What are your tips/advice to increasing milk production? Baby eats a lot and is on formula due to low milk production, and I fear I will never be able to supply the amount my baby needs/wants.

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I tried everything- copious amounts of water, lactation cookies, tinctures etc. Didn’t make a real difference. Please don’t kill yourself trying to make more milk if it isn’t going to happen. Enjoy nursing your baby and supplement as needed.


I was same…..fed is best….. I tried to jump start it again at four months…rented hospital pump and hooked myself up to it semi-constantly. Didn’t get me there. :(. But. My guy is a healthy 99th percentile 6 year old now. He’s fine. I just got a little less nursing experience than I wanted


Agree with EY1. I drank Mother’s Milk tea, ate special cookies, drank tons of water. I couldn’t keep up with hungry baby. It doesn’t have to be nursing OR formula. I did both for both of my kids.

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I want to encourage you. I was never able to produce enough milk for oldest or my current baby. With my first, I tried everything and I felt horrible, like I was failing as a mother.

If you are not able to produce enough supply after you try what you know, it’s ok if baby is only on formula or is supplemented with formula. Neither of my children have suffered, have developmental delays or suffer from any negative consequences of only having formula.

Don’t stress. Stress adversely affects milk supply. What’s important is that baby is nourished.


The comments above have covered it- very good tips. I was in this situation with both kids. Here’s what I would offer - any amount of breast milk you can give your baby is wonderful. Don’t stress about supplementing with formula or switching entirely. It’s all good! For me, once they transitioned to regular milk at a year, I forgot about the topic entirely. Easier said than done when you’re in the thick of it, but try to go easy on yourself.


THIS 🙌🙌🙌

Body Armor drinks always upped my supply. They have coconut water in them that helps to hydrate. But agree with a comment above that milk removal is by far the most important factor in producing more milk. Keeping a consistent schedule of nursing or pumping is essential.


Are you experiencing any sort of elevated stress beyond caring for the baby and adjusting to bf?High stress from a family crisis was my lactation killer. One batch of bad news and my supply would drop immediately.
If not, the supply is supposed to catch up with the demand if you offer feeds more often and cut back on formula, but it is so difficult to do in practice.


Are you eating enough?


Fenugreek, more pumping, drink tons of water


Fenugreek can be counter productive if you have a thyroid disorder (like I do)


Motherlove more milk plus supplements


Lots of water, soup will help. From my experience, I gained back milk production from pumping more frequently every 3 hours. It will make your body work ‘more demands, more supply’


Power pumping. I would pump and watch Netflix.


Yes. Power pumping. Fenugreek. Staying hydrated including things like body armor drinks to get electrolytes or coconut water. Make sure to pump in the middle of the night. It can take real effort. But went from supplementing to making 60oz/ day 🙃


The above comments cover most. 300 extra calories (try oat milk with steel cut oats in the am), lots of water and lots of nursing/pumping and rest. You basically have to first nurse there baby both sides and then offer baby formula if it needs more. Pass the baby to someone while it bottle feeds and start pumping for 15-20 mins(look up power pumping methods). Add a couple of extra pumping sessions overnight if the baby is sleeping more than 2 hours at night. (I know this part sucks). It took me 2 weeks from starting to really pump well to get my supply up where baby was happy atleast 3 or 4 feeds on bf alone. I couldn't wake up to pump after a while. So my supply plateaued and I continued formula for anything else. I dint have bm stashed away in the fridge or anything. It takes a lot of work and for some it's really worth it. Either way you decide. You got this mama!


Your OBGYN can write you a script, it will help for at least a short period. But looking back, it made me so exhausted when I was on it (like trying to stay awake at a red light sleepy), that as a working mom it wasn't worth it. I can't remember the name of the prescription but all I had to do was call & say I had low production & they called it in.


That’s good that your OB did that, mine flat out refused for whatever reason to write me a prescription for domperidone. She said it’s banned or something along those lines

Google emergency lactation brownies


Do you have any indicators that you might naturally have low milk production? PCOS, breasts spaced far apart, non-firm breasts?

Ok I wish I knew this. I had low supply….not actual hypo thyroidism but numbers tend this way…

The only proven thing to help increase milk production is increasing the frequency of milk removal. The rest may give you a small temporary bump (and by all means eat that milk making brownie!!!). Having a consistent schedule of BF and pumping is what will do it. All that is to say, it stops being liquid gold when your own mental health begins to suffer. Please give yourself grace. You are doing an amazing job.

Have you tried pumping on the other breast at the same time while baby is nursing? This plus pumping more frequently tells your body that baby's demand increased and needs more food, so body produces more supply.

If you aren't already, I recommend following Karrie Locher on instagram. She's a post-partum nurse and always has really great info on there around breastfeeding, nursing, weaning etc. (She saves a lot of it to her story highlights)

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