub)
Custom Application development
Plus some more...


Does McKinsey’s case interview process differ by group you’re interviewing with? For e.g. does the digital group also do case interviews?


I need a suggestion.
I onboarded wipro with 20 Lakh salary and now I got offer from Tech M 23.5 Lakh salary. I am confused whether to join Tech M or not. What happen if I will not login to Wipro as I have only onboarded there. Is it worth to abscond Wipro for Tech M for 3.5 lakh annually extra salary pay

Hi all , While applying for sde at amazon. It asks for the date u applied previously. I applied on 27th aug 2022 but didnt recieved any communication regarding it. So now while applying for new jobid what should i fill in previously applied date? Amazon Amazon India


I have an interview with UKG for solution Architect role. They are offering a base of 160-175 . Wanted to check in what do you think?


Does walmart global tech provides flexibility from where to work?
Remote/Hybrid/ Mandatory Office?
For Senior Data engineer role.


I joined CTS in mid of sept and have received partial salary..can someone guide me to where I can find the payslip? And will it be available to view or it takes time to generate?


Hi...Need help in choosing a company

Current CTC :11LPA fixed
1.Application developer @ IBM GBS
2. Module Lead @ Mindtree
CTC is 16LPA fixed in both companies
3. I've HR round pending with INTEL but have been informed it's a maintenence project in .NET, WPF

Also should I ask for more salary for my years of experience? I am a full stack developer with .NET/angular experience


Hi folks,

I would like your advice on an offer i received.

My experience is 7 years, Masters in Information technology

Current position- Product manager

Offered position- Product manager

Position is in Oslo, Norway-

Salary offered is 860,000NOK + 10% bonus


Any feedback on Strategy& in India? How are the projects? How much is the project related travel?



My offer letter from HCL has two variable pay components-
1) Performance bonus
2) Engagement PB(paid monthly).
Do I expect the second one to be paid monthly and the first one once a year?
Also they have flex basket and food wallet, are these also paid monthly?

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Frontend vs Backend
I carry 2 years of experience and hold offer for Frontend as well as Backend from 2 organizations. My interest is in Frontend, but I have heard salary wise frontend sde in good product based company are paid less than backend. Is it true? I wish to know that will choosing frontend cost those big packages of SDEs in India? From companies like FAANG

Please give your experience


230K as an associate at an industry-focused shop. Work ~50 hrs/week and minimal weekend work - is salary market and if not, worth the trade off?


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Does Societe Generale rejects on managerial round because candidate is already having a offer already? At the end of discussion was asked expected CTC and notice period and when answered the same , was roasted like why are you even looking for more and etc. Quote confusing 😐

Societe Generale

What will be the inhand salary if the fixed CTC is 11.3LPA?


Alright Christian 🐠, sending this one out to hear God’s wisdom here.

Been after private equity for several years now, and God provided an opportunity via a tangible offer.

Offer is disappointing from both comp/ title perspective, which shows the “colours” of the firm as tough negotiators.

Pursue it still, or be pragmatic and know my value?


Those job hunting.. How many rounds of interviews are you experiencing?

Got a rejection from another 8+ round interview and really just exhausted from the time investment on top of juggling the job that's burnt me out.

For reference, I've been looking senior in-house and tech roles.



I have an experience of 4 years 5 months (both total & relevant is same) in SAP EWM. I switched in December 2021 in Deloitte with 14.5 Fixed.
Currently my fixed is 15.3. How much hike should I expect?


Does any one use Wit and Wisdom reading? I am looking for PowerPoints, Slides, Reaources, etc ...4th grade

Hi fishes,

I am a UI UX Designer and currently working as Technical Lead in Wipro.
Total years of experience: 7 years approx
Relevant to UX UI: 6.6 years approx.

Looking for a change. Please help.

And what would be the salary for the same?

Anyone make the switch out to IT type work? Just not enjoying the BS in accounting and want something more chill.


Dear All,
Can someone please help to refer QA Engineer/Analyst profile.
Looking into Pune location. Other locations can also work.
YOE is 4+.

Please Please Please Help😊


DM me for referrals at Rippling.
P.S. - serious candidates only


Will we be getting one month salary bonus in EY for October ? And if yes, what is the criteria, since I joined on October 18, 2021.EY


Hi Fishes,

How many weeks will the BGV take at Allstate. Since i was an immediate joiner, BGV started after joining.


Most of my nursing career has been in dialysis... And that was a bad mistake. It's hard to find a job with only dialysis experience. I was paid we'll (Golden Handcuffs). Difficult to find a job that will pay as well or any job period because of the specialized experience I have. #stuck #depressed


Is it good time to switch to Amazon now ? I got an interview call.

I got a Tonal. Y’all should get one. You’re welcome.


Guys ,
I'm asking this query for 3rd time in this forum... kindly share the salary range for Consultant postion in SAP SDC and the rounds of interview .


Which big 4 firm pays its tax people the most generous?


I can take a promotion at my company, or accept the same position at another company for the same pay. Is the job title really worth more work?


Hi guys, I’m a Cybersecurity graduate student. Would like to get into Crowe if anyone will be willing to refer me,
Thanks in advance,


Looking for case partners for McKinsey R1. Beginner with some experience. Let me know!


Additional Posts in FIS Global

I received laptop from FIS Global today but in kit only received laptop, charger , headset and bag . Mouse and ID CARD are not there ?

Any FISian joined recently and can help ? Is it fine or need to ask to anyone ?

Any vacancy in FIS Chandigarh for sr business analyst. Pls share!
Tech stack - banking consultant/ Infosys finacle consultant


What is designation hierarchy in FIS ?


What is the average hike people got/expecting in this cycle?

Is it true we need to return the joining bonus along with GST if we resign within a year in FIS?
What if someone resigns a week after his 1 year completion? Do they still need to pay?


3ys exp total, 1yr angular and 2yr Java. How much should I demand??

How much FIS can offer for senior software Engineer/ senior implementation conversation analayst.?

I have 3.5 years of experience and 3 months notice period.

Current package - 9 LPA
How much can I ask for ?


IBM - 19.7L fixed + 2L JB

FIS Global - 19.8L fixed + 1.90L variable + 1L JB

YOE - 7 years
Tech - .Net

Which one in terms of Job security(main concern) , WLB , yearly average hike , better projects ?

Can we take or avail leaves in Notice Period in FIS Global while we are leaving in probation period???

Kindly share your inputs.


Fis mohali is now permanent wfh, they've closed it down


Anyone left FIS Global within very short duration after joining like within 6 month or less than that ?
If yes what was the reason to leave that ? So that could understand cons of FIS.

Or anyone can help about Cons of FIS Global joining ?


Can anyone refer me to FIS Global for Software Engineer role for Chandigarh or Noida location


Hi Everyone I have joined FIS one month back only, I am just Okay with my current project. I see here everybody is leaving FIS and telling it's not good. I have changed Infosys within 7 months.Now, I don't want to switch this early. Can somebody tell me about the good points, pros in FIS. I really want to change my mindset so that I feel happy here and can give back something to organization.FIS Global


Does fis insurance cover cataract surgery?


Hi all,

I joined FIS recently and I want to access outlook and teams in mobile. If anyone knows settings please DM me. It's something very urgent.


Hi can anyone refer me to this role.
ITIL Change management analyst senior



Need your help fishes how much joining bonus FIS can give for early joining?
Would like to know the range to negotiate well
Thanks in advance for your help.


Can some one refer me to a position at FIS Global, I have the job ID.

Hello All,

I have recently joined
FIS Global but there are some issues with the laptop that I have received. It shall be replaced now. Because of this I haven't been able to update my salary account details in workday yet. I received a mail yesterday that it should be done before 13.05.2022.

Can anyone please share the contact details of the support team who can help me in this case?

FIS Global