What do you think the current salary market standards for BA and PO on average based on experience.

Like : Yoe*X ... What would that X be ?

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works at
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X=3 this is average...

Why not.. 12 yoe getting 40+

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Hi all reposting here in case I get some help.
I've go an offer for a position as an SRE at Google Dublin. Even though I'll be losing some base salary, and a level from where I am at Microsoft, I'm considering moving. However, I was hoping somebody working at Google in Dublin could share which benefits you have to compare with (currently at Microsoft we have health insurance, life insurance, pension plan, subsidized meals).
Also, does anybody know if Google Dublin pays for the on call?


What’s typical for an engagement manager base salary? Full take home salary? Thanks In advance!


Curious… Those in Accounting roles… What have your bonuses looked like throughout your career? Like how much?

I got a bonus this year larger than I ever would have thought ($30k - I’m a Senior Accountant if that helps). And don’t know if that is normal to expect moving forward or if I just got lucky.


Guys do you get to pay back a sign-on bonus if the reason for separation is not from the employee (e.g. severance)


Hey all! What's the salary range for CD/Art at an LA-based agency? Thanks in advance.


I had cleared an interview in Infosys on 20th sep ..after salary discussion submitted asked docs but no response after that till now... application status showing review in progress. Is there any chance of an offer from Infosys?? Infosys

Anyone know the salary for a privacy analyst at Deloitte. I have over 3 years of experience at another Big 4.


Asking for a friend! What’s a reasonable day rate range for someone with 2 years of experience in New York City?


Hey Guys - what is the average base salary for a Senior Consultant 2 in tech consulting at EY? 4.5 YOE


I just got a job offer with a sign on bonus but is not payable until 6 months of employment. I never had this before. Usually it’s paid within the first or second paycheck. Is this normal?


I work in commercial real estate. I have a buddy building a house who wants me to review his construction agreement with the builder and any loan docs. He has the money and wants to pay my hourly rate. This is sort of small potatoes for my firm, but he’s not trying to get a freebie and I’d like to do this by the books. Any advice?


What is the compensation range for KPMG advisory Sr consultant or manager in Canada?


*Input on Salary* I have two opportunities in hand.
1) EY GDS - Assurance Senior
2) BDO Rise - Assurance Senior

I am an ACCA affiliate with 2+ years of experience in Assurance. What can I expect in terms of compensation?

Thank you in advance.

BDO BDO RISE Private Limited EY

What can be the expected salary at a Manager level on BDO RISE AMP Bangalore location?

Anyone working for Galen College of Nursing? What is the general feeling working for them and what is the salary for someone who is an instructor with a masters who has some experience


For MBB consultants with ~3YOE who did not return to their firms post MBA, what kind of comp ranges did you see for prospective roles? Aware that this is industry-specific but trying to get ballparks given most 3rd year consultants already exceed the median ~150k from top schools.


Accenture level 7 fixed salary range. Could you help me with the details. Getting mixed info like 50 l to 60l and also 40 to 60l


By hearing EPAM Systems firing news, shall I try to switch before they fire me? Or shall I wait as I joined only 2 months back and no project yet. Are they giving any compensation after firing? Is the compensation worth?


What salary I can expect from advance auto parts and microfocus. Security Engineer, yoe 6

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Any idea why the gas prices could have spiked by $.25 overnight? Scanned the news for any events that could impact it, but can't figure out why. I expected it last weekend w/ holiday travel and usually it goes up by a few cents to $.10 at max gradually. I was just surprised that it went up $.25 overnight.


Anyone have favorite management books? New manager here 👋

We are up to a massive 22 members! I know there are more Wagon Wheel Fish out there. Reel them in all!

Does LTI hire people who have 3-4 years gap in career?

A person I Know had quit his IT job to start a business. It failed. Now he wants to get back.

He is okay with any kind of project, just wants to work


VXX (up 12% just disconnected from VIX (down 3%). Is it a good idea to buy puts on VXX as it has to goes back to be connected with the vix?


Craziest destination you've been to? Points for details. I'm looking for an adventure


Hello! I’m on the production side so forgive this rookie question. But can a spot project that will have two versions be referred to as a campaign? Thanks!


How will be the job at EPAM Anywhere Interms of job security, pay and WLB

Does every firm have shit IT? Had all docs executed for a closing by 630pm due to IT issues was up until 1am...


Is there a button down version of the thobe? Something that opens from the front. Any suggestions from where I can get one from?


Need 11 likes for DM activation. Thanks in advance.


Anyone received TCS payslip??


We have a genuine world first Impact Tech solution that will revolutionise an industry. Business leaders globally agree its innovation the industry has been waiting for. Many companies want to collaborate. Global organisations are looking to champion what we're doing.

Within the start up team though I'm really the only one pulling my weight and certainly the only one taking a big risk.

Any suggestions on how I get help? I don't have money to hire people.


Any tips on how to be more empathetic to a significant other’s anxiety. He has always had a little anxiety, but since the pandemic it’s just been a lot more and I’m finding it harder and harder to be patient and not lash out at him.


Any cool things to check out in Orlando,FL besides theme parks?

Anyone having issues with whatsapp? None of my messages are sending and haven't received anything either...


I have an amazing letter of recommendation from a vet I worked with 5 years ago. However, I haven’t talked to her since. Is it still ok to use the letter?


Anyone at EY PAS or recently left the practice open to talking about their experiences? Interested in joining and would like some more information!


How long it takes to hear back from Cisco after 1st technical round

Anyone interested in doing a case on this Sunday (CEST)?


Additional Posts in Product Manager - Helping Customers To Grow

Anyone working in Zopstock?

The North Star Metric (NSM) is a metric that a company uses as a focus for their growth.

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How to define product roadmap and prioritize, pls share your experience..


Hello Product Managers,

Idea generation sources: what I know:
1. Competitive analysis
2. Gap Analysis
3. Interviewing your customers and stakeholders
4. Medium dot com
5. Indiehacker
6. MicroAquire

Give more ideas ....

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Boss's Last Moment Surprise 😃

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There might be lots of offerings and competitions in market. It is not so easy to come out with customer choice and bringing the flagship.
Here is the way to look the product with the easiness, expertise and acceptance.

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So what's the difference between a Product owner and Product Manager.


Product Manager always looks for Ideas. PMs are known for Idea Generation, Ideas can come from any source. Let share some source of Ideas, comment please.

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How is product manager life in Wipro Holmes. My friend got it and looking for some inputs regarding project/timing hike etc

Can someone help me listing companies which have any sort of reimbursement policy or support (eg. Sabbatical) for employees who wish to opt for further studies? Full time or part time

Hello Fish,

Give some feedback on LogicMonitor (SaaS product company), how is the work culture and employee benefits?

Hi Fish,

Anyone interested to move in Product Management domain and looking for career direction and coaching, DM me.

I am happy to help you for Mock interview preparation, Resume Building and referrals.

Building Product Manager.


Hello PM , to Be PM,

There are lots of opening in market for PM role. If anyone struggling to get Job calls or stuck with PM related interview questions.

I am happy to extend my hand, always love to exchange knowledge and experience.

Do DM me in case of need.


Dear Aspiring Product Managers,

Let's connect at 9PM (IST) today, will understand more about PDLC and success metric.

We will have QnA. Please DM me to get google Meet link.

See u only aspiring product managers today..


I hate coding (Non tech PM)

Nearly for 5 years in Non-IT: I have performed well

2 months in IT: Struggling to swim in this IT service Ocean, especially feeling it difficult due to personal pressures. I feel dumb, passively procrastinating due to the lack of clarity over tasks. Manager/colleagues pose as cooperative yet demanding at the same time.

I've been complaining a lot, had a word with RM at TechM, and my managers at client side. Hinted that I'm struggling to cope up. I feel very sceptical about my future.Need help

Success Metric for a Product (i.e. SaaS)
DAU - Daily Active User
MAU - Monthly Active User

Calculating DAU / MAU Ratio

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I am an immediate joiner, please ping me if any open position for business analyst l, product manager open position.

Anyone working in dream11, mpl, games24x7, Gamesktaft, jungleeganes?


If you ask a java resource, to share his resume he would share with in a minute, if you ask a product manager for resume, he doesn't... Any specific reason for that?

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