What do agencies usually charge for a Google Ads audit? Pre-client stage (not for existing clients)

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Usually free for a high level audit of existing ads/structure. Maybe $5k for in-depth review.

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Finally got selected in epam anywhere.. They offered me A3 level with the compensation of 22lpa. But I am feeling that it's bit less for the level. I'm very bad at negotiations. Can anyone guide me how to negotiate with them? Whether this is the market standard salary for experience of 6 years? Or else can I ask for stocks?
Please share your thoughts


Just over one year in, hitting billing requirements, and received positive year-end review. What’s a reasonable % raise to negotiate when I have the meeting?


What’s the salary range for managing director at Navigant or FTI consulting in healthcare.


Uplers Hi all, anyone worked full remote in uplers projects. How is the wlb and job security. What about the below pay scale for 7 yoe, QA automation engineer . What will be the tax norms if we earn in USD instead if INR ?

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Anyone working in Insurance Tax (Premium/State/Excise/SUT/etc.)? I’m feeling undervalued and burned out. I have been in my role for 5 years and I’m making 80k. I’m a top performer and on top of my defined role I also train new hires, manage the interns, and serve on several committees. Is this what I should be making as a Specialist? I generally enjoy what I do and the people I work with. Do I need to jump ship?


Any M/B/B client facing data 🐟 out there? Debating between tech analytics role and top consulting shops. How's comp and exit opps? 2 yr exp + CPA + target MS in DS 🙏


I’ve got about 20 years cross channel experience in marketing, split between big brands and startups, and I’m considering pivoting into a data science/data analyst role. I know it will initially be a step back in comp but is it at all realistic for a person with certificate level experience in data analysis but a decent marketing management background to expect $150-200k comp or is that mostly for degreed candidates (or not realistic at all)? Any guidance here is greatly appreciated.


Which one to pick in terms of WLB and work culture.

Hitachi Vantara





packages in same range. ~17LPA


Range of salary for senior consultant in HSBC?
Tech stack-java, springboot, cloud.

SF - Salary for mid-level writer at a big name shop with 2 years experience at another big name shop?


I am an AE moving to a PM role at my agency.

Since I will have the PM title, what is the roadmap for moving to FAANG (or similar) or SaaS digital end to end dev/implementation companies as a Technical PM/Senior PM/Program Manager?

I have 5 YOE in Account Management, 2+ of which are in heavy digital working with Dev, Digital PMs, and client tech/implementation teams.

I also have had some direct experience in PM and will be building those specific skills in my new role.


Hey, Chi. First time caller.

So I'm considering a switch from law to consulting, and noticed EY has started posting salary ranges for positions. All the mid- to senior-level jobs I'm looking at are in the $95k to $150k range. Is that right? True for all the big 4? Seems super low. I guess I never thought about it before but how exactly do you folks get paid?


What is the salary of data analyst at paytm with 4.5 yrs of exp


Any Interventional Radiographers out there? If you're in the Midwest would you mind sharing your:

Hourly rate
Charge for holding the pager
Any bonus for retention
or hourly increase for being short staffed

Thank you



I have been onboarded to cgi last week. But didn't receive any mail regarding the induction or any other things. Just onboarding happened and now i am into project. Any idea how long it will take to give access to forklore and all stuffs?


Does anyone know if you have to negotiate an automatic 3-4% increase in salary every year for inflation, etc. when getting an in-house position? Or is that fairly standard for most companies and HR just handles that internally at the start of every year?


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KPMG EAs - has anyone opted to join ASK?

Sell ETC to limit loss and transfer to ADA or are we expecting ETC to bounce back?


Anyone know manager 1 salaries in NYC for Tax (BTS)


After submitting documents for verification for PwC, how many days it take to release offer letter or do we have another round. Till now, 2 technical rounds have been passed. TIA. PwC (US)


I started my first account job in Feb. As a junior account person, do you think I would be hindering my growth if I decide to stay remote? Right now, my team is split across BOS and NY, but I can’t wrap my head around the cost of living in those cities. I’m not opposed to being in those cities for the job opportunities, but I just don’t think I could afford to do so. And truthfully, I don’t know if I want to.


Can someone help with interview questions for agile coach role?


Any working data science professional interested in freelancing as a one to one mentor ? Please ping me individually


Those in M&A or LevFin groups, how much sway do you have in choosing specific industries for your deals?


Anyone here working in SSIR (Samsung Semiconductor India Research)??
Can you please share your experience??

I am about to join SSIR, but heard many things regarding work life balance??
But as per HR after pandemic they changed many policies is that true??

Is it worth joining SSIR in terms of learning and growth??



What’s a SA-3A in Chicago make? DDV


Really want to work at Google as a PM. Experience in Tech Strategy consulting and product management for a cloud infrastructure company. What else do I need to be a good fit and get this role? I'm good with clients, presentations, organizing, planning, keeping roadmaps on time and on target and managing people. I'm not super duper technically but as an ex- developer I can understand what needs to be done. My insecurities are keeping me from applying.


Anybody accepted an offer from firm A, subsequently received an offer from firm B, and then had to tell firm A “hey sorry nevermind” ?… asking for a friend


Not sure if this is the correct room but I am looking for a LEGIT work from home position? Any ideas?


Hey folks, I’m about a year into my new SE career and looking to continue to invest in professional skills. I’ve obviously been thrown into the fire learning the sales side of things, but what areas (technical skills, certs, books, etc.) you all would recommend I look to invest in? I’ve been looking at some beginner coding boot camps and scrum product owner certs, but interested in what you all have done to further advance your career


Still learning the ins and outs of different investment/retirement accounts and trying to understand Roth contributions/dividends. Is the Roth account the best place to put your dividend paying investments? My understanding is the dividend payments are also tax free if in the Roth. Can I transfer dividend investments I've already made in a standard brokerage account directly over to a Roth account to do the backdoor Roth contribution? Or do I need to transfer to trad. IRA first, then Roth?


Anyone in finance transformation/technology willing to put in a referral? Looking primarily at big4


Seeking advice for a friend. He called me this afternoon basically saying he was being put on a PIP, this is after the company had said a few times he was not learning the role fast enough, only executing duties at about a 20% accuracy week 1 of PIP, week 2 60%, now we are at week 3 back to 50% (UA role, has been there since June). Boss said significant improvement is needed by next Friday. Looking for tips, suggestions, should he already start looking elsewhere? He loves this new job.


Low billable, low pressure work in privacy law? Slowly realizing that as my boys get older, the money isn’t worth what I’m missing out on. Currently a tech litigation associate with lots of hearing, depo and trial experience (I’ve appeared on my own at hearings/depos) at a well respected firm. I have limited privacy experience despite being hired for that reason… Have my CIPM and CIPP/US /E and /C. Remote preferred; hubs is pilot with cool intl transfer opportunities. Money isn’t issue.


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Use this thread to share a personal or professional win to get some hype and inspire others!


Does any other junior account person feel like their boss doesn’t trust them yet because they’re new? I feel like it’s stopping me from growing in my role.


Any tips? Dealing with resourcing issues for one of our largest clients. We have enough hours, just waiting for more experienced team members to be hired to complete it. We’ve reprioritized work so many times to get what we can done with the team we have, but still have important items waiting to be completed with more Sr. Folks. We’ve also borrowed from other teams, but it doesn’t cover up the fact we could be getting the work done faster with the right team. Advice for dealing with the client?


I am stressing over growing as I’m slowly but surely realizing I am a more “executional” person vs. “strategic” person. How do I push myself and change the way I think? Or should I just give up now?


Thoughts on TBWA/Chiat NYC? In terms of work environment and work life balance?

Advice for someone who doesn't drink in this industry? Hard to participate in activities without feeling like the 1 boring sober person. Also feels like I'm just too young to relate to my coworkers...


Is it normal to not connect with your AD? I’m a woman who works for another woman who has no interest in developing a working relationship though I’ve tried.


Resume question: how do you link account responsibilities to results? Besides listing the new biz I’ve brought in with my clients, I’m at a loss. Any tips? (P.s. Program is account at my job :) TYIA

Working with a creative team that experts me to get client to approve things, but doesn’t give me anything to work with. I mean literally nothing to help sell in what they want. Any thoughts?

Definitely a new one for the client complaints log “when you email after hours I feel like we weren’t important enough for you to work on the account in the day”. Yeah that’s the reason.


I'm noticing there is an increasing amount of discrepancy between a DSP and an Ad Server. The DSP is delivering in full while the Ad Server is not - showing about a 20%+ difference. Is anyone running into this issue and/or have a solve? Obviously this is hurting the sellers.


What are the most important things I need to have on my resume as an AE?


I hit a breaking point today with my current role. I’ve been unhappy for a long time but held out in search for the “right job”. After extensive consideration there’s not a scenario in which (cont)

How long does it take after final rounds of an interview to hear back?


Ever feel worthless because your boss wants to do everything themselves and “doesn’t wanna bother you”? Same here


Hey fellow account friends, looking for a bi-lingual (or primary language Spanish) account supervisor with social experience who can present, speak and edit work in Spanish and English! Can be located anywhere (US or Mexico) but willing work close to ET hours. Hit me up ✨


I am 1 month out from my 1yr & want to ask 4 a raise. Currently make 80K, NYC. What is a fair amount to ask for? 90k? I am super hard worker, recently won an award, & have great relationship w/client

What are some of the qualities you saw in the BEST account directors you’ve worked with? Would love specifics (I.e advocating for the work, concise feedback, approachable?)


Will someone please explain the pharma account management job hierarchy to me? Seems like everyday, someone on here asks something really unhinged like, “what should a jr group supervisor vp executive be making?” And does anyone know how or why the titles in pharma got so far from the industry standards in non-pharma adv agencies? 🤔


Hi everyone,

I'm going for a role for Account Director and have gone through the interviews with the head of accounts, BD as well as the ECD's. I received the following email at the end of the day:

"You are one of two candidates in the final round.

One thing we haven’t spoken about are your salary expectations. Could you have a think and let me know early next week as well as your employment status (residency permit)."

What would be the best way to answer this response? Appreciate the help